Monday, October 12, 2009

Need Help Please, Getting Ready!

Our daughter made me a cup of Peppermint tea, using the little snowman teapot.
She gave it to me in my snowman cup!!

Isn't this the sweetest little snowman teapot? My Tressy came home this Sat., after she had been gone all day with one of her special friends. She had it wrapped and I was so excited to see what it was. I love surprises, don't you??!!!! It was this sweet teapot for my "Grammie and Poppa Camp". I am getting things together for the party for when it snows. Now here is where you all come in. I know there are some real creative mommies, grammies and ladies out there! Help! I need some snowman games, treats and craft ideas. I have the snowman soup recipe, rice crispy snowmen, and these adorable doughnuts with a candy for the nose, but I would love it if you would take a minute and give some ideas. If you have pictures send them and I will do a post for the snowman party. Thank you so much for joining in!!!

Also, please pray for our family. Our daughter Tay has not been feeling well.She is going to the doctor today. I didn't feel well on Wed. and Thurs. We don't want anyone else in our family to get anything. Thank you!



  1. My sister-in-law told me about this recipe for a Make-Ahead Snowman Cheese Ball.Your grand-children may not eat it but the the link to the betty crocker site with the recipe is here - (She also told me that she added a bit of mayonaise to the mixture to help it stick better.)

  2. I'd like to recommend the FamilyFun website.

    They have SO many family friendly ideas, recipes, etc. This link will take you to their "snowman" section.


  3. I'm sure you already know about the snowmen you can make with toothpicks and regular size marshmallows for the body and little marshmallows for the arms...then you decorate the face with chocolate chips etc...Hope this helps! :)

  4. Oh such fun! heres a few sites you might want to check out
    There are so many fun crafts for snowmen and snow you will have so many choices! I cant wait to see the fun goodies you will do with your party! Now please come over to my blog and help me! I need games for teens for our fall festival. Any help is greatly appreciated! Blessings,Karen

  5. Well I'll have to get up to snuff on the snowmen myself!!!! I have never heard of snowman soup!!

    I love the teapot and I love surprises too!!!!

    I am sorry that you guys have been ill. I hope all is well soon!!!

    God Bless!

  6. Oh my, ladies thank you for the help! I will use these ideas for sure!!!!

    Lori, that is the cutest snowman cheese ball I have ever seen. It is a must!

    Amy, forgot about Family Fun. Thanks for the reminder. I will definitely find something there.

    Camille, I haven't seen that little snowman before. I think the children would love putting that together. How fun!

    Karen, wonderful site. I will go back again and stay awhile. I will put up a post on the party when it happens. Love snowmen!!!! I am sure you can tell with all the snowmen items I make. smile.... I am really thinking on the fall festival for teens. I will let you know when I come up with something.

    Becky I will put up the recipe for snowman soup and let you know. Isn't it the sweetest snowman. She got it at Dollar General. They have plates and cups also. I want them sooooo bad. Only a dollar each. I would have them for all our other snowmen parties. I'm waiting on Mr Phil........ is it in the budget yet? Still daydreaming on your coop and want to put up a post. I have a magazine that we write for. I will get that up and then you!!!!!! I loved what you did!!!!!! You are so cleaver.
    Thank you for coming by. I just love comments and I still want some more if any would like to leave some.

  7. Good Day Linda :)

    Here are some thoughts:

    I have given teachings to the kids in Sunday school in January about snow. White as snow, being made pure by Jesus' blood (and what exactly that means) and also how unique each of us are (like snow flakes - no two are alike) I got this book from Amazon so the children could really see the differences in snowflakes. It has amazing photos of snowflakes and the detail is wonderful. Here's a link:

    It was neat to see the kid's expressions when they saw just how unique each snowflake was :)

    For a craft, here's what I did:

    ~I measured paper to slip in a quart-sized ziploc bag
    ~Had the children draw snowflakes using a black sharpie
    ~Slip the paper in the plastic bag
    ~Using puff paint (I used an opalescent white) Have the children trace the snowflake the paint adhering to the surface of the ziploc bag.
    ~When done tracing with the paint, sprinkle glitter on the snowflakes (I like snowy white sprakly kind that looks like snow)
    ~Let dry
    ~When dry, gently peel off of the bag and now you have window clings :)

    The kids love this project! (me too!)

    I am giving you a link to another gal's blog. Her name is Monica and she is a Christian, married with 3 children. She has so many wonderful ideas i blessing her family and making memories. I KNOW that you will love it! The link is to a snow party she had. You will need to scroll down a bit and then some more to see the favors. The favors are adorable and I think they would be fun to make.

    I hope this helps give you some ideas :) It sounds like it will be a wonderful blessing :)


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