Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow today...........lots of it! Beautiful!

Hello sweet ladies and "Gail's Family",

Now I bet you are wondering why I put "Gail's Family". A dear friend of mine who's name is Gail, left me a comment on my blog almost a year ago. The day she wrote me she buried her precious husband........my heart ached for her and so I wrote back. We have been friends ever since!  Well the other day she had a fun idea...........and special request. Gail is doing a scavenger hunt with her family and the third clue is to be on my blog.  Now is that the most clever idea? I love it so..........

Welcome to all of Gail's Family and

here is your 3rd clue!

Did you find the brother from clue #2? The date of birth and date of death are very important to discovering the person(s) we are looking for. 

I hope that you all have fun as you continue to discover all the clues. So nice to meet you all! Linda

Today Tonya sent a picture of Vitaliy holding the package we sent him. It kind of makes me a little sad, because he isn't smiling like he always did while he was here. It might have been before he found out we wanted to adopt him. Not sure. Thank you so for praying for him.........one day he will be here and he will be all ours! Can't wait until that day! It is hard for me to see him in pictures..........just miss him terribly. 

Today after work I went picture taking around the farm. I went to the potters shed. Beauty all around and lots of snow all around. The trees were loaded with snow and the little birds were all inside eating the juniper berries.  Loved watching them. Lots of berries dropped on the top of the snow. I bet they fell out of their little beaks. 

Look at the snow on the latch............love it! God detail! 

Flowers anyone?

This is one of my favorite bird houses. My grandson Ian and his Poppa made it for me! 
Love the snow on the perch! Every year
my chair looks a little more aged.

The snow was so fluffy.........couldn't make snow angels to well.......maybe tomorrow? The snow came down in huge flakes! I  mean really huge! I so missed being outside this morning, but I was able to look through the kitchen doors and out the window in the dining area. God was good to me to let me enjoy......I was  very thankful! 

Another green birdhouse caught some snow! If I was a bird I would go inside and stay warm.

Some woven fencing in my garden.....loved how this pic looked!

See my flag? The brown weeds and snow make it look so beautiful! 

My scarecrow is tired! Love Grandpa Jacks old overalls! 
He loved his overalls. He had work ones and good ones. 

It is still snowing outside and it is suppose to snow all night long. I will like.........if I can have a SNOW DAY! Is that naughty? I would just love to be able to go out in the morning. It used to be my favorite time when I was at HOME. 

Thank you sweet ladies for leaving me comments today! Heather is going to look and find some info on how to do slip covers. Can't wait and a few other ladies are wanting info also. Thank you sweet Heather!

Also my sweetie daughter Tressa helped do a step by step video tutorial to show you how to get the fonts that I use on my blog. That will be going up tomorrow night. We thought we had it and it needs a little bit more work on it. Ladies have wanted to know and we thought this would be the easiest way to do it. We giggled so much this afternoon trying to get it done. Smile! So thankful for my girls......they are truly the sunshine in my day!

Also welcome to all the new followers......you have been noticed.......by me! 

Love you bunches and may God bless your day! 

Hug from my farm to your HOME,



  1. I pray you have a blessed day also Linda! I also hope you get to stay home and enjoy the snow! Can't wait to see what you come up with for fund raisers sweetie, I'm telling you that people will come together to help bring Vitalie home.

    Hugs XX

  2. Hi Linda
    It is always wonderful stopping here & I am so excited that you guys are adopting Vitaliy! Will be praying that all goes well!
    Your snow pictures are just beautiful - such a contrast to the summer beach ones I just put up on my blog this evening!
    Hope you have a wonderful day today & enjoy that lovely white stuff!

  3. Hi sweet ladies, we got a lot more snow last night! It is so beautiful! I still don't know if I have to go to work or not. I so want to just stay HOME and sew!

    Thank you Barb. Still working on my idea. Maybe I could finish it today!

    Renata.....I love you stopping by! Yes we are so excited about our Vitaliy also!!!!!!!! He is so precious. The snow was beautiful yesterday......we got some more last night! Can't wait until light comes, the fields will be covered! Wish your family could be here! Course the ocean is wonderful also!

    Hugs to your days ladies, Linda

  4. I'm hoping and praying that you all are able to stay home today. You were in my prayers last night as I thought about the possibility of you having to brave the weather to get to work. Almost everything closed down here even before we had a drop of snow! That's Central Arkansas for you! Loved seeing the pic of Vitaly, but I too remember the pics of him when he was with you. Lots of beautiful smiles and joy on his face. I love you, sweet friend. Have a joyous day!

  5. Linda - Where is Vitaliy from? Ukraine?! We just adopted our 14 year old son from the Sumy region of Ukraine last summer after hosting him through a hosting program at Christmas '09. Our facilitator's name here in the US was Tonya too! So funny! How old is Vitaliy? How are you in the adoption progress?

  6. Hi ~ I'm new to the blogging world, but I want to say that I love your blog, it's so warm and homey! Your farm looks wonderful and looks beautiful covered in all the snow. We got almost two feet of snow here ~ got to love Chicago! Good luck to you with your adoption...hope everything goes well! Stay Warm:)


  7. Brr..beautiful but cold....I like snow, at a distance...this California girl has thin blood..LOL...perhaps Vitaliy didn't realize what he was holding? or was surprised by the camera...anything is possible...he certainly is a handsome boy....God bless him and bring him home safely (and soon!)

  8. HILinda, Oh my I was surprised to see you mention me on your blog. Thank you :) :) I'm going to find that pattern today!!! Thanks for your patience ;) :) :)

    Your farm is beautiful, even in the snow. so adorable..and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cross about the entrance to the red barn birdhouse ;) :) So cute!!!

    OH, I can't wait for Vitaliy to come home to you all !!! Is Tonya in the Ukraine with him, where she can look after him? That's awesome!!!

    Oh, I had an idea..and I mentioned it to Amy over at Homestead Revival, too. Have you thought about putting so me of your blog entries into a blog book? Maybe a section for ecipes, crafts, sewing, homemaking, homekeeping, how to run a farm etc? Just a thought!!! Okay...Have a great rest of the week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  9. I love your ":snowy" farm pics...so darling! Isn't a scavenger hunt always so much fun...what a fun idea!

  10. YIPPEEE!!! I found the slip cover pattern!!! I had packed a bunch of stuff in storage boxes, tearing my room apart looking for my W2s...so I knew I had the pattern, but was afraid it would take me hours to find. God was with me...because it was sitting on top of the very first storage box I looked in :) :) Okay...this pattern is very basic, multiple pages, because it's written out so well, that a nyone can do this.. It's from the "Singer Home Deocration Guide - How to make draperies, slip covers, and other fabric furnishings + color chart". My edition is from 1943. The original was printed in 19 40..and get this, there's even a pattern in there for how to make fabric covers for your CAR!!! Who knew? Nto me...but that's pretty cool, considering the time period :) :) I have some other hom e/project books from the 1940s...one shows how to turn the seats from a Model T car into a two-person sofa...so if there's anything you're wondering about. Let me know, and I can look it up. Okay...this has nothing to do with your post, but I had to share the news. Especially since some of the other ladies here are anxious for that pattern, too :) :) I'll have copies made this week, and then mail it to you!!! So excited!!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  11. Love your snow pictures, Linda!
    Keep us posted on Vitaliy...can't hardly wait until he's HOME....
    God bless ~

  12. Hi, Linda: No special reason that I can think of but I just felt "blue" today but your blog picked me right up. It is amazing how all the pictures, and your comments and the comments from others just make me feel better and not so lonesome. God is so good to me that I am rather ashamed of feeling sad sometimes. Anyway, thank you for everything. How are we going to get copies of the slip covers? Do you need our home address and postage? Love, Mary S.

  13. Good morning.......off to work in the snow!!!!!!! Just had to stop by and tell you that I love you sweet ladies! You make the sun.........shine!
    Blessings to your day!

  14. Good morning Linda! Thank you for sharing your lovely snow pictures with us, they are breathtaking. We've not had much snow around here this year - I miss it and am hoping for more.
    Praying for you and yours and that includes Vitaliy.

  15. Oh Linda..these pictures are amazing..you have such a good eye for beauty!! And the picture of Vitaliy looks so sweet as always...but you are right he doesn't have that beautiful smile on his face but I just know that soon he will hve it again! thank you for this beautiful post!

    xoxo Gert


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