Friday, March 7, 2014

Seed Swap Two!!!!!! Let's have a Party!

Hello sweet ladies, 

Today is the first day of our vacation........9 days.....on the FARM....doing a little getting ready for spring! 

This morning my sweet man let the sheep out to pasture they were ready!!!!!   

Opened up the Hen House and the Girls so they can go running and scratching around the farm. 
I will get to watch them.....Heart be still!! 

On this vacation I will try to get a lot of things will help me be ready for spring when it really happens. We will have a beautiful 70 degree day on Monday......eeekkkkk! I will spend some time in our garden..... digging around and planning where I will plant what where!! 

Pic from last year.....gets me giddy thinking about spring!

I will also work a little on the inside of the Potter's Shed. We have a group of college kids coming out to the farm on the Monday after we get back to the college for a bon fire......want to be ready.

Busy busy time here at Prairie Flower Farm......but will be so relaxing to be outside without snow on the ground. While on vacation I thought we should do a little something fun on my blog. 

How about let's have a Prairie Flower Farm Seed Swap!!!! 
PARTY Thyme!

Someone mentioned thought it would be fun to do it again. 

I will make it soooo easy for you! 

Buy a card or make one.

Write a little bit about yourself and slip in a seed packet of seeds.

Send me your mailing address to
prairie flower farm at g mail dot com

Please put Seed Swap Two in the subject lets have some fun! 

I will match you with another sweet lady and then send you your seed partner's name and her address. Easy Peasy!!!!!

I will take names until March 10th at noon. 

Ladies from other countries are welcome to sign up!!!!!!

Sooooo lets see who will be signing up. Leave a little comment here if you are going to join the party. Tell us what you might plant this spring!

Love you sweets!!!!!! You make my days so blessed!

I am planting lots of veggies and flowers in my garden. I enjoy going and seeing color when I am harvesting and caring for my plants! Lots of daisies this year that I planted last year!

Hugs from the will be a good 9 days Lord willing,



  1. Sent you an email!! What fun!! Karla

  2. Would love seed swap!
    Emailing you!

    Linda in Wichita

  3. What beautiful pics.. I cannot imagine 70 degrees.. yoooo whoooo.. Can you hear me holler.. I am so ready for planting and Spring too. I hope to accomplish a chicken coop this year... I pray your 9 days are a delight and much is accomplished along with lots of sunshine and rest too.. If you are like me...accomplishing things brings me rest and peace.. Have a great vacation.. Blessings!

  4. Sent you an email - sounds fun! I will be planting tomatoes, peppers, and hopefully the bunnies won't eat all our green beans this time!

  5. Hi Linda
    Would love to join in! will send you an email right away.
    Enjoy your 9 days. School hols here too - we spent a wonderful day cross-country skiing, baking a cake and making swedish meatballs for dinner!!
    Itching to start planting but still have quite a bit of snow to melt yet.
    Hugs to all at the farm

  6. I want to join the seed swap!! I love all of your photos!!! Where did you get the gorgeous mud boots! I want some. :-) Enjoy your spring break! Hugs

  7. Sent you an email. I love seed swaps! I too love your boots! They would be so useful here during mud season! I am anxious for spring, we still have snow on the ground here. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Just checking if I can post a comment on my blog! Not sure why some are not being able to. If you can't, just email me!!!!!!! So sorry it isn't working. Do not know WHY!!!! Hugs, Linda

  9. What a great way to greet Spring! I'll send an email. Enjoy your time on the farm. We also have next week off and will be in the garden!

  10. Love you LInda! This is my favorite thing, the only sad part is I can not locate address from my partner last year! :-(
    I so love the swap. Prayers for us as we head home tomorrow. Hate to leave but Nick will fly home on Wednesday! Love to all at the farm. Hugs

  11. Such a positive Springy idea for a seed swap. Love it. Will be sending an email.

  12. Sweet friend, sounds like lots of fun to me!!
    Sending you an email in a minute. Hugs

  13. I love your yearly seed swap Linda! I look forward to it e very spring. I'm excited to be joining in!

  14. I would love to do a seed swap -- I love to plant flowers of all kinds and lots of veggies.
    Dorothy in IL

  15. Sound like fun! I sent an email am a new follower.

  16. Oh oh....I'm late. I so enjoyed this before and made a few new friends. If you have any left-over names, count me in. Hugs, Vicky W


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