Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Lot Of Farm Life Going On!

Harvest is here and lots of action is going on the farm! We are going to bring it in so you can
make bread for your family! Smile!
We are officially into Harvest 2010
First truck load going to town! How many did you say you could get into the wheat truck cab? Everyone "always" wants to go in the wheat truck! Doesn't matter how old you are. For little ones there is always candy when they get to the grain elevator and a bottle of cold water for the older ones. Sometimes we get to stop at the Dairyland for one of their famous cherry limeades.
Note: Connie, do you remember that at all, when your hubby worked for the White family?
We know them really well!

The girls are laying really great ! They quit laying under the hen house! Nothing came out of the nest, one of the hens had going on. Sad for me!

Do you ever think about what you might say, makes a difference for the next generation? Well, last night I had to rethink what comes out of my mouth. I had the little ones in the house, because it just takes one person not knowing where they might be with the wheat truck driving around. Anyway Reid, our little 3 year old and I were in the kitchen. I made a comment about who gathered the eggs? Reid said Poppa did. I said, are you sure he gathered them? Reid then said, " He is a good man." Isn't that so precious? I hope he has heard that come out of my mouth or maybe from his Daddy's. To say good things about your man is a good thing! I have always intentionally said good things about my Mr. Phil to my kids. Even when they have friends out, I will say something like, "I sure do love that Man" or isn't he the cutest? It is something I want to plant into my children and grandchildren's minds, that I honored him. I know that one day I will not be here and when I am gone I want them to remember that I thought he was my very special man. I want them to learn from me how to honor my spouse. Do I do it perfectly? No. Do I say things I wish I could take back. Yes! I get upset and then have to apologize, but I hope that it is also teaching my family what Jesus came for. Forgiveness!

Thank you for all the prayers that are going up for us! Your comments bless my day!

Today we celebrate our Tressy's Homeschool Graduation! It will be a special day!
Love and hugs from the farm!



  1. Wow, how awesome is that?!

  2. Mmmm Cherry Limeaide. This is a new thing for us. I got it at Kroger for 1.00 a carton. Me and my daughter love it. I got cranberry limeaide with a shot of vanilla at Sonic. It is sooo good.

    I will think of you every time I bake a loaf of bread.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Oh how wonderful yes I would love to take that ride myself, giggles, yeppers never too old to enjoy life. Hugs and blessings my sweet friend.

  4. sounds like things are in full swing and everyone is having fun... That wheat truck sounds like a lot of fun. Now I'll be wondering what the magic is all about :) :)

    Oh cherry limeaide sounds really good too. I had a regular limeade at Taco Bell yesterday.

    Congrats to Tressy on graduating!!!

    Have a great weekend. Love, hugs and greetings from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. What a great idea to strive for! I so hope my children remember the loving relationship hubby and I have had all of thier lives and not the negative things!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the pics and all the hard work! The pics brought tears to my eyes--knowing how hard you all work to put bread on my table. God is so gracious and faithful :)

    I'm proud of you Tressy--congratulations on your graduation!!!

    Congratulations to you too mom/teacher :) All of you enjoy your celebration!

    Thanks also for the good reminder about that which proceeds from my mouth. It's got to be my largest struggle point-what goes in and what comes out.

    Next time you see the Whites pass on my greetings :)


  7. Linda, if I ever get to pass through Kansas again, we are going to stop and say hi, I would just love to see your farm. I am a city girl and it all just fascinates me..what a blessing to live where you do my friend.

    Oh what a sweetheart little Reid is, yes they pick up what we say..I hope as my boys were growing up they heard mostly the good things and not the muttered under my breath things...they grew up to be good men so maybe they did!

    Have a blessed weekend

  8. Oh Linda, I almost forgot! Congratulations to sweet Tressy on her graduation! Woot!


  9. Love those ideals... planting honor and respect for the dad and demonstrating forgiveness. Although I was quick to correct, I wanted my kids to see that I was quick to admit wrong doing and apologize. Love your blog. --another Linda (there are a lot of us)

  10. Oh Linda...what a blessing you are to us and to all who enter your life. Thank you for being here for us! Love the harvest photos...brings back wonderful...fond memories!

    Hope you are having a blessed weekend.

    xoxo Gert

  11. Linda your family is awesome! Working together! Harvesting your fields to feed your own family! What a blessing! I think you raised wonderful children and that Tressa is a real angel! What an excellent job you did training her! Hugs Anne


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