Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello..... we have a winner for our Little Garden Gloves!

Hello sweet ladies, Thank you so much for being a part of our Garden Glove Giveaway! It was so nice to meet some new ladies. As some of you know we have lots of adventures here on the farm and we also love to hear about yours. So please write us your stories any time! That is what makes us all a family : <)

Okay. . . . now. . . . . . for who won the Garden Gloves!

Deb. . . . she said,

Oh, I would love to win a pair of new gardening gloves. Pls enter me!

Congratulations!! Please send me your address!

Also. . . . . I thought I would put up the post I put up for

the little flowers, so if you want

to make the little garden gloves you can. The instructions

for the flowers click here

Please continue to go over to:

Melissas at Lilac Lane and

sign up for her contest

I am going to start giving you some "Ideas from Prairie Flower" for CHIRSTmas gifts. I know it is early, but if you would like to make something like this, you need to start taking your pictures now! I made this for our son's families a few years back and they really liked it. I took pictures that would pertain to each family. Special occasions, going to creek, family outings, you name it. You can click on the picture and get some detailed ideas.

I wrote out a prayer and thoughts of my love for each family. I put the letter in an envelope, that I made to match the page. Just tied a ribbon around it and glued it to the scrap paper. It is a wonderful little heirloom, to be kept of memories I have of them. If you don't want to do this in an old window, just use the same concept and make a Memory Book. Sometimes it is hard to find gifts, but if you are thinking of it now, you can start taking the pictures and be ready by fall. Just an "Ideas from Prairie Flower!" I have been asking you all what you would like to see from us and so I will be starting to put those ideas up on the blog. I really enjoy making my gifts for the family, so that they know my love for the Lord. He is my reason to live and I am always trying to think of ways that will point my family to their Heavenly Father. I used lots of scripture on the Window Photo Album. My grand babies will know that they were very special to myself and to our God. I posted these pic's last fall, but I have new ladies now and just wanted to remind you now, so you can be thinking of gifts.

Okay. . . . . now on a serious note, Momma Cow is ready! We went to go check on her yesterday and she said, "IT IS TIME, GET THIS BABY OUT . . . . . OF ME"! Poor thing and it is so hot here in Kansas. You "all" know how to pray for her now! Smile!

If you have not signed up for our "Big Blogaversary Celebration", we would love to have you participate. Please just scroll down a few posts and sign up! Thank you for making it a special party!

Our new pattern, “Miss Clarices vintage Apron is available at our blog store Peace Creek Collections

Blessings and thank "You" for making my heart smile!



  1. Oh, Linda, such wonderful creations you make!! Love the apron!! And the window/picture frame. Just wonderful. Hugs, Tammy

  2. Congrats to the WINNER! and Thank you for the wonderful ideas to get an early start on gift giving, although I think this idea is just to wonderful to wait... I may just have to implement it now and have a gift for the mother of the two girls in our care, just to let her know we pray and love her despite the circumstances that keep her seperated from her children now...

    I love them cow pictures( trying to convince hubby to let me raise a Jersey Girl... gotta love them doe eyes)

  3. These Gardening Gloves are DARLING!!!

    Congrats to the winner,
    d from HomeHaven

  4. Congrats to your winner..the gloves are beautiful!! Also, love your window/picture are so full of great ideas!!

    xoxo Gert

  5. Linda, my mom and gramma used to wear aprons just like that!!! What a bittersweet memory. I'm heading to the sewing room to see if I still have Mom's pattern.

    Hope you have a great day on the farm today!

  6. Love the apron pattern...Love it! Thanks for the reminder to start thinking about Christmas. I'm hoping to do something SMALL and farm~made for everyone.

  7. Linda, thank you so much for the gift. What a pleasant surprise! And by the way, when I made scones for the tea party yesterday, I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter. They were adorable! Thanks so much for the suggestion! In His joy, Gloria

  8. Hi Linda ~ Thank you so much for the gardening gloves. I'll look forward to seeing them arrive in my box! I sent a reply back to your email a couple of days ago but am just now seeing my name on your blog! Thanks again!

  9. Thanks for sharing the idea to use old window frames for personalized gifts. Love that! That idea could be used for any occasion. My sister is newly engaged and I think this would make a lovely wedding gift with pictures of her and her guy.


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