Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The coffee house and what it looks like inside!

Hello sweet ladies,

On my fb last night I said that I would take some pic's. Last night we worked again at the coffee house. We love going there when they need helps us to learn what it would be like. 

This is the back area of the shop where you order your coffee, drinks, teas, sandwiches, salads, soups and desserts. As you can see there are very high ceilings. The tiles are original from when it was first is neat to think about it years ago being used as the Sterling Bulletin Newspaper. We will learn the history of it's beginnings. 

Here is another view looking towards the front! Pretty isn't it? 

Here is a close-up pic of the ceiling.  Everything about this shop is unique and beautiful. 

When you come thru the front door, this is what you see to the right. Tables and chairs are also around.....I just didn't get a pic of them. I will get some more when I am in there next time.

Last night Tress and I worked on potting plants......pricing......and arranging.....we enjoyed is a peaceful place. Shannon (the owner) taught my sweet man some more responsibilities that need to be done each day.

The Shannon and Deborah have used it for the Lord's work. Pastor Dave and Lynn used it for the same reason. If the Lord gives it to us, we will use it for Him also! Tress and I kind of pinch our cheeks.....we are all just following the Lord's leading....that is always a good thing....right? 

Thank you for following this adventure with us! 
We covet your prayers.......please. So many have said you will come and you know how fun that is for me to think on?

Blessings to your day! 



  1. I'm so excited for you all! Praying God's favor for you. :)

  2. Love it, Linda! It is totally you :D Can't wait to see more pics.

    Love and hugs,

    Susan Montgomery

  3. How wonderful for you! I am sure so many will come to know the LORD thru you as you serve at the coffee shop!

  4. This place looks just perfect for you and Tressa. I will pray that this comes through for you and if I am ever your way, I will certainly drop in and have a coffee-lol.
    hugs - Patricia

  5. Linda it is so beautiful!! Wish it was in my neck of the woods. :) I'd enjoy going in there although I'm more of an herbal tea or hot chocolate drinker versus coffee. But her place is so inviting. Exciting!!!

  6. Simply Wonderful.
    God is good.
    Praying here for you too.
    Woolie Blessings

  7. Very nice!!! PRAY it all works out if it is GOD's will. We don't need anything if it isn't HIS will. Believe me!! Been there done that.

  8. This shop is just beautiful! I can picture your family serving customers and the lord each day. Praying for this dream !

  9. This is such a lovely place. I would love to come chat with you there. I love all the beautiful detail. Praying for good things to come your way with this.
    When we go to NYC please pray as we are hearing the weather may be stormy again! We hope to visit the St. Patrick's Cathedral. I love old buildings and the architectural designs! One of my favorite things to see in New Orleans was the St. Louis Cathedral. I am amazed at the talent that people have to create something so lovely.
    I wish you much love and happiness on this wonderful adventure.

  10. So fun and exciting. Praying for you guys on this


  11. Oh my beautiful! I love it and can just see you all working there and doing God's work. those ceilings! My prayers continue for you and your family!


  12. Why, now.. I want to come visit even more! It is perfect in every way. Continuing prayers ♥ -Tammy

  13. What an adventure, it looks very warm and inviting, and the ceiling is fabulous.


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