Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Can you believe that Thanksgiving is so close? Are you staying home or going some where?

Hello sweet ladies,

Just got home.......from the fencing site.........I am so tired I can't hardly keep my eyes open. Going to bed..........will say my prayers.........you will be in them.........wish I could say more.........just nothing left after this long day. I am to old for this. Heehee 58 is not old! I thought life was suppose to get easier........wrong...........smiling. I will be back tomorrow. Wanted to put up a neat recipe that Tressa made for lunch at the cafeteria. It is a homemade Twix bar. Took the picture and everything......I will get it tomorrow for you. It is delicious. Also Lemon Dreams..........you will love it! Has lemon curd in the inside of the cupcake. It melts in your mouth! Num!

Oh.............. I said Wednesday was to be the last day for the CHRISTmasCookie Recipessss.......I want to extend until Saturday. So keep sending them. You ladies are so precious........I have received so many! I love it!!!!!!!!! They look wonderful! You are going to love them also! Thank you soooooo much! It will make all our holiday cooking so much fun!

Needed to tell you that my hurt finger is doing great. It is only a little bit red and doesn't hurt like it did. Thank you for all the help! You are so kind to pray and care!

Hugs to you and sleep tight, you are precious in His sight and mine!



  1. Glad your finger is doing better! I can't wait for the recipes, they sound so good. Glad the Christmas cookie cookbook is coming along nicely! I think I'll send another recipe. This time for Oatmeal-Coconut Cookies. It makes a dishpan full! LOL

    Get some rest. Praying you will be refreshed by morning and ready to meet the day!


  2. Thank you so much for the comment sweet Prairiemaid. Wonderful to wake up to! Hugs to your day! Linda

    Can't wait for the other recipe. I am so blessed!

  3. Hi Linda, I too am glad your finger is better. Jack and I had to repair some fence this weekend. While trying to use his fence pliers, I pinced my hand twice. He decided after the second time I needed a smaller pair and they worked much better. That fence building is hard work. I can't imagine how you work all day then go do your second job. You deserve that week off at Thanksgiving and I hope you get lots of rest!

  4. Oh my dear Linda...I am so sorry you were so tired and pray today was better for you... I just know building that fence is so much work besides working all day in the kitchen at school. Your week off over Thanksgiving I just know will help you to catch up on your rest (if you don't over do on the fence that week..smile...)

    Can't wait for the cookie recipes, I know they will be amazing!

    xoxo Gert

  5. Linds,glad your finger is better, Oh Yes
    fence building is hard work, does take a toll
    on these old Body's,we been trying to build
    divider fence between us and Rental Property
    next too us, little as we go.
    Looking forward to your Cookie recipes...


  6. Hello Regina, Ouch! So nice you are a helpmate to your honey. I am sure he enjoys your company........mine likes mine.........I am so thankful! I hope I can have sommmmmeeeee days for Thanksgiving vacation!

    Gert...you are going to love the cookbook! They all sound so wonderful! Can't wait!

    Hello Trish.......you will like the recipes! Need to stay home so I can finish it!

    Hugs, Me


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