Sunday, October 12, 2014

Farm life.......calms my heart.......EVERY time!

Good SONday morning!!!!!!!! To the sweetest ladies!!!!!!

Went out this morning to care for my farm animals......look who was peeking her head out to greet the morning...made my heart smile. I am finding JOY in the little a leaf that is nestled in the pine tree and the sun shining on it...looks like Autumn here on the farm....the wheat is coming up and we are sooooo grateful for the Lord's provisions, asking for protection. I know so many pray for our family.....I have a praise of thanks!!! Our Taylor wants to work part time as her sweet man finishes up his schooling. We prayed for a nanny job and the Lord gave her two little twin boys...the family had to move away and sow she was left without a job. We all prayed again.....she got a job...a tiny little boy.....6 weeks old...when she called she was ecstatic!!!!!!! He is my path!!! Love you and praying for your sweet families!

Hugs and God Bless YOU,


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some more pics

Hello sweet ladies, 

I have wanted to send you some pic's on the inside of the coffeehouse. 

The top picture is what I call the living room area. I wanted the kids to be able to sit where they felt like family. They love it and use it all the time! So do has served it's purpose and blesses me when I see family happening!!!!!!! Today we had a new Momma with a 6 week old and her girlfriend sitting together. Momma rocking her little one! LOVE IT!!!!!!! If you click the pic it will show pic's better. The second pic from the right is another sitting area. Families and kids eat here around the little coffee table!!!!! Love it. The pic on bottom left has chairs at the end of each bench and a chair at the end of the table now. We had a family that came to see their college daughter and stayed for hours playing a game. That was sweetness!!!!!!!!!! The bottom right has been used for ladies studying, using their computers and families all around the table. The tables are located at the front of the coffeehouse right when people walk in. Everyone has told us the market looks homey......that is exactly what we want to hear! 

I am off to tired, but I have some more pic's I will get up tomorrow. Just wanted to show you around a little. 

I love you all and thank you that you are following us on our is that. Everyday the Lord shows why He has us there. Little dots on the i's!!!!!! Lots of opportunities......but one thing that has been happening is people are blessing us with their kindness!!!! Tonight the wife "owner" before us brought us dinner. Talk about kindness! She and I have become like sisters and the fact she was loving on us made me see how blessed I am. She is enjoying her time with her family cooking and such and shared with our family! 

Blessings and God bless hearing from you!


Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Girly Grew Up!

Hello sweets......... oh my, I made it through the second week!!!!! We giggle so much Tress and I, it is a good thing too. Taylor came home for a wedding and helped us in the coffeehouse on Saturday. The three of were blessed. To start off Saturday morning the girls had us stay on the farm to get some work done on the farm. I loved waking up to sunshine. Went outside and feed my girls! 

Here is my beautiful blue Cochin!!!!! Aren't her feathers beautiful? Love how she has grown up to be such a pretty Girl! We will have pretty little chicks next Spring. 

Please tell me what is going on in your life. I would LOVE to know! Is it cold in your area yet. The nights here on the farm are very nice to sleep in! 

Phil will be starting a Bible Study soon for guys from the college. Please pray the Lord would work out all the details. WE are very excited! 

Hugs to you all and God bless you!!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Broadway Market busy!

Hello sweet ladies!!!!!!!! It's me! 

Oh feet hurt, my legs hurt.......I feel like I can't sit and rest......except on SONdays! The coffeehouse is coming along and we are getting used to our new life. We get up early and go to bed late.......someone said we will get into the groove......I am hoping! It is hard work, but the blessings are many. The doors are swinging to the coffeehouse and we are meeting so many precious people daily. So many come to do Bible studies......I watch kids is precious to watch and I get to take them before Jesus myself! There is much "learning" to be learned on how to run the coffeehouse......we ARE getting it though. Just going to take time. Sometimes it is overwhelming so we just cry and pray.....big time. We are on our second week......oh my is it easier then the first week. The picture above is our little kitchen where we do our cooking.......I brought in my little prayer sign that I had at the college caf, when our family worked there. It is helping me keep my mind and heart focused on Jesus

A day starts with coming in and seeing what I need to prep for the sandwiches. I have a little top fridge that has all the products I need to make the Panni sandwiches. Every sandwich is delish!!!! The owner's sister before us created all the recipes for the sandwiches. Everyone in town would ask........"are you changing anything on the menu?" we knew they meant were the sandwiches changing. That is what the market is known for and we would love to have you ladies come and taste one and sit at our table!!!!!!

Thank you so for the prayers.......I miss my animals, but know that life will be less hectic soon and I will be on the farm more. We are hoping to use the farm for the college kids again as the weather gets cooler. 

If you have any questions about the market.....please ask......I will be taking some pictures......I try and it gets I am on a mission! Want to do a video of what we have done.

Love you and will pray for you all as I am standing in my little kitchen. Your friendship is my blessing from the Lord!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Broadway Market Coffeehouse.......its very pretty....if I say so myself.

Hello sweet ladies.......this is the Broadway Market Coffeehouse that we have just taken over. 

We opened last Monday and haven't stopped being busy. The Lord has been so faithful to get us through everyday! Long hours now, but so nice to meet so many interesting people. The other day 3 bikers came in from LONDON!!!!!! Can you believe that. We cooked off some sandwiches for them made up some drinks and off they went. All ages come to the coffeehouse. 

We are learning so much about the business......tonight is the first time coming home in the daylight. Course it turned dark soon after, but it was nice to see that the soybeans had been cut. Thank you Jesus. Well, I just had to write.......more pictures later......but this is the front of the building. Big farm tables, lots of chairs and benches. The kids like it, Momma's with little ones have been sitting there......Bible studies are being done. 

Tomorrow night we are having our first concert. I will take pictures and share. 

Love and hugs......I am getting ready to go to sleep! 

Would so love for you to come, if you live close......even if you don't.....come and see me!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Broadway Market Coffeehouse.....we have been takin a little farm to the city!

Good morning sweet ladies.......well we have exciting news. Everything has been a whirl wind experience, but we are excited to say we will be opening up the doors to Broadway Market Coffeehouse on Monday at 7:30 in the morning. We are excited and can't wait to serve our home town. The college kids are excited with!!!!!! Some have come and helped us paint and more are coming today. We can't wait to show you the pictures. I just had to take a minute to let you all know that we got it and are so thankful to the Lord for all His provisions. I will be putting up some pictures very soon! We get home very late and leave early in the morning, so my time has been packed with lots of getting ready stuff! Thank you so for praying for us. I have only had time to post on facebook, but had to say hello! 

Hugs and God bless you and yours, 


Monday, September 8, 2014

Enjoyed Our Girl and Our Son In Love This Weekend

Hello sweets......lots has been going on at Prairie Flower Farm and I am sure the same is for you at your home. With the coffeehouse, canning until I am exhausted when evening thankful for the produce!!!!! I will be using it come winter and thankful I worked hard in the 

The horses got out of the pasture last Saturday.......a deer jumped the fence and caught the electric wire and broke it. We had a baseball game where our Alumni boys were back to play agains the new we had to get them back to the farm. 

With our Taylor home we had to go round them up in the neighbors field before we could go to the game! I always dislike it when the horses are naughty!!!!!! We caught Koko, I held her as the others went to gather up the others. Our horses are usually pretty good about following one back to the farm......we are thankful! 

It was good to have them home!!!!!!! The whole day was filled with being with our Taylor and Tyler. They were safe and sound! 

Early the next morning before church we went up to the pasture and fixed the fence. It was beautiful outside and not hot. We enjoyed our time and Tay enjoyed riding her horse and check all around the fence. We are enjoying the cooler weather. The 1/2 mile walked was beautiful. We saw animal tracks which told us that we had a baby deer and Momma and coyotes! My sweet man has taught me much. 

Today I will be painting chairs that I bought at an auction! I will show you when I get some of them painted! As I worked I will be listening to Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson and Ryan I work today!!!!! 

Please keep praying for us about the coffeehouse! Thank you!

What do you have planned today? Would love to hear from you!!!!!

Hugs from the farm and praying Jesus will supply your needs,