Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We are getting rain........wind and maybe lightning tonight!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies, 

it seems like I have been gone forever from my blog! Busy, but that seems like it always is on a farm. We have also been helping at Broadway Market. We are learning so much and enjoying it! 

Our 3 day vacation was wonderful a few weeks back. We stayed with Taylor and Tyler.........that was so special! Also went to their church......they are in a wonderful church. It was a precious time. 

We also went to 7 different coffee houses. 5 in Kansas City area.     When we went in to each one we looked the whole place over. It was so fun! I am not a coffee drinker. I love the smell, but I like to have all the sweet stuff in I don't drink it very often! 

One of the coffee houses had lots of 150 lb. bags of raw green coffee! 

The bags were really neat. I looked at them and thought of things I could make. The owner gave me some! I was so excited. He was a very giving person. We learned so much from him also about the process in roasting coffee. 

Here is the largest of the roasters. They had two, but this was the biggest. It would have been interesting to see them roast some coffee. 

Tressa and I want to learn latte art. One of the shops did this cup for Tress. So pretty! It isn't easy.....but we are going to try! I think it will be fun to try! 

We got home on SONday before we had to go back to work. Monday night was going to change for our family and the cafe forever. Monday we went to work and then went to Broadway to work for the evening. When we were there we found out that one of our friends and coworker had died. It shocked our family! The next day at work the employees were in shock! It was sad sad sad!!!!!! But I have to say that the Lord was faithful!!! This young man had been in our life for 12 years. A precious young man! 

The hardest for me was to take Ben's EMT boots and decorate them for his Momma for the funeral. Ben loved firecrackers!!!!!!!! I wasn't sure I would find what I needed at Hobby Lobby. God was so good..........three rows of Americana stuff!!!!! I kept praying as I started working on his boots. Ben would have liked! 

Things have calmed down a bit, but the most precious gift was when a girl got saved the day after he died. She accepted what CHRIST did at the cross, another girl asked our boss if we could start a Bible Study, another has decided to live her life for CHRIST......there has been a sweetness in the cafe. God has meet us.......He is using Ben's life even though he is gone......Ben would be so excited! Life is hard, but we are looking for what the Lord has for us! The kitchen has has peace and lots of love for each other. When we first got to the cafe 4 years ago we prayed.......we saw prayers answered last week and will continue to see them answered!!!!! We will miss Ben! Please pray for his precious has been so painful!!!!!! 

When we came in the back door when we got back home from vacation...... this is what we found. Four sweet little kittens.

What a sweet little face. Spring is will be really warm  this SONday. 

Well, hope all is okay in your life!!!!! Please let me know how you  are! I would love to hear from you! 

Blessings and God bless! 



  1. Hi Linda! I love your post. SO much and I have missed you. My heart aches for Ben's family. Such sadness but God is using him as you said. I guess I need more prayer warriors to pray for my work place. It is just awful. So much gossip, hateful behavior, greed, lies. A terrible place. I remember talking with you about your workplace 4 years ago. Where has time gone? I am glad there is peace where you are. Have you noticed all the books and movies about faith?I had read the book "Heaven is for Real" about Colton the 4 year old who was in heaven and came back. They are making a movie. I think God is showing Himself everywhere trying so hard to draw many more to Him. We just keep praying. So many things happening that are so filled with sadness and despair. My mother was right, Pray and than pray harder.I am glad you are learnign so much about coffee houses. Gosh, I remember being a kid and wishing I could go to one, it seemed so sophisticated to me when I was a kid. I remember the beatnik era where they drank coffee and read poetry. but my dad would not allow us to go. I think once my older sister may have snuck away. She was the rebel. Aw...memories. Sleep well, sweet dreams and love you. Anne

  2. Oh, Linda, that must have been so hard to hear of Ben's passing into eternity. Praise the Lord for the way HE is still using Ben. What answers to prayer. I will pray for Ben's family and for all of you. The arrangement was just perfect - how nicely done. I'm sure he would have loved that and that his Mom appreciated it so much. This post was wonderful!

  3. What an experience!
    This morning my husband and I picked up the key to our new cafe. God brought it about in a miraculous way in a short time. He is good. We've a whole new way of life ahead of us.
    Blessings to you and yours!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  4. How sad indeed. So sorry for everyones loss. Nothing takes GOD by surprise. We don't understand HIS will and way, but HE knows what is best. HE never makes a mistake.

  5. Hi Linda, Oh my, I'm still praying for Ben's family and all concerned. Dave and I went to see the movie "God's not Dead"! last night. I though it was very powerful. The theatre was full of all aged folks. We saw lots of people from our church there.
    I love the photo of the Latte, I don't even know what is in it :) - but it makes me want one. I know you and Tress can do it, you are both very talented ladies.
    Hugs sweet friend

  6. We are doing good after a little bit of uncertainty with my mom. Got things figured out and her back on track...hope she remembers what we talked about....not moving somewhere else. I had a root canal done on Monday and am finally feeling better.
    Are you still waiting word about buying the coffee shop or has it gone through? I missed a few posts but have tried to keep up with you on facebook too. I don't drink coffee either. But I hope it all works out for you to get the shop and get it all set up and doing what you love there. Sorry to hear about Ben and how people were led to Jesus thru his life. Hugs and prayers.

  7. Hi Ms. Linda,
    So glad I stopped in. I will indeed remember Ben's family with great prayer . . . After all,He is where or comfort and peace resides. Praying too,for the new converts : God in His glorious goodness is 'Amazing' !
    Hope all is well with you and yours. Thank you for brightening my day,from the farm.
    Yours in Christ,


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