Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Girls Are "Cluckin" About The Party

Hello Sweet ladies and children,

The girls have been clucking all morning asking if you have signed up for the Blogaversary Party. They are so excited to see who all is going to win. Sooooo........ you only have until noon tomorrow. So, if you haven't put your name in, today and tomorrow morning are the last time you have to get a chance to do so!!!!!!

Just a fun note. Little Red (girl to the right) hopped in the car this morning and got on my lap. I had a meeting to go to and I guess she wanted to not be left behind. It is so fun for me to have her be so tame. I have never had a chicken to do this before. Then when I got home she was right at my car door. She was ready to be taken down to the Milk Barn to lay her egg. I love it!

So ............come over to the Blogaversary Party "click here" and sign up! Hate for you to miss out on the fun!

Is anyone as excited as we are? Blessings!

Hugs from the farm
and from the girls! Smile!


  1. I love sweet hens like that! She's very pretty too!

    Thanks so much for the surprise you sent! I love it!!!

  2. I'm so excited about this party. It's been a great joy reading your posts and all the nice comments that other readers leave behind here :) I think you have a great group of people who read this blog :) :)

    Little Red just sounds so cute...maybe she realized how loving your were with Bartholomew ..and that's why she let you pick her up? That's amazing and really sweet. Let me know if she does any more of that in the future :)

    Love, hugs and greetings from Oregon,
    Heather :) :) :)

  3. I love seeing your chickens! I so hope to have a few of my own soon. My husband said maybe next year if we can turn our little barn shed into a suitable coop. I am very excited about your party your havin and cant wait to hear the good news when momma cow has that baby! I don't think I've told ya yet, but a few months ago it dawned on my that you were the creator of 2 of my favorite patterns I bought over 7 years ago which is the ABC (felt book) and the quiet book pattern. My kids have loved them and I used the ABC one for home preschooling my 4 year old this last year. My grandma bought me the quiet book 2 about 2 years ago but I havent had the chance to get to it yet. I sure look forward to it though. You are and insiration and your love for the Lord is wonderful to witness! Have a fabulous day!

  4. YOu are making me want a chicken!!!!

  5. Hi sweeties! You are all so sweet to write me and I really mean it! I love comments and I try so hard to get over to see each of you when you write. Everything has grown so fast on my blog it is hard to write to everyone. I will keep trying though!

    Nancy, you are so welcome! I love my chickens. They really are so fun to raise.

    Heather you are such an encourager of the Lord! Thank you for coming over and being a part of the Prairie Flower Farm Family! I love you new blog. So excited for you.

    Nicole. Yes I am the one. How fun! I used to get lots of orders when we were in Country Sampler. I was able to make so many precious friends. In fact one of the ladies that ordered from California moved out here with her family. She is one of my neighbors. Thank you for telling me that. Glad you have liked using our patterns. I am glad you found us!

    Parsley, I have a deal. You can have Little Red, but she will have to live here! This will help you until you can have your own at your place. Sound good? I will share. Smile. Hope this helps you! I have named her Miss Red Parsley! I love your name, remember?

    Blessings, Linda

  6. Thank you for sharing your faith and farm life. I love hearing about the chickens, hens, ducks and kids. God Bless Y'all!

  7. HA.. she hopped in the car with you.. that is so funny! I've got a lot of catching up to do.

  8. What a Hoot that little red hen is.

  9. How cool is that?? You have the neatest 'chicken' alive!! Continue to enjoy her!!


    xoxo Gert

  10. You are a precious girl Linda...I always think your posts are welcoming and joy-filled! Thanks for being a ray of sunshine in this "blog-world"! It would be fun to have a REAL cup of tea together one let me know if you are ever up in the Pacific Northwest...I could arrange to meet up with you as far South as Seattle. :)

    Love to you!

  11. I love the photo of your 'girls.' I've always wanted chickens, but I have a German Shepherd and another herding mixed breed dog. I'm afraid the chickens wouldn't enjoy being herded all day. :-( I'd hate to get scrambled eggs.


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