Sunday, April 15, 2012

What A Nice Day On The Farm.......and The Winners Please!

Hello........sweet ladies,

This is what we found when we drove up the lane. Not fun!!!!!   We have other tree limbs down around the farm.....they will be worked on later. So thankful it wasn't worse.

I hurried when I got home and jumped out of the car to go and check on the baby chicks and Cochins down in the milk see if everyone was okay.........look at the girlies. They were in the nest on Saturday together when we left. Love em!!!!!!! The roosters and girls were all going a little crazy before we left on Sat. I think they sensed something was going on with the weather. They were running in an out of the nest boxes that were not being they were hiding or something. I have another girly that is broody right now also. Hoping to put the eggs in the incubator under her if she stays on the next all day on Monday. 

 "Two are better than one" I know the Lord was writing to us, but  the verse did come to mind. Usually a Momma who is sitting on a nest will not share.  My girls are sweet!

Off to go and check on Juneau, our Momma horse who any day now is going to have her baby........NO baby! Oh man were we sad. We thought the storm would get her going. We will wait. She knows when it is time and we don't! Our granddaughter is trying to come up with a name. She asked for some Alaska towns. Thought that was neat. I gave her some. She will know when she sees her baby what to name it!

What a last two days we have had! I am glad to be home tonight (writing this on Sunday evening)!  Thank you again so much for your prayers, you are such sweeties. Found out today there were 97  reports of tornados in Kansas. Thankful no deaths. 

Now to let you know who won. First I have to say how much I love meeting new ladies and love having the long time followers come and sign up for the parties. If I could have you on my farm for a real party I would. It is a dream for sure! 

So here they are!!!!!!!

1st place winner is, 

Kari (she does not have a blog)
She said, "I love reading your blog"!
Kari wants the Meals in Minutes Gooseberry Cookbook and she also receives the apron!

2nd place winner is......
receives the Rush Hour Cookbook!

Sara Brockman (she also does not have a blog)
She said, 
"I love to read and quilt! I really enjoy reading Gooseberry Patch books. There is always such interesting ideas!"
Sara, I need for you to send me an email with your mailing addy. I don't have your email to contact you! 

3rd place winner
won the little watering can necklace
it is........

Debbie said, 
"Another Gooseberry Patch Cookbook I would love to win and a homemade apron to boot! Love it, and all the pockets so many uses for them.
Thank you Linda for yet another wonderful Give Away
Have a beauty of a weekend. Hugs, Debbie
Debbie, you need to contact me. Put Watering can necklace in the subject line!!!!!!

4th place winner
 also won a watering can necklace.
Brandi (doesn't have a blog)
She wrote, 
Hi Linda,
I love that apron is just adorable and the cookbook looks great! I love reading your emails and follow you on facebook too. I like to bake whenever I have a chance and take care of my family is what I do the most of. Thanks for throwing another party and going to try those bars yum.

I will need the mail addresses from the last three ladies. Please email me at please, put in "won prize" on the subject line. Then I will know it is you all. 

Thank you for doing the party!!!!!

I am short 2 sweet followers to reach 1000 sweet followers. When I do we are going to have another fun different party!!! To celebrate!

I am off to get ready for tomorrow. Just a few more weeks (I think 3 squeal!!!!!!!).......then I will be back on the farm. Will love it. 
We could use some prayer for strength for the next two weeks.
Lots of caterings going on.  

Hugs to your day and may the Lord bless you and yours!



  1. Oh Linda what sweetness those Mama chickens are... I pray you will sleep good tonight...and that the next few weeks will go by quickly. Congratulations to all your winners.what a blessing you are!

    Good night friend..

  2. Hi Linda...
    so glad that you all are safe...It can be a little frightening when you see big ol' trees that have been blown down...We have had a lot of bad weather here in Texas over the past few weeks, bu not near as bad as the middle of the country...I sure do pray for all these people.
    Your little sweet girls look adorable...
    Big congratulations to all your winners!!
    Your are so sweet to offer such wonderful give-aways to your readers..
    Blessings and please be safe.

  3. Glad you were safe-said a couple prayers for you and Kansas as we watched the weather.

  4. I am your 1,000th follower. Just moved to the Newton area from So Cal. Enjoy reading your blog. Glad your farm wasn't too badly damaged in yesterday's weather. Happy Sunday night!

  5. Thank you so much for the wonderful party. I know I will enjoy using the cookbook and the adorable apron. Congratulations to the other winners as well! God bless you Linda. You are a gem!

  6. Congrats to the girls! Glad everything was safe and sound when you got home.Love seeing the chicky girls sharing the nest..sweet..Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. Congrats to all. One of our friends from church is a science teacher & he put a web cam over his incubator where eggs are hatching out, so cool, it made me think of you. It is on FB.

  8. Congrats to all those lucky ladies! I am happy and sad!! Nick is most likely going to attend the college in Ark City. I am shedding lots of happy tears! Lots of road trips in our future! Pray please and pray for his friend Juan who got into a situation at school that is causing him a lot of grief. He is a good kid Love and Hugs Anne


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