Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Girlhood Home Companion

If you notice on the right hand side of my blog, there is a photo of the Girlhood Home Companion print magazine. You will not be disappointed in what you will find at their website. Back in November I received an email from Remembrance Press. Little did I know that the Lord had a gift for us. We were about to meet the Novak Family and it was about to change our life. Jill was sending to her subscribed ladies some programs that she had recorded. Jill and I know that without a doubt God had a special gift for each of our families. I received the email and immediately sent off a thank you note to her . I also asked for prayer for our family as we were going through a tough time. Phil and I had some circumstances in our life that put us in financial difficulties. We had been fighting fear for along time because of decisions over the years. We did love the Lord and wanted to do right, but the fear made us panic all the time. We kept asking the Lord for direction. Every time we would move forward, something else would come up. As some of you know, anytime you try to move forward in obedience, it seems the enemy really attacks.

Taking care of Phil’s dad for years after Grandma died took a lot of time. We farmed for Grandpa, had Peace Creek Collections our pattern company, did art work for Bentley House, designed fabric and walked with the Lord through many opportunities for ministry to others. This included helping start a crisis pregnancy center. We were so busy that we just never seemed to get ahead. Every time we began to resolve the financial problems, some new crisis would appear needing our full attention. This last Nov. everything started crashing in. It pushed us both up against the wall and we had to make some changes. In the middle of the storm and the panic it was hard to see that the Lord was answering our prayers. We were going to see as a family that He was more than faithful; if we would just trust Him. The Lord also encouraged us by bringing a few people into our life to walk with us. We worked very hard and focused on different things that needed to be done. This was all over the Christmas holidays and that is when the Novak family and our immediate family stepped in to help us through this really rough time.

As difficult as it was, our 2008 Christmas was probably one of the most special holidays we can remember. The Lord provided for us in ways that we could never have imagined. Jill’s phone calls were encouragement that helped us believe that God was going to get us through. Phil and I felt so bad that we had ourselves in this mess , but we were thankful to have a God that always extends forgiveness when we ask. Jill then asked if I would write an article for the Girlhood Home Companion. During our talks, she found that I designed fabric and patterns. Her next issue was going to be on sewing. I had never written in a magazine before. At the same time I was writing, our daughter’s little beagle had been mauled by two St. Bernards. The Novak family, our immediate family and our church, prayed with us. The Lord helped us walk through one crisis after another. I watched our daughter hurt like never before. Dakota had pneumonia, sepsis, a punctured trachea, high fever and an operation. It was so sad to see him not even bark. It was a miracle that Dakota even made it through. After his recovery, there are days when it would be nice if Dakota would just relax. Jill also asked our daughter Taylor if she would write about what the Lord taught her through the experience with Dakota. The bigger picture that the Lord had for all of us was that Jill and her family would become our very dear friends. You will be so blessed if you look at all they have to encourage your family. Jill’s book, The Gift of Family Writings, is a wonderful tool to help teach you and your child about recording life’s experiences. They have wonderful resources available, like the Happy Trails Horse Club and the Mother-Daughter Tea Cozy Club. Each resource has opportunity to bring you to a closer walk with the Lord. The pages of the Girlhood Companion Magazine will fill your eyes with beauty. The photography is outstanding. In the articles you will find words and scripture to encourage your soul.

Each one of us has our own story. Either we choose to let the Lord be in it or we can try to do it on our own. The article that I wrote for Girlhood, will explain how life's experiences have shaped our family. These experiences can be recorded as reminders of what the Lord has done to get us through the trials. Then, we can pass those stories of remembrance on to the next generation. Please go to Remembrance Press. Jill has a way of making you feel very welcome and will leave an impression on your heart of love and encouragement.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Blessed Easter

Today I spent my Easter with my sister and brother for the first time in about 30 years. What a blessing. We have had such a wonderful time in Reno, Nevada. I will write more about our trip when I get home. The day started with church together and a worship service that was wonderful. Praising my God with my sister was so special.

Our son Jarad and our daughter in love Kristen have been caring for our little chicken eggs that were to hatch on Easter Sunday. They did! So far we have 11 little chickens. I will put up two pictures that Jarad took. One of all of the babies. The other picture of an egg with a little leg coming out. I love it!!!!!!!!