Saturday, April 14, 2012

Scary weather!!!!!!!!!! Pray please!

Hi sweet ladies, 

I put this pic up on my this sweetie girl! We are needing prayer today.......very very scary later today for Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. What a day today can be. We really need prayer for our farm, fields and livestock. Thank you so much. If you are needing prayer in your area? Put it up on my comments and we will pray for you also. You can go to my fbook (along the side bar here) and leave a comment there if you like.? 

I will tell you all who won, later on today after I get all the names tallied. Just under 300 votes. How precious is that?
We are getting the farm ready so can't finish up right now on the giveaway winners. 
This was in my email this morning from Gooseberry Patch.......cute cute cute as usual. They are always share so many things and I wanted you to know. 

You must go over to Gooseberry Patches blog! You can download 3 adorable recipe cards and they are free! 

Here is a sample, isn't it the sweetest? There are two more cards that you can print off from your printer! If you are not signed up for their is a fun one to get in you e-mail.

Hugs to your day and thank you sooooo much for all who signed up for the party......I can't wait to see who won! 

Love you and may God bless your day?

Trusting Him that He will keep us safe!


P.S. I will be checking in and letting everyone know how we are doing.


  1. Praying for your safety today.


  2. May the Lord keep you all safe. It is His storm after all : ) Love the hen pic!

  3. I hope everyone and everything will be safe.
    Praying for you !!

  4. Keeping you in prayer! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Linda, you are one of the first that I thought of when I heard about the severe weather chances in Kansas. Your on my prayer list!

  6. Keeping you wrapped up in prayer! From Psalms 91, verse 4 - your picture of your hen and chicks made me think of this right away:

    4 He shall cover thee with his feathers,
    and under his wings shalt thou trust:

    God's peace and shelter keep you safe throughout the day and night.

  7. you are in my prayers and thoughts throughout this treacherous spring weather!! stay safe.

  8. Praying for you....its rained here all day our soil is saying thank you Jesus

  9. We, too, are sitting with one on the sky and the other one on the television weather reports. Hope you are keeping safe!

  10. We are getting light rain but I am praying for you! I heard about the big tornado in Norman, OK. So awful! Please be safe. Love your new pic! So sweet!

  11. So far so good, here in Oklahoma. Got a good soaking shower this morning that watered everything good, now just some wind. Praying it doesn't get too bad, for any of us.
    For anyone that would, I really need some prayer for a financial issue. Thank you and prayers for everyone's safety through all these storms!

  12. Oh, I pray that you and your family and farm, and all the animals will be safe! The Lord is our shephard and he cares for us and the animals! I pray for safety for all in the path of this terrible storm! Just heard abt the hospital in Iowa, they need our prayers! Let us know how you are if you can Linda, Love

  13. Linda stubb bertahan dan tetap berdoa kami di Jakarta indonesia juga banjir sampai 3 kali sama2 berdoa ya buat yang tebaik buat dunia salam buat semuanya


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