Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's Saturday.........Preparing for Resurrection SONday!

Hello..........sweet ladies,

Just two babies at the moment.......more to come.......sweet little things for sure!

I am keeping everyone posted on Prairie Flower fbook!

Last night I went to Hutch to get my back worked on. Just to be on the safe side.......wonderful! Pampered plus! 

We also went over to Hobby Lobby........where I saw this adorable rooster.......I had to have. There are not that many things that I just had to have.......but he was it!!!!!! I had an girls and sweet man looked at me.....with that funny look. 

So I bought him!

I needed my sweet man to help..........he rounded up all the tools needed!

I knew just where he was going to live...... all along! My sweet man smiled.......he knows his wife well!

Of course Willow, Twig and Leaf had to come see what was going on........I am sure they thought what is up with our Human Momma.

And here he is........ "Rooster Guy".......keeper of the sheep pen........I am sure he will alert us if there is any danger!!!! When I saw him......I knew he had to come home with me and live at Prairie Flower Farm (at least I don't have to feed him). Perfect Keeper!

Thank you sweet man! Oh there is one thing missing..........had to run back into the farmhouse to get it. A ribbon....I love red ribbon! Like can't love it!

PERFECT! I love my Rooster Guy!

It's a Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!! I love birthday's!

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Prairie Flower Farm/Gooseberry Patch Party

Three babies so far........3 little black Cochins and more to come. 

I will be cleaning up a little birdcage. I bought guessed it.....ribbon to be tied on the top........can't wait for my friend Pam at  the college to give the baby chicks for her Mom's Easter gift. She is an older woman, it will bless her. We all need little blessings in our lives right? When I am old......."er". I would like this kind of gift. After she wants them to come back and live with me, I will be ready to take them. 

You are such blessings........... the Lord has been so good to put you in my life.....I am eternally grateful!!!!!!

Hugs from my farm.......oh, Juneau our horse still has not had her baby.......waiting is a hard thing to do! For me! I like. It is taking me a little to get used to it, but I will get it.


P.S. You all know that Picnik is going to be closing Tressy found this for me to use.....

Go here........(Gert, this is definitely for you).


  1. I like your keeper of the sheep pen, so cute Linda! Of course he needed a red ribbon bow, hehe. Adorable little babies.

    Happy Birthday sweet friend!! Enjoy this blessed Easter weekend with your family~

  2. Oh my gosh...I love this rooster! sweet! I can see why you love him so much!! And the ribbon is absolutely perfect! smile...

    Happy...happy Birthday my dear friend! Sounds like a fun day for you!


    PS.. I will check out Picmonkey ...thanks Linda!


  4. Love, love, love that rooster! Yes, he definitely needed the bow.
    Happy birthday!

  5. The little chicks are so cute. I might be getting a few soon too!

  6. That rooster is sooo cute!! We are waiting on our second batch of eggs in the incubator, but since they were due two days ago, I am giving up on them {{again}}. Oh well ... we'll just have to wait and see if the hens will go broody and do the job for us. Love those cute sheep:)))

  7. Ooops... forgot to say:

    Happy Birthday sweet Linda!!


    Happy Easter!!

  8. love the rooster! had to laugh, your funny!
    Happy Easter, HE IS RISEN!!!


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