Saturday, June 12, 2010

Momma Cow Let Us See Her Baby Girl & Gooseberry Patch!

Hello everyone,
Josh, our son came out early this morning to see if he could find the baby calf. He called us and said he found HER and SHE looked really good. For that we are so thankful. All the girls here on Prairie Flower Farm are elated that she is a girl! He came by to pick us up so we could see the new addition to the Stubbs family.

Doesn't she have the sweetest face?

Momma Cow is quite happy to show her off now.

We are so happy that Little Girl Cow is safe and with HER momma. Yes, she is a girl and we need you to help us come up with a name. Then we will have a vote on our son's favorite names that you come up with.

Isn't she so tiny?

Now this is the funniest video from our farm that we have ever ever taken! Momma Cow belongs to our son Joshua. Capturing videos like this is the best part of farm life. I just had to share some fun with you all. This video will give you the "good medicine" (laughter) the Bible talks about! Momma cow was quite amused. I am sure she was thinking, "You silly humans!" If you have a message for Josh, I will give it to him. smile!

Today before we got to see Little Baby Girl Cow, I was going to tell you about this adorable cookbook for my post today. I bought it last year and even posted aobut it, but thought since we were using it again I would tell some of the new followers. The cookbook is called, KIDS IN THE KITCHEN YEAR'round FUN. It is a favorite recipe book of our grandkids, when they come out to the farm. Well, this morning I got my regular email from Gooseberry and they have something really fun that they are now doing on Fridays. You can go to their Gooseberry Patch Blog and sign up for their emails. I love it, when I see what they have new going on and this is no exception!

Tell them I sent ya!

Savannah our grand~daughter picked the Lemon Shake-Up on page 42 to do for our special treat! You will love this book, if you are a Momma or Grandma. Adorable pictures and wonderful ideas for the holidays or just to make any day fun!

The pictures are adorable? It is a must for your cookbook collection!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Don't forget to give us a name for the new little girl! We will pass it through Rancher Josh! Smile!

Love and hugs from the farm


  1. Linda! I loved that video, I needed a good laugh..the momma cow did NOT look amused! I was waiting for her to chase Josh away..Lets see a baby girl cow name. How about BELLA. I like that!
    Blessings for a good weekend!

  2. Oh!! I thought that was "plumber Josh" my mistake. LOL

    I would love for Josh to name his new calf "Elsie" for my mother. Now, I know the Borden's Elsie was not a black cow, but I love the name for your calf anyway. When mother would meet anyone and would be telling them her name she always said, "Elsie, you know like Elsie the Cow". Wonderful memories make me smile.

    Have a God Filled Day

  3. Linda, i love the video and had a good laugh. It is as usual Josh, your calf do the very same things of others!! lol. I would love for Josh to name his new calf Clarice?! She is the kindly old lady that your mum see regulary.
    God Bless!


  4. Hi Linda...
    I just about died laughing at Josh chasing the cow...You can tell him this reminds me of that scene from the second Anne of Green Gables movie..."Anne of Avonlea" where Anne and Diana chase Anne's cow "Dolly" through Mrs. Lynde's cabbage patch..and this funny music is playing in the background..It's just like that scene in the movie...minus the music :) :) :)

    Oh names for Baby Girl Cow..


    I love that good medicine(laughter) you wrote about today :) :) I also really enjoy Gooseberry Patch too :) :) I have one of their cookbooks... :) :)
    Much love, hugs and greetings from Oregon :) :) :), Heather :)

  5. Linda,

    Abby and I were watching the video with smiles, and she suggested Bella for a name. Then we see that Barb has already suggested that!!! Funny! She's such a cute little thing.


  6. I'm so glad the little cow has been found & that she's a sweet little precious & fun for your family :)
    I was thinking of the names: Clover or Daisy...or maybe Meadow since that's where she was born.
    Smiles, DianeM

  7. I love the video! That was definitely enjoyable--for everyone but your son and the cow, I'm sure. And the cookbook looks like something I may just need for those 9 granddaughters and tea parties!

    I always love the name ANNABELLE for a cow. Well, I like it for girls, too!

  8. Hi, Linda - Loved the video - tooooo funny!!! Now, for a name . . . hmmmmm, let's see . . . how about "Flower" (as in your farm, where she was born), or "Miss Cricket" (cuz of how fast she hops around there!)
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Blessings - Pauline

  9. Tickled pink to see your new addition, When I saw her the first thought of the name Bella.

  10. Omg, I can not believe, I posted and then went back to read what the others had suggested. I can't believe others thought of the name bella also, this is very strange.

  11. Very cute baby cow...such a sweetie. Love the name Daisy Mae. Had a good laugh watching Josh. Momma was very patient with him!


  12. Hi LInda! Congrats on the new addition to your farm family! My hubby likes Elsie and I think Sweet Sadie would be a perfect name! Blessings to all of you!

    The video made us smile! :) Anne

  13. Oh my girl calf is adoreable! I had a calf like her when I was young, but she was all white and I called her "snowball"...guess that name wouldn't work for your girl!!! Loved the video, we were husband had to come over and see it too:) Love Gooseberry cookbooks and what a neat idea for kids, thanks for sharing!!

    xoxo Gert

  14. Just thought of a name "Gracie" as she was given to you with God's grace!!

    Bless you...
    xoxo Gert

  15. No way I'd be between that lowing Mama cow and her calf! When I saw that cow start to move, it looked kinda scary.

    My vote is for the name 'Meadow.' :-)

    Cook book looks like a lot of fun.

  16. Such a funny and cute video! And this is a precious little cow! How about "Truffles" for a name since she is black and the color of chocolate! Everyone LOVES chocolate and it is also sweet. Like this little calf.
    Such fun thinking up names!

  17. HA! Funny! She is very cute indeed. That cookbook does look adorable. I like the name Lilly!

  18. I enjoyed the video, I was wondering what Mama Cow was going to do when she started out after her baby!
    As for a name for the baby how about Elsie? She is a very famous cow from one of the Brookfield towns around here (MA), Elsie was a Jersey cow. She represented the Borden milk company.

  19. Oh that video just made our 'bout the name Buttermilk for that sweet little girl?

    Thanks for all the Gooseberry love...hope your Lemon Shake-Ups are yummy! :)

  20. Sweet Linda,
    Your video was just too funny! What an adorable lil girl you have there. I like the name bella as others have put down, so I'll second their motion. I'm off to catch up and see what you have been up to, I've been offline for a few weeks and can't wait to see what I've missed. I was thinking about picking up that GBP cookbook for my kiddos, thanks for the review, we will have to try that one out now! Have a great weekend and take care.
    Hugs, Dee

  21. Hi Linda! Enuf of the rain huh? I just looked out in the backyard after our two inches this morning and saw a big puddle of water! I thought Wow that should have all soaked in by now..then checked and my hubby had left the hose run in the dogs water bowl!! oops!

    I vote for Heidi after her little bit of hiding in the tall grasses she did!!!


    Lynn from Hutch!

    June 13, 2010 5:31 PM


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