Thursday, June 10, 2010

What A Blessed Party We Had,

Hello from a very grateful lady ! ! ! !

You ladies that came over to party at Prairie Flower Farm are the most precious ladies in the whole world, ! ! ! !

Thank you! ! ! Thank you! ! ! Thank you! ! !

When we started the party one of the questions I asked, was what would you like to see on Prairie Flower Farm. At the end of the post I will put down the answer from some of the ladies. I tried to put down every ladies comment that had an idea. I thought it was kind of fun to see what interests you all had. I will do my best over this year to try and do what I can! I think it will be fun to at least try!

We really had a fun time on this giveaway. Can’t believe it has been a year. Makes my heart smile thinking back. It truly has been a blessing for me~

So I am sure you are ready to see the names we drew from the basket! Here goes!

Grand Prize of $25.00 to be spent in our store goes to:

Shauna from Encouraging Word Too:

Shauna, your comment was so kind thank you so much! I will

read it over and over when I have a bad day. smile!

2nd place

Tea Cozy goes to:

Mrs Team S.

She did not have a blog, but said she liked our stuff!

Thank you!

3rd place

Prairie Flower Clothespin Bag

Buzzing Bee's Place

She said she loves our blog!

That is so sweet of you to say!

4th place

Sunny Bunny e pattern

Regan Family Farm

She wants to see more decorating ideas!

The first time I went to her blog it gave me a smile!

5th place

Our fabric line "Winter Is In The Air and Little Pail".


she was enjoying the party!

I am so glad!

6th Place

Americana Flag Ornament

Blessings From Our Nest

She thanked us for our free patterns.

You are so welcome!

Yea! ! ! ! ! for all the winners! I will be contacting you real soon! If I can't get you please email me with your address. Thank you again for all your encouragement that you have given this last year! I hope that I can do the same for you in this next coming year. I do have some fun things planned!

If you still have ideas of what you would like to see, please let me know!

Here are what some of your ideas that you thought up, that you wanted to see from Prairie Flower Farm!

You had some great ideas!

Alicia, farm posts recipes

Helen products in my store

Dolly pictures patterns and tutorials

Farmhouse Prims, prairie bonnets and prairie dolls

Wonky Girl, tutorials. reading about farm animals

Christa, patterns

Free Indeed, recipes from homegrown produce

Denise, love patterns, what we are up to and recipes.

Susanne, how to do

Sue, news from the farm, recipes, crafts and

how to articles, gardening

Parsley, anything that teaches me about Prairie Flower

Heather, crafts, cooking tips, stories about the farm, scripture pictures,

writing about my walk with Jesus.

Nicole, info on chickens

Judy, primitive country dolls, chicken info.

Katy, sewing video

Diane, stitching patterns

Cheryl, tutorials

Lady Farmer, wants to see more patterns

Jeannie: sewing ideas and recipes

Mary Mary Quite Contrary: Kitchen things.

Classygram: scrapbook items for quilting, sewing or


Connie: write her back! she likes the tutorials.

So Blessed, pictures of the farm and ongoing projects.

The Shepherds House, more pictures of life on the farm

and creative things

Anne, teapots in mind and aprons.

Kathi, basket liner with ruffles, table runner or

centerpiece mat!

Sooze, kits

Diane, pic’s of our home and decorating ideas

Laura, tutorials

Jeannie, tutorials

Egghead, stitching patterns and tutorials

Mrs. Sling, tutorials on gardening, veggies of flowers

Barb, recipes, tutorials on using fabric, table runner or

anything with fat quarters.

Grammy, tutorials and freebies

Kathy, decorating ideas

Jenna, more pictures of our farm

Gail, stories of your family and adventures.

Granny, more garden pic’s.

katherine, more about animals.

Ladiebug, homemade gifts with purpose

Tanya, more of the same

Loretta, iron board cover and kerchiefs

So many said, to do just the same as I have already been doing. Thank you so much for your comments. The ideas will help me, as I continue to love you all!

Blessings and hugs from me! You are all are such blessings1

I will be email everyone today, but I do have some news. The girls went down to check on Momma Cow. It looks like she has delivered the baby, but they couldn't find it. We are going down to check on her. I will have pic's for you! Hope everything is okay!

I thank my God every time I remember you. Philippians 1:3

Love and hugs!



  1. Linda, congrats to the winners and praying you find the baby cow..oh my..:(


  2. Congrats to all the winners they won some really pretty nice things!

  3. Thanks, Linda! Congrats to all the other winners! Linda, you are so thoughtful and generous. I hope and pray your baby cow is safe and healthy. Heather

  4. Heather, I need your address. smile. Send it to my email address please. It is at the top right hand corner. So glad you are happy and you are so welcome.

    Blessings, Linda
    P.S. Looked all over for baby cow, she must have it hidden. We will keep looking.

  5. You are a winner Linda! Congrats to all your giveaway winners! You have such a lovely blog I am always encouraged over here and I need ENCOURAGEMENT this week. Tough work times and suffering from Vertigo to boot! Pray please!

    Happy weekend!


  6. A fun party, Linda! Congrats to the winners.

  7. I have a surprise for you at my blog


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