Sunday, June 13, 2010

Garden Pickles and News on the Farm

Hello sweet ladies!
I am putting up two posts today! I just had a lot of things
to say I guess. Trust your day with the Lord is a Blessing!

It has rained and rained and rained since yesterday, 5 1/2" so far. More to come.

Peace Creek is going to be over flowing. Noah?

My sweet friend Alicia (we call her our adopted daughter) told me that her pickle plant (that is what I call them), is loaded with baby pickles. I thought I would put this pickle recipe back up this year for some of you who never got to see it. It is soooooooo num!!!!!!! It really is so easy to put up. You will get your kids to eat things they would maybe never eat normally. Our grandchildren loves these! You can use just cucumbers, garlic, onion and cayene pepper, if you would rather have just pickles. Click here on GARDEN PICKLES to go to the post I had up last year. It will give you a step by step tutorial. You will love these pickles, if you like kosher dill.
The tomatoes are doing real well. I haven't fertilized them yet, but I will be soon.

When you see this, you know a pest has been on your tomato plant! You can usually spot that something has been there, because of things they leave behind, plus they strip and eat your tomato plant leaves. The will leave, just the stem.

I always go out and check each tomato plant often for tomato worms. They can do major damage to your plants, if you don't get them early. They are the same color as the plant, so you really have to be vigilant in finding them. If you have children or grandkids, put the worm in a jar with tomato leaves. It will go into a cocoon and will be a big moth.
Kinda of fun to see the process.

I can't believe we will have tomatoes by the 4th of July!

See this picture? This means she is serious about staying on her nest!
Miss Red is laying for her very first time!

You are welcome to use this picture on your blog if you like.

I am giving Miss Red some extra eggs. Isn't she the prettiest little hen? She is so fluffed up now that she is sitting or is it setting? I will candle the eggs in a few days and see if we are going to have any little baby chicks. I am so glad that she is laying. I love it when they do!

I just went outside and Miss Americana came running up to me, because she needed to lay an egg. I picked her up and took her down into the Milk Barn. She tried to get Miss Red off her nest. She was not being nice, so I had to take her out. She will have to lay where Miss Puddle Duck lays her eggs.

Did you know that Monday the 14th of June is Flag Day? Get your flags out! We need to show the Red, White and Blue!

Blessings Sweet Pea's!



  1. great pictures! I got plums on my

  2. YUM!! Your Garden Pickle recipe sounds wonderful!

    Thanks for your previous post about the storm, I really needed to read it and listen to "Praise You in This Storm". You are such a blessing.

    Have a God Filled Day

  3. wonderful post...yeah..another Scripture picture :) :) Some of my friends are canning things...and I just know they'll love this recipe!!!! I'll share this entire blog with them. :) :) :)

    Miss Red looks cute with all her eggs :) :)

    Have a blessed Sunday, Linda ;) :) :)

    Love, hugs and greetings from Oregon, Heather :)

  4. Thanks for the pickle recipe it looks oh so good!! Love your little red hen, I will put her on my blog page!! My Tom is watching his tomato plants for critters too. He had to powder them last week...the storm we had knocked two over, so will be getting a couple more from our favorite person at the Farmers Market!!


    xoxo Gert

  5. You are one brave woman picking off those big ole tomato worms. I'm a HUGE whimp!:) Thankfully my boys love to pick them off and they make a game of it to see who can get the most!

  6. Your pickle recipe sounds great! I will have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

    Irma :)

  7. Miss Red is so beautiful in the picture and I love the verse....but just as long as she and I are not in the same room.
    I envy the enthusiasm to make the pickles...Have done a lot of cooking things over the years but somehow have avoided the pickles and chutneys but they look so lovely.

  8. Thanks for the pickle recipe! :) Can you process them in the water bath so they'll last longer than 6 months and not have to be stored in the refrigerator? Just curious! Looks yummy!

  9. I have not seen a tomato worm since I was little and in my Grandma's garden. That picture has brought back so many memories. I continue to love your blog and be blessed by it with every visit!

  10. Oh do my chickens love the tomato hornworms! Thanks for the pickle recipe! Can't wait until mine are ready to process.

  11. This is tooooooo funny!! I was tending to my garden last night and i happened upon some caterpillar poo on my heirloom petunias! I could NOT believe it!!! I found two fat caterpillars! I gave them to my neighbor's kids so they can watch them grow and change, but I told them that they must kill the moth instead of letting it go because I do not want anymore eating my petunias!!! Thanks for posting the not so pleasant things about gardening!!
    Alicia <><


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