Monday, March 9, 2015

Farm Life..........Almost Spring Thyme!

Hello sweet ladies! 

I miss seems like my time is taken up with lots of new things. I find it hard to find time in my busy day to get all I want to get done...anyone feel the same? I think of you all every day and miss the time I used to have when I could blog more! The coffeehouse has so many parts to it. The people we serve each day are precious to us. But I so miss the farm.......checking in on my animals and chickens......baking in my kitchen.....crafting and you! Maybe in the summer it will be a little different when we don't have the college kids in town.

I did bring a little country into the shop the other day when I started my tomato seeds. They are life and I enjoy watching them grow each day, especially when it is snowing outside and you want Spring to happen!

I have them up in front of the floral area. I was gone over the weekend and when I came back they were about 2" tall. I had put them in a dark place, because seeds don't need light to start......they just need warmth. Love watching them grow. I will never tire of life that grows!

Bittersweet and Myrtle are growing and running and playing with each other more. We got their tails docked. My farm friend who is a Shepherdess helps us each time we get new babies. They need shots and looked over and 
Cheryl helps me.......every year I learn more. I love watching her love my babies! She loves them as much as I do!

Bittersweet is just plain adorable!!!!!! When it is really icy and such outside we keep him and Myrtle inside the pen. He is ready to get out when the sun is shining. Love his little pink nose.......looks so much like Birch did.

Notice his pink ears?  Sweetness!

I was taking pic's of Daddy Cardinal.......look what happened next!

Momma Cardinal was hitting up against the window again. She had been doing it the day before, but I didn't get my camera in time. Right when I was going to take a pic of her, Daddy C. came and fed her. Courting time......Spring is happening!

All clean......needs some more work done to it this summer. This is my little Milk House. It works great to house my Momma Cochins and their babies.  Cleaned the laying fresh straw. Filled the nesting boxes also.  Makes me feel better and the Girls will be scratching and eating the wheat heads for days! 

Love seeing my little greens popping out of the ground!

Today I have been weeding out in my rhubarb patch. Will lay paper and straw to keep back the weeds. They look like they are going to do well. Transplanted them last year.  Can't wait for Rhubarb and Strawberry Jam.....what do you make? 

Here is a little post to keep you posted on what is happening here at Prairie Flower Farm..........sorry.......I do miss you all and if you want to keep up with what is going on...... I do post on my Facebook. Hope life slows down.......some day right? 

Hugs to you and may the Lord bless and keep you. It seems to be getting rather crazy out there in the world. Hold onto everything the Word of God tells is important to do the right thing even if you stand alone! He says He won't leave us or forsake us....we may lose all here on earth......but not our souls. That is Truth. We need His guidance like never before. Pray for the persecuted whenever you think of it. Watching so many things going on. What was always wrong is now much against what He has said in His Word for All of our protection. Looking for Jesus to return to get His Church. Please be ready. 


Monday, January 19, 2015

New little ONE! Her name is Myrtle!

Hello sweet ladies, 

How are all of you doing.......I know.......I haven't been by here lately. We are putting in so many hours at the coffeehouse and when we are home...... I am trying to get all done that needed to be done the whole week. God is using the coffeehouse in precious ways. After watching the news.......and all that is going on..........we have to share Jesus more than ever! Just seems to me that the Bible and the Truth of His Word is being ripped apart. Choosing what we want to believe and not taking His Word seriously. So, I am thankful the Lord has me where I can love people! Sin is abounding.......not because I say so, but because He has a way for us to live....... in His Word to protect us from ourselves! I am so not perfect! I need my family of God to encourage me and they do! 

If you need prayer in anyway........please leave it here in the comment or contact me via email......found at the top right side. I will pray. Please pray for us also. My heart is so sad to see what is happening.......but God knows it all and will work it out until He comes back for us! What a precious day that will be! Hope in the real! It is going to happen.......we have to be ready!

Now for the know my Olivia has been waiting just forever to have her baby or babies! Everyday we would check.....sometimes 3 and 4 times. She was fat......not that it looks like it here in the pic. Cameras are funny sometimes. Well.........

today we were home.........our day off. My sweet man came in and said.........."get your camera........and heavy coat on and come with me"! Well I knew exactly what was going on. One.........two? Out the door! 

Only one little girl.......her name is Myrtle! I love her name.......don't you? She has black little ears, black under each eye and a little black smudge on her nose. Absolutely adorableness! By the time we got out there she was all dry and snuggled in a bed of straw. She had probably been born in the wee hours of the morning.  .....while I was sleeping in! 

I could barely wait to get out there! I peeked in.........and was surprised there was only one. Olivia was huge...couldn't believe she had only one........but it was a girl and I was ecstatic! 

I am so thankful the day was a warm one here. Now I just have to keep both the little ones nice and protected from the winter and we will be fine. 

As you can see Bittersweet is a sweetie. He is eating alfalfa like a big boy! Getting fat and so so healthy! The babies are almost exactly a month apart! They will have fun scampering around the barn yard. 

I love my gifts! I miss being home.........and the city is not my thing.......never has been........but that is where the Lord has us and I am learning to adjust! Everyday He gives us something specific to do for Him. I want to having these two little ones in the dead of the winter........I know He was thinking of me at this time! I needed a little fun on the farm!

Well, love you all.......please write and let me know how you all are......I do so miss you, but Facebook has been good. 

Come over and join in!

Blessings and may the Lord be all you need!


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry CHRISTmas to each of you precious ladies!

Hello sweet ladies.........Merry CHRISTmas!!!!!!!!

We have had lots of fog, 

we woke to snow and we have had some beautiful weather. 

This little baby lamb has been such a blessing!!!!!!! I could sit for hours and watch him. Time doesn't permit it, but the little time I do have with.... makes life so precious! God knew we alllll needed this gift. 

I trust that each of you are enjoying your time with family during this CHRISTmas season. If you are alone this year, know that I am praying for you. So much can change our life and I just want you to know that I am thinking of you if saddness has happened. He will get you through whatever is before you!!!! Call out to Him.......He will listen. Take refuge in His will keep you close to Him

"You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your Word." Psalm 119:114

I know lots of changes have happened in my life these last few months and it has taken all that I have to keep life as normal as I can. My trust has been in the Lord as I live out what He has before our family each day. Days have been exhausting, but He has kept us wrapped in His care. Now that the CHRISTmas season is soon behind us, things will slow down at the coffeehouse......I think. Wink!

The farm continues to bring bits of joy. One of my little pullets laid a tiny tiny egg. Simple things........just bless my day! Miss the farm......but thankful when the Lord carves a little bit of time for me to enjoy things like this!

I have enjoyed when friends come to the coffeehouse......the other day my farm girlfriend Gail came and we sat and exchanged gifts and ate a cup of soup. Sweet fellowship! It was wonderful catching up on each families news. She made a beautiful pair of half favorite! The packaging was beautiful! 

39 years ago today I gave birth to a very special son. Joshua Aaron Stubbs. He has taught me each one of my children have over the years. His heart as helped me to learn much about forgiveness. My prayer for him this year is that He would grow in he continues his journey here on earth. May God bless and keep him with all He wants to do with his life and may many come to know Jesus as he serves Him daily.

I wanted to wish you all a Merry CHRISTmas! 

Love you!!!!!!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our CHRISTmas Lamb

Good fun to be here early this morning to share with you our happenings on the farm. BIG NEWS. No fluff on the pictures. Just want to get them up so you can enjoy right along side us!

Yesterday morning My Sweet Man came in from chores and said that Willow had twins........only one made it though.....I was thankful I didn't have to witness that........out the door I flew! 
Meet Bittersweet!

He looks so much like his daddy Birch.......has Momma's markings in his face though. Notice his wooly legs.

His Momma talked and talked to him......little grunting noises. So so precious. So wish you could all be here to witness this miracle. God blessed me so with this little one. 

Little lambs are so precious. They go all over.....under the head.......under her tummy......they are always getting stuck some where on the Mom.

Pure sweetness! God blessed me so!

Love his sweet face.

He tried to nurse, but was still wobbly......and cold.......called my Shepherdess friend and she said he needed to be warm.......and also some colostrum. This is the part I dislike most about having to not getting to work and live all day at our farm.......

We bundled him in a towel and off to the my friends farm we went........he was going to stay with her and get all warm. She fed him colostrum and brought him back in a few hours. She text me that he was doing great. Talk about thankful to have a friend who would do that!!!!!!!

Left the coffeehouse later in the day to check on him and get some warm lights in the little shed before night time.  I will continue tomorrow with the other pictures. He was laying in the sun when we got there. He is so tiny!!!!!

I have two other Mommas who could also have some babies. This is a horrible time of year to have baby lambs. Birch was just not thinking!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. We love this little CHRISTmas lamb, but we are going to have to be real careful to keep him safe throughout the winter. 

Thank you so for always being here when I have exciting news. Knew you would enjoy this!

Blessings and hugs to your day!!!



Sunday, December 7, 2014

A CHRISTmas Dinner at the Coffeehouse

Hello sweet are you all? Are you all getting ready for the CHRISTmas season? We seem to be more busy than we could ever imagine. The time we get to spend at the farm has been wonderful. I am off for two days and I will be getting the farm ready for family and putting up our tree. Can't wait! We have been working hard at the coffeehouse each day! The other night we hosted one of our families who wanted to have their CHRISTmas Party for all their workers at Broadway Market. It was a precious time. Thought I would show you pic's of what we did.........we started with.......... 

Winterberries........I had never heard of them and one of our Floral companies we buy from shared with us some ideas for Christmas decorating. They are beautiful.....when we open the box they are wrapped in brown craft paper.......tied with twine in a bow. Now that might sound like nothing......but to me I just love love love simple and it brightens my day when I open the box! The two companies we work with are very interested in making our business a success. They have been so helpful!

My sweet man was helpful getting lots of our dishes from our farm into the shop. We washed and shined every piece. 

I made up some jars like I did for Taylor's wedding. Burlap, a strip of ribbon and a handmade ribbon rose....all out of red favorite kind of ribbon! 

Red lanterns  (we sell these at the Market), pinecones, evergreens, winterberries decorated down the center of each of the tables.

Each place setting I placed a folded napkin, candy cane  story
and silverware with little tags tied with scripture "And thou shalt call His name Jesus for He shall save His people from their sins. Matt. 1:27" favorite verse in the world. 

After the dinner everyone came to the back to the coffee area and we served, lattes, coffee, smoothies and Homemade Carmel Apple was a sweet night and when we got home we fell into bed only to wake up to another day at the coffeehouse!!!!!!! So today is church and home for two days.......thanking my Jesus for a little break!!

Love you ladies! Tell me of your CHRISTmas ideas or plans.....would love love to hear! 

Hugs and God bless!



Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bottle Brush CHRISTmas Trees

Hello sweets,

I really should be in bed, but I just had to share what I did today at the Coffeehouse! Oh and I did take pic's of what we have done so far.......I will get them up! Promise!

I have seen bottle brush tree where they are dyed by dipping green ones into pure bleach. So today I tried it. They are so so cute! Mine
turned a really sweet rose pink after I waited until all the green was gone. Some I kept in until they were pure white.....really cream, but so so pretty. I am going back to Hobby Lobby and buy some more! 

What are you making special for CHRISTmas? I have lots of finding the time! 

Just wanted to say hello hearing from you all, makes my day just a little bit sweeter!

Hugs to each of you,



Saturday, November 29, 2014


Good morning sweet ladies,

Life is just way to fast for my comfort! I knew that the coffeehouse was going to be different.......but honestly I didn't think it would take up so much of my life. I am not's just the way it is for us at this time,  I so miss my farm, but when I do get to be home I truly enjoy each and every moment of it. I appreciate every minute the Lord gives me to see the wheat fields growing.........watching my ducks waddle about the farm, hearing Mr. Rooster"S"......yup I have a few that serenade me around 6 in the up my coops and laying fresh straw......talking to my "Girly Hen's my little farm house......washing and hanging fresh clean sheets on the line......walking out and sitting on the Sanctuary and just sitting and letting the  SON woo my heart to seems to be quite busy for me now.....but Jesus has me right where He wants me.  It takes a lot of time and energy to start up a business and it consumes your time.....but I also have blessings that my Jesus gives me during the day at the coffeehouse.......such as......a young man (Ant) who got busted for drugs.......and because of our Saul (one of our college boys who has been in our life the last 4 years) had shared the gospel with this young man a month before he got arrested. Ant called Saul from jail.......because he knew he could trust Saul........Ant got jail! After he got out Saul brought him down to the coffeehouse so we could love on him. Ant was free!!!!!! Not from the acts and consequences of his sin......but eternal life was his! We watched the Lord do some amazing things! We ended up going to the courthouse with and God met us all there! He still has to wait to go back to the Judge, but we do know that God will be with Ant and Ant says know matter what he is served......he will tell everyone about Jesus!!!!!!!  There are lots more stories that walk through the front door of the Coffeehouse.....and I tuck each one in my heart and pray that my Heavenly Father will continue to equip our family to help with all the needs. Just want to thank you for your prayers. Can't wait for the day that life slows down a bit!!!!!! 

Mr. Roo!

Love my little chick that is growing up. She or follows and peeps around my is my little gift!

This is what I see at the coffeehouse out the back door. Nothing like what I see at home on the farm.......but still beautiful! 

Can you believe it is going to be CHRISTmas? We are working in the Coffeehouse to make it all pretty. I will be showing you all pictures.

Love you all......hugs to your day and God bless each and every one of you.......when I say I miss you all I so mean it. It's sad for me to not get to blog.

Please let me know how you all are,