Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gardening Thyme!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies!

Hope your days have been a blessing for you! One more day of work and I will be home for the weekend!!!!!!! YAHOO! We have to make cheesecakes for 250 people on Friday. Glad we have done it before!  

What a sweet night last is the pic of the little love boxes with little notes on the inside. I thought this idea was so so precious. My daughter in love had each grandchild write what they wanted to say on a piece of paper.  Then they were wrapped inside these adorable little boxes. I had 11 little boxes to open. Thought this would give you an idea.... if you ever needed one! I will treasure each one........forever! 

Our daughter Taylor made these adorable cupcakes to celebrate with! Aren't they the sweetest? I walked away from the evening with a heart full! God is so good to have thought up families!

We use two posts with string or wrapped wire to make sure our rows are straight and the same width. Works great. We keep it to use each year.  

Cut my potatoes so that each piece had at least one or more eyes. 

Planting more onions......the onions on the right are my winter onions. We had such a mild winter.....they look so pretty! My favorite part of working a garden is working with my girls. They will be ready one day to have their own garden, teaching them to train their girls to be a part. Makes the work so much you get to visit! 

Got my blue lake green beans in.......they are what works best in my garden.......never fail me! 

Like to look down the rows with little seeds all in a row before covering them up with soil. 

Started to leave the garden.........silly Piper.........such a lazy kitty. This bucket will have flowers in it when it gets a little warmer.......hope he doesn't think it will still be available for his naps!!!!!!!

Like how the flowers get prettier and prettier after every rain!

Was able to get three kinds of potatoes, onions (white and red) and blue lake green beans planted this evening. This weekend I will plant more.......if the weather cooperates. They say bad weather may be moving in........praying for everyone to be safe! 

Welcome new follower!!!!!!!!! You have been noticed.... by me!

Thank you also for all the new ladies that signed up for the 

Prairie Flower Farm/Gooseberry Patch Cookbook party!!!!

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Blessings to your day!!!!!!!!



  1. Linda, Hi from Las Vegas, NV I read that you were planting yellow meated melons I was wondering where you bought your seeds I can not locate any. Im looking for a green Pippin Apple tree to plant. Im buying my Meyers Lemon tree this weekend and planting my little garden my first, Pray all goes well, Blessings, Sherri

  2. Hi Linda! My life has bee a blur and I wanted to wish you a beautiful happy birthday! I am so sorry I am late! I love the gifts you received. They are more precious than any other gifts I could imagine! The cupcakes were sweet too! God Bless you very much! Anne

  3. What a heart warming memory making birthday dinner you had! Isn't it a blessing to have family living so near to you?
    love ya,

  4. Oh blessings are all around you.

  5. Oh Happy Birthday.
    You are blessed.
    Love & Joy

  6. Oh Linda..your birthday boxes are adorable and so loving....I know you shall treasure those notes forever! What fun to have your girls right there helping you plant that garden!! I could just hear all the chatter! smile....

    We were blessed with a good drink of water last night...I know our grass nd plants I'll thrive today!


  7. PS Sorry for all the typos....

  8. Sorry I didn't post earlier to wish you a Happy Birthday! Your gifts were so sweet. Loved the little boxes, notes and cupcakes.

    It is always a joy to read your blog.

    Nancy M.

  9. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday Linda. What a sweet family you have.
    We managed to plant a few potatoes on easter sunday, but it's still too early here, we are still waking up to snow most mornings!!


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