Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Our youngest son, and youngest grandson!

Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there!

This year will be the first time in my life to be without my father here on earth. It will be different, but to know that he is with the Heavenly Father makes it very special!

Yesterday as many of you know we had a very special graduating celebration for our Tressa.

Here is a picture of Tressa and her siblings.
They want to wish their Dad a very special Father's Day!

He reads my blog sooooooooo..................surprise Mr. Phil!

You are one precious Dad and you are so very loved! You are such an example
of the Heavenly Father to your children and grandchildren!

Thank you for always pointing our children to
the Father.




  1. Happy Father's Day to all the dads in your and in heaven!!! Your post was incredibly sweet. It made me smile!!!!! Dads are the best...You're family photo is great. The ENTIRE family looks good!!! I told my dad that I'd take him out to breakfast. He likes Burger King. I wanted to get him something fancier...but that's what he wants :) :) :) So that's what he'll get. :) :) :)
    I'm guessing your dad was a really neat man..from the way you talk about him :) My dad is a sweetheart. He givdes a lot and never asks for anything in return. He loves Jesus Christ. In fact, my dad was the one that actually asked me as an 8 year old girl if I knew who Jesus Christ was...He pointed me towards our heavenly Father!!!!...Now I've been walking with the LORD for 28 years now..Wild..My daddy...earthly a wonderful parent and a fantastic friend!! I'm the one who is blessed that God gave me my dad!!
    Love, hugs and greetings from Oregon,
    Heather :) :) :)

  2. Happy Fathers Day Mr. Phil!! What a blessing to have a father who leads his children in the direction of our Lord!

    Congratulations also to Tressa on her graduation, I know how proud your parents are of you!!!

    Linda...again I thank you so much for your daily posts..they mean so much to me..

    xoxo Gert

  3. Beautiful tribute, Linda! Happy Father's Day, Mr. Phil! Heather

  4. What a good looking group of kids you have. Truly you are blessed. Thanks for sharing and congratulations to the graduate! Jeannie S.

  5. Happy Late Fathers Day to Mr. Phil and your sons that are dads! You know your dad is in Heaven with my dad and they are having the time to enjoy the Lord without pain and suffering!

    Please pray for my phamily. My MIL has Parkinsons and Alzheimers and that darn Alzheimers took a bad turn! But yesterday she asked for my hubby and we raced down there today! He sat with her for three hours and she would not open her eyes. He got some lunch with his siblings ,came back and she saw him and for the first time in five years she knew him! It made his Father's Day very special! Blessings Anne

    P.S. Your family is BEAUTIFUL!

  6. What a pleasant surprise, thank you. Look what God has done for us. Just look at those beautiful children. As I told my grand children today; they, along with my children, are my most precious father's day gifts.

    Psalm 127

    A song of ascents. Of Solomon.

    1 Unless the LORD builds the house,
    its builders labor in vain.
    Unless the LORD watches over the city,
    the watchmen stand guard in vain.
    2 In vain you rise early
    and stay up late,
    toiling for food to eat—
    for he grants sleep to [a] those he loves.

    3 Sons are a heritage from the LORD,
    children a reward from him.

    4 Like arrows in the hands of a warrior
    are sons born in one's youth.

    5 Blessed is the man
    whose quiver is full of them.
    They will not be put to shame
    when they contend with their enemies in the gate.

    Psalm 128

    A song of ascents.

    1 Blessed are all who fear the LORD,
    who walk in his ways.
    2 You will eat the fruit of your labor;
    blessings and prosperity will be yours.

    3 Your wife will be like a fruitful vine
    within your house;
    your sons will be like olive shoots
    around your table.

    4 Thus is the man blessed
    who fears the LORD.

    5 May the LORD bless you from Zion
    all the days of your life;
    may you see the prosperity of Jerusalem,

    6 and may you live to see your children's children.
    Peace be upon Israel.

    Praise God, that he revolutionized our lives with His Truth.

    Love you , my Pretty Prairie Flower,
    Mr. Phil

  7. What a blessing to know that your dad is in heaven today. Not all have that assurance. Can't imagine losing my dad. Prayers for you. The Busy Beaver

  8. Thank you sweet ladies for the kind comments.

    Mr. Phil, you are such a sweetie!!!!!!! Thank you for commenting! Ever sense we have moved to Kansas you have called me your pretty prairie Flower. It makes me feel special. I love you as high as the sky!

    Chrissy, The Dad I was talking about was my step dad. My real dad who I loved dearly died a long time ago. I do not have the assurance that he is in heaven. Makes me sad. Thank you so much for your prayers. I am so thankful you still have your dad! It is wonderful!

    Blessings, Linda


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