Thursday, June 3, 2010

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Good Morning, I can't believe how many have come to our party. Not all have signed up, but that is okay, at least they came! The first day we had over 600 hits on our blog. The most ever!! Thank you for at coming and for those who signed up, thank you so much! Some of you graciously put us up on your blog and for that we are so thankful.! Thank you also for the orders that we received. We really appreciate them. It is part of the way we make a living! Thank you sooooooo much!

We asked on our post for the party, what would you like to see in the future on Prairie Flower Farm. Some wanted some garden hints............ so here is one.

We use old newspaper patterns to keep the moisture in the ground in our garden. It also keeps the light out, so the weeds can't grow. Great weed barrier! Start saving your newspapers! It works great. Make sure that you butt the papers right up to the plant. It is some work to get it all down, but I don't have to ever weed after it is all done! I like that!

After we lay the newspaper, we lay a layer of wheat straw on top of the the newspaper. It helps hold the paper down and provides as a light barrier. This also helps to cut down on the evaporation. When your garden has quite producing in the fall, work all this into the ground. This will build up your soil, because it will decompose throughout the winter months. We have done this for years. It saves so much time in the long run and then it improves your soil each year.

Well, I am off to work in my garden. Thank you so much for stopping by. What do you have going on in your life today?

Ooops for got to tell you. Remember we moved Momma Cow down in the pasture and she was going to have a baby? Well she is getting huge and her day is "Any Day Now!" We are on our way to check on her. Maybe I will have some exciting news. Also I have a hen that is hiding under the chicken coop and sitting on eggs. Now that is exciting news also! Just forgot to tell you this before I put up the post. Exciting days here.

If you haven't signed up for the party. . . . . . . please do so!!!



  1. We did that in our veggie garden just last week! I love how it keeps the weeds down!


  2. I use newspapers too.. great tip with the wheat straw! I am catching up, Linda, so I'll have to see what this party is all about ;) -Tammy

  3. Great idea! My grandma uses shredded newspaper in does work fantastic.

  4. Newspapers are what I use too and then the hay or grass clippings... Works better than any store bought materials and I know where the products came from.. ha ha...

    Looking forward to some cow pictures! Gotta love em babies

  5. I will tell my Tom about the newspaper hint! Sounds like it will work great!!

    Keep us informed on Momma Cow, can't wait!!

    Today we went to visit Tom's aunt at the nursing home and took dinner and dessert over! I made a key lime pie, which she just loves!!

    xoxo Gert

  6. This is great :) :) :) It's funny you mention the tip with the newspapers on the ground to control weeds. I've literally heard this same tip from two other completely different sources ;) :) That's a great way to use newspaper, too. So clever ;) :)

    I'm excited about this party. Everything you post is always so good and encouraging...even when talking about the every day things of life :) :)

    I'm super excited that you are starting to receive orders for your products. They are beautiful !!!!!

    I spent my day working on making a slide-show with photos and music. I uploaded it to my blog. There are still a few kinks to work out..but for a first effort, it's great!! There was a short outing to the grocery store, followed by paying rent. After the paying of rent, I celebrated with coffee :) :) Now I"m just here reading your blog :) :)
    Much love and hugs, Heather :) :) :)

  7. When I was younger and moved out on my own my uncle, who worked for the Santa Fe R/R for 50 years told me to put a newspaper around my car battery when my car would be exposed to the elements without a garage all night in the winter. It would keep the battery warm so the car would start in the morning. Just had to remember to take the paper off or start a fire under the hood! LOL! He said when he worked at the railroad they would take turns resting and they would cover themselves with newspapers to stay warm! Great tips and I have lots of weeds, particularly those "chokies" as I call them that wrap themselves around the plants. Whenever I have to weed my little garden I remind myself how sinful we are and we can only be cleansed through the One who died for us. I hope your cow has a healthy and happy baby calf. What a blessing you have living with so many wonderful creatures from God above. Thanks Linda and have a blessed weekend. Hugs Anne

  8. Hope your cow has a pretty lil calf! It never gets old seeing new life on the farm does it!!! God's good!

    Your garden looks great Linda! Wish I could find a few bales of straw... it's hard to get around here so we always just use hay. Need to stock up next time I find some!!

    Happy gardening!


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