Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Been Thinking and Praying A Lot Today!

Hello sweet ladies,

Came home today and since the weather was so nice I washed up load of towels and hung them on the line to is one of my favorite things to do like I have told you before. Simple thing.......all today I have thought so much about all the eastern states and what they have lost. I thought as I was hanging my towels.....some ladies were probably doing that last week and now their lives have changed! When you think about has such huge ramifications on each must be so hard to get things done these days for each family.....not like you can go about your day like you used to! It has been so hard to think of what it would be like if there was a disaster here of some sort. I used to feel like I was prepared.....but wondering if maybe I am not. Are you prepared for a disaster? Also be praying for families who have lost family members. Thank you!!!!!

God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. So we will not fear, even if earthquakes come and the mountains crumble into the sea. Psalm 46:1-2
This is a powerful verse to hold on to. It is so good to meditate on the truth, especially in the day of trouble. He won't leave those who call on His Name

I just put a comment up on my PFFfbook on some ideas of ways we can help. One of the girls said that Samaritan's Purse is taking donations. Franklin Graham started Samaritan's Purse, he is Billy Graham's son. A very reputable organization. You can read about it HERE When you read the article you will see that they are needing Volunteers to help with Hurricane Sandy and donations. 

I received a picture from Becky that she put on my PFFfacebook  of the picnic basket I made up for them. It looks so cute out there on the prairie! Thought you might like to see it. 

Hope your day is sweet! 



Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin French Toast/Sliced Apples

Hello sweet ladies,

I told you that I would finish by giving you the recipes I made for our guests this last weekend. 

In the morning I made what I call Pumpkin French Toast/Sliced Apples sautéed in Maple Syrup.  It is easy to make and very very good!

Pumpkin French Toast
Sliced Apples cooked in Maple Syrup

4 eggs beaten
1/2 c. canned pumpkin 
3 tblsp. water
5-6 pieces of bread

Using a dinner fork, mix all ingredients in a deep dish. Dip each piece of bread into the egg mixture and cook on  med. heat in a skillet that has been sprayed with cooking spray. 

Sliced Apples 
Cooked in Maple Syrup

In a skillet, cut 3 apples with a small amount of butter until tender. Add a 1/2 cup maple and let it simmer. 

When you serve the french toast, place apples on top of Pumpkin French Toast. I warmed up some extra syrup to drizzle on the top. 

I am sorry.....I didn't get a picture. I was in such a hurry to get everything to them all nice and warm. They said it was very good! That works for me! 

Tonight when I got into the house it smelled wonderful. I am cooking the Crock Pot Pear Butter for another 24 hours, I can't wait to see how it turns out. 

We have been watching a special report tonight on the storm out east. How sad. Please ladies that follow my blog, leave us all a comment on how you are doing! We love you all and are praying!!!!!

I will leave you with this verse, it is powerful!

"Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the LORD your God is the one who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you."
Deuteronomy 31:6

Blessings to you, 


Monday, October 29, 2012


Hello sweet ladies,

Sorry it took so long to tell what  I made for our guests. LIFE happens here! I took a large basket (wish I would have taken a pic) and laid a piece of homespun fabric in the inside. I filled  the basket with hotdogs, buns, macaroni salad, chips, condiments, stuff for smores and homemade Challah Bread with fresh tomato salsa and pesto to spread on the top. I used mason jars to put the different things in to make it! I used the new cookbook I showed you a while back called 200 Fast & Easy Artisan Breads No-Knead, One Bowl by Judith Fertig to make the bread. Go Here if you would like to buy is worth it! I have been wanting to try it out and so I thought with our guests coming it  gave me a good excuse! It was easy and wonderful. Now the only problem was I was thinking of making Ciabatta bread....I was going through the cookbook and I was in to much of a hurry.........looked at the picture of the Challah Bread and made it instead.  It tasted so good it didn't matter that it was a little sweet. Becky and Tracy loved it! So did we! 

Challah Dough
I made mine a little different then the recipe. Here is my version.

6 1/2 c. unbleached flour
2 tbsp. instant yeast
1 cup honey
1 1/2 tbsp. fine sea salt
2 3/4 c. hot water
1/4 c. olive oil
2 farm fresh eggs
Measure flour and put into a large bowl. 

Mix the yeast and salt into the flour. Use a large measuring cup combine hot water, honey and the oil. Add to the mixture the beaten eggs. Pour mixture into flour and stir until it is moist. The recipe said to beat 40 strokes. Dough will be a lumpy sticky mass.
Cover the top of the bowl with plastic wrap and let rise at room temp for 2 hours. It has a sponge-like appearance. 
The thing I loved about this recipe is you can use it all that day or split it and keep it up to 3 days in the fridge before baking. 
I poured half the dough onto a well floured counter. Mixed the flour in slowly..... until the dough wasn't sticky. 

Then I placed the round dough on to a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Let it rise again. I baked it after an hour of rising at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until it is done. 

I sliced the bread and again into diagonal pieces. Toasted it in the oven on both sides. I placed the bread into a bowl. I had chopped tomatoes, onions, 1/2 tea garlic powder, sea salt........poured in a little olive oil and a 1/2 tsp. of vinegar. Spooned it into a small mason jar. Made up some basil pesto and put it in another mason jar. Placed it in the basket........they loved it!!!!!!!! 

It was so so good and would make it worked even thought it wasn't what I thought. 

Well I am running out of time tonight.........sad. I had been given some pears today that really needed to be used today. I was talking to my sister about her apple butter and if I could use the pears instead. I looked up a recipe on the internet and found one on Hey What's for Dinner Mom? It cooks for 48 hours in a crock pot. After it is cooked I will can it. Hope it works. It will make a nice CHRISTmas gift for my to make homemade jam and jellies every year. 

One more pic........this little fluff hatched today! It is sooooo tiny and pure sweetness! Thought you would like to see!

Praying for all that are in storms way. Just know if you read this......we won't quit praying that the Lord will minister to your needs! 



Shortest Post Ever

Hello sweet ladies,

I am on break at the bakery. I had to just say that I am sorry.....I didn't get a post up last night about the recipes. I ended up getting some of the cages winterized for the teenage chickens. We have been getting really cold here during the night time. It was a fun last day of vacation and by evening I just wanted to be warm in the house........soooooo I will get up the recipes today after work. 

Please..... if you read my blog and you live on the east coast let us know how we can pray for you. We are praying for safety!

Hugs to your day!!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Day of Rest!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

What a wonderful little vacation we all have had here on Prairie Flower Farm! As you know it started on Friday and will end today! Friday was the day our sweet friends were to arrive to stay the night and part of the morning out in the Refuge Cabin. They the early evening  on friday evening......all dressed warm......flannel shirts, sweatshirts and jeans.....appropriate attire for the cool evening we were going to have. It was going to get down in the 20's. I was a little concerned about that because our little cabin is not insulated (yet) and that is a bit cold. We have little furnaces to keep it warm.......they said it was fine.  

I have permission to tell of the weekend. It turned out for our friends a place of Refuge. As you know I have been praying for it  for 30 see it being used is beyond what my heart could imagine. I had a prayer that the Lord would give us a place where we could minister to Pastors and Laymen. It has become more then now includes college grandkids.....and family! God does know the desires of our hearts and answers in His WAY!

Throughout the day "My sweet man" and I took 10 bales of straw and made a couch......I got my little fold up table out (want to make a wood one with log legs and old boards on the top).......

and set the candelabra on the top of the table. Now some might say that would be funny, but you can't believe how sweet it looks as the sun goes down and it is all lit up. It works great for a little extra light. I buy votive candles using my 40% for $3.50 from Hobby Lobby. When I place them inside the mason jars, they stay lit even if their is a little wind! Oh and talking about wind. This blesses me sooooo much! It was blowing most of the day not bad, but still blowing. My sweet man and I would stop at different times during the day and pray.....asking the Lord to make this time for our friends very special asking for "No wind" that would be perforable! Smile. I am not kidding!!!!!!!! Right when they got there it makes me tear up as I journal this. It was amazing!!!!! HE HEARD US.....of course He heard us, but He answered us for our friends! 

I took Becky through the way of the Potter's was all lit up.....I told her as I showed her to think of her "whole family" grand babies and ALL of them coming back to the farm! They could have a family time here on the farm. I had little candles hanging to light the path to the Refuge was fun and I am sure she kept thinking of her family as we walked and talked! We got them all settled in. The Refuge Cabin has a long cord that leads out for light. I use CHRISTmas lights throughout the cabin.......ONE day we will have electricity......praying!!!!!! They liked.....we came back out to the "couch" and fire. Before we left we asked if they would sit and we would pray for them. As we were all under the heavens we prayed to our Father......Becky had tears falling......she was weary.....they are so busy in the ministry the Lord has given them. (Later today I will write more about their Bed and Breakfast). As we prayed I was reminded of my continuous prayer for all these years.....I was seeing HIM unfold them right before my eyes. 

I went back to the house to fix up their "Picnic Basket", the moon was coming up big and bright. I knew the Lord was going to wrap them both in His arms and meet them in the quietness of the evening. We prayed for strength, refreshment, and His encouragement! They were seeking Him and they said they were able to talk without interruption to each I have a witness (?).....when we still have children in the HOME! Love having them at our age...... we wouldn't want it any other way! They also had a daughter when they were older! 

Well, it is time for me to get ready for church, but later today I will put up the recipe for the bread and other recipes I made for them. 

I love you sweet ladies and trust the Lord will meet you in a special way on HIS SONday! Asking also for a day or rest. Please continue to pray for my sister. Yesterday was a rough day of breathing for her. Breaks my heart.....we do know that many of you have hardships also. We don't know the needs, but I do ask the Lord to meet them for you. I know that many never leave a comment and that is fine......just want you to know I do pray for you!

Hugs to your SONday! 


P.S. We are noticing such an unrest in our World......please be praying for protection for CHRISTians. Just heard that in Iran many are being imprisoned. God will meet them there........I know that for sure.......still sad and they need to know we are praying for them all over the world. It is getting scary for sure. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Today On The Farm

Good Morning sweet ladies......

I am on vacation and I have so many things I want to get on the farm. Tonight we have company coming to stay in the Refuge Cabin. I am so excited to have them and have been praying the Lord will help me best serve them. They need a little rest as they have a Bed and Breakfast over in Buhler, Kansas and are serving others all the time. I want them to be blessed tonight and tomorrow......the Lord knows just how to do that! 

We will be building a small couch like we did for the last family that came....we will be using haybales. We saw it on is easy and adorable. I will also make up a basket filled with campfire foods........and such! They will sit in front of a fire and under the starry sky of Kansas. I have also asked the Lord for a beautiful sunset.......He does them so well.

This will be their snack later in the evening. I have the bread rising on the stove right now! Found this on Pinterest ........I will make mine different......with fresh cooked bread.......basil pesto, homegrown tomatoes ...... garlic......and onions all fresh from my garden! Have I ever told you I love living on a farm? I am so grateful! 

I will put up the recipe for the Challah Dough Bread later on, just so busy having fun in my kitchen and on the farm.......don't have time right now. I bought quite a few cookbooks when I went to KC a few back. Have wanted to share with and will while I am on my mini vacation. 

The cookbook I am using today is 200 Fast & Easy Artisan Breads No-Knead, One Bowl by Judith Fertig. Found here....if you are interested in seeing is wonderful! I am making the bread now and it is rising on the stove. Can't wait to smell it from the oven!

Well thank you so much for all your prayers for my sister. She is doing so much better breathing. She used a nebulizer and it is helping her so much. She went to the store for the first time since Sept. and has more energy then she has had in a long time. We attribute it to PRAYER.......your prayers. God has heard and is answering. Thank you so so very much. We want to prayer for your needs also. Please email or leave them in a comment if you would like!

Hugs to you all.......I am off to go and sweep and dust the Refuge Cabin......I have some special things I want to do! Can't wait for our company to come. My girl just went down to get some more bales of straw. After the last cookout the horses ate them when we left them alone! Silly horses! 

God bless Your are being thought of.......
my me......but mostly Jesus!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

God Is Faithful!!!!!!!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

Today at the bakery I was able to use the recipe I gave you the other day for the No Knead Dinner Rolls. As I made them I was afraid that doubling the recipe I might have a problem, but I didn't. They turned out the same as when I made a single batch. I will keep this recipe in case I ever have to make a large amount, this will be the one I will use.

Most of these girlies are ready to start laying eggs. They were birthday presents and ones I bought at the Yoder Auction. Can't wait!!!! 

Love their tail feathers!!!!! You have to wait so long it seems, but when the time is so worth it! 

I really like my little Cochin here. She is light blue and dark blue. I am not sure what kind she is. Any ideas? She is pretty that is for sure. 

Miss Emma is doing well. She hasn't laid an egg yet. I will wait. I will let you know.  

It was a quiet evening after coming home here on the farm .........still praying for my sister. Talked with her today and she was a little down. I sent her this picture and some verses. It was precious because she wrote me back and said that she went to read it in her Bible.  She said....."all the scriptures we shared together were underlined and circled with dates in my Bible." I was blessed........ so was she. 

He will not let your foot slip—
he who watches over you will not slumber;

indeed, he who watches over Israel

will neither slumber nor sleep.
5The LORD watches over you—
the LORD is your shade at your right hand;
6the sun will not harm you by day,
nor the moon by night.
7The LORD will keep you from all harm—
he will watch over your life;
8the LORD will watch over your coming and going
both now and forevermore.
Psalm 121 3-8

I know that some of you are going through some very difficult times also. God has promises for us His Word! Hope you are encouraged! 

Hugs to each of you!!!!!!!!


Welcome to all the new followers!!!!!!! 
You are so welcome here!

Have A Sweet Day!!!!!

Good Morning!!!!!!!!! To the Sweetest Ladies!

Isn't this the sweetest picture you have ever seen.......I just love sheep and she just looks like she is saying "GOOD MORNING Sweet Ladies" to me. This is from a a favorite photographer Angie's Photographs her pic's will bless you!

Hope you have a very sweet day I will be making the rolls I put up yesterday at work today for a catering. I can't wait! NUM!

Hugs and blessings, 


Monday, October 22, 2012

No Knead Dinner Rolls Recipe and Shanny!

Hello sweet ladies,

I need to share the news we got about my sister. I don't remember if I put on my blog about Shannon needing some prayer. She went for tests on Oct. 12. We got the results back and she has been diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. She had taken a drug years ago to help with weight is now causing her problems. Way back a doctor who never tested her told her that she had asthma.....all these years that is what she has been treated for. It has been real hard for both of us. She lives in WY and I live in KS. The symptoms are hard to breathe and sleep. Would you please pray. She can't get into a doctor until the middle of December. Meanwhile she is having such a hard time breathing. She has decided to call one of the doctors that she has seen today. Her faith and security in Christ is a blessing to me. It isn't that this isn't hard, because it is, as she said, Jesus formed her. Precious to know that. We are just taking one day at a time and trusting our Father and crying when we need to! Thank you so much for praying. You ladies are truly the sweetest and I love you bunches! 

If you have a prayer need please let me know......we sooooo want to pray for you also! We know there are needs in each family and the ladies that meet here will pray. Me too!

I made these rolls last week, it is the easiest and nummiest! The rolls are soft and fluffy. My grand babies were here and they loved them with butter and peach strawberry jam spread on the top!!!!!!! My sweet man had one with cheese and ham and he also thought they were the best. Thought you might like to have the recipe. No Knead Dinner Rolls Recipe. It is from Martha Stewart. 

Trusting your day will be sweet! I only have to work for 3 days this week! That will be wonderful!!!!!!!

Hugs and may the Lord meet your needs today, 


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Missed You All!!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

I must say from last weekend to this weekend has been so full of life things! I dislike when I can't post at least something to stay in touch with all you precious ladies that come to meet here, but this last week seemed almost impossible. Last Thursday evening our family went to the Open Door Crisis Pregnancy Center dinner. Oh my....... were we encouraged! We and several others mert for one year and a half every 10 years ago on every Thursday night to pray and ask the Lord to help us help families who found their child pregnant and as they walked through difficult times. God has answered that prayer.  Families have been encouraged to choose LIFE...lots of babies have been saved. The speaker encouraged us the other evening that having little ones and not married affects the whole family! I couldn't agree more. Beings I was once an unwed Momma my choice had huge implications on my family and still  does to this day. God has been so merciful to myself and to our son. The joy of having Jason in our life has been precious. My heart is so for the Momma's and the Daddy's who have found themselves........because of one choice........ pregnant. God is the only one that has the answers for each family. He created each little one in the womb.......He has a purpose for each life! The evening was encouraging. The room was filled with as many men as in our community are stepping up! Praise the LORD! The dinner has grown over the years. We prayed.......God heard....He is answering! 

As some of you know little Delainey passed away last week and the funeral was this last Saturday. I felt it was important that since Delainey was such a part of all of our lives here on Prairie Flower Farm, that we should send something to  the family. Balloons were what they wanted and so I started on that adventure. Did you know that there is a shortage on helium? Had know idea. We need to pray about that. We ended up sending a plant arrangement. Susan wrote me last night. Thought I should share.

Thank you so much Linda and PFF Ladies for the beautiful plant arrangement.  Took a picture of it and will post soon.  Well, we know why there is a helium shortage.  It was all in the hundreds of balloons at Delainey's service!!!  Will also post a picture soon.  We had a lovely service with my brother-in-law, Bruce Roquet officiating.  Our niece and her daughter sang two lovely songs.  People came up and said how Delainey had impacted their lives.  Beautiful memorials written by her Mommy and Daddy.  Over 400 people came to the visitation and service today.  We were sitting in front and I hadn't realized how many people were there today.  When I stood up, my husband, John, said to me, look behind you.  I couldn't believe it.  Filled all the way to the back of long room and the front side room filled with more family and friends.  It was truly amazing.  It touched my heart so much and will forever live in my memories.  You and the PFF ladies are so very precious to me.  I felt like you were all there as well.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers in the days to come as we will miss our Delainey Belle so much.  You and all our PFF ladies will always be in my prayers.  

Love, Susan

It amazes me all the time how we have become such a precious family. I truly believe the Lord has His Hand in all of this. Thank you for the prayers over the last year that you have all prayed. It helped a family for sure!

I love you sweet ladies........more then you will ever know on this side of Heaven!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sunset was Gorgeous!

Hello sweet ladies,

Thank you so much for the kind words and prayers for Susan and her family. You ladies have to be the sweetest ladies in the world! I have not heard anything today, I do know they had to make funeral arrangements. Sad day for them. Can't imagine the pain. 

Last night after doing chores........I was out by the Potter's Shed when the sun was going down. The sun was spectacular and the clouds were positioned just perfect. Was going to share with you all last night, but Susan's email seemed priority. The sky looked like it was rolling and on fire. 

For as the Heavens are high above the earth, 
so great is His mercy toward them that fear Him. Psalm 103:11

You can only imagine the color. As the sun went down further..... the sky became more brilliant. Wish you could have been sitting on a hay bale and watching it with! 

When I walked out the back door of the kitchen this is what I saw.......I ran back in to get my camera. The sun was coming up and again a precious reminder of my God's faithfulness to us all. It blessed me this morning! The trees on campus are so pretty! Huge colorful leaves!

My girls and I are going to be so busy Thursday and Friday. It is Homecoming weekend and we will be baking all the desserts for all the caterings. Please pray for us..... if you wouldn't mind. 

Hugs and God bless your day,


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hello sweet ladies,

This little girls name is Delainey. She became a part of our lives here on Prairie Flower Farm blog about a year ago. She was almost a year old at the time. Her grandmother Susan wrote me when we were praying for another little girl named Ellieanna and wanted to write Ellieanna's Momma......she was a great encouragement to Hannah. Delainey was born with a condition called Trisomy 18 (go here to read more about it). At the time we as ladies started praying for Delainey and the Lord answered our prayers many times. Delainey's  Momma and Daddy have loved her and given her a precious life under very difficult circumstance. 
Today Delainey died unexpectedly and stopped breathing in her  Momma's arms. Susan wrote me this evening........I asked if it was okay to ask for prayer for their family. She sent this picture and said yes. She said their hearts are broken. Can't imagine the pain.

Please ladies would you pray for Christy and Tim (Delainey's  parents) and John and Susan (her Poppa and Grammy). Sad time for their family. She needed care around the clock. Their days will be very different now. Thank you so much for coming along them. If you would like to leave words and prayers in the comments I will tell Susan. She follows my blog and fb. 



Monday, October 15, 2012

The Weekend Was Wonderful!

Hello sweet ladies, 

I feel like I have been gone forever. Life has been a bit hectic and I have missed blogging. Miss you all when I don't post. I always love to hear what is going on in your life! 

Our trip to Lawrence and KCity was sooooo much fun. I always enjoy traveling........ all I do is read or do hand stitching. Worked on quilting a tree skirt and I finished up the different sets of wash clothes for my son's families.  I tied a ribbon around each set and then with a marker wrote on a leaf and used it as a tag. It turned out just like I wanted it to look! Gave them to each family this evening.

While we were on our mini vacation we stayed at some friends home. Two sister's care for their Aunt Polly. Our family loves Aunt Polly...she is 93 and while we are with...... she keeps us all in stitches! Sunday morning she played the piano for us. She loves to do it and she plays so pretty. She used to play in church and so she played some hymns for us. Look at her hands. I love them. The Lord really blessed us. Before we left my sweet man prayed and asked the Lord to bless their home and each of our sweet friends. I peeked, because Aunt Polly was sitting on a chair and I was standing holding her hand right next to her......she had the biggest smile as she was looking at my sweet man. After he finished praying.......she thanked him. I was so touched by her gratefulness. Her husband is gone........she misses him so. It was a precious cup was full when I left their home. They served us and loved on my girls.......we all had true fellowship. My girls don't have many older ladies in their lives. It was so special. 

Hope you all had a sweet weekend also! You were me! 

Hugs from the farm.......tomorrow I will show pic's of our daughters new puppy.......she is a sweetie!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hello sweet friends, 

I just want to thank all of you who signed up for this party! It was so fun for me to read all of your comments and I think for all the ladies who signed up! Thank you for sharing your memories!!!!!!

We have four winners for  Wilma's Homemade Soap!!!!! I used to pick those who won. 

We had lots of email entries from ladies who don't have blogs so that was kind of special also! Soooooo...........

the first place winner that was chosen was,

Glaphre Braswell
She does not have a blog. Her comment was,

Thank you for this party and the opportunity to win some homemade soap.  :)  May God bless you and your family!

Second place winner was.......
Her blog is Raising Arrows
Her comment was,
What an awesome find. I wish I could sit down with Wilma and talk. Just imagine all the things she has seen in her life time. This is the major reason my family and I am planning a move back to Arizona where my whole family lives. I want my children to get to know their Great Grandparents and my Parents. I remember helping my grandmother hang up clothes at the old farm house when I was a little girl. This post brought joy to my heart Linda. 

Third place winner
Laura Lane
Her blog is Harvest Lane Cottage
Her comment......
I remember going down to the basement with my Grandma Bern back in the '70s and watching her use an old wringer washer. She put the clothes in to was in the base, then she had to wring them out with the wringer that looked like two rolling pins that she rolled the clothes through to squeeze out the water. Then of course, they went on the line outside.

Fourth place winner
Jan George
She does not have a blog.

Her comment was........
My mom was doing the laundry in a washing machine that had a wringer.  The insurance man came to talk to her and I thought I would help her.  I was about 4 years old.  She was in the living room with the insurance man, so i went to the back where the washer was.  I gathered up some clothes to feed into the wringer and got my fingers caught.  It pulled my arm into the wringer up to my sholder, boy did I scream.  That was the last day I did the laundry.  My arm was bruised, but not broken.  So it all ended well.  Sure enjoy the Prairie Flower Farm blog.  God Bless.

I am sending out emails to all the ladies who won!

I soooo enjoyed reading all of your comments. I was surprised that so many had grandmothers who had wringer washers. I don't remember that mine did. Maybe she did? I asked my sister and she didn't remember either. 

Hope you enjoyed the party......we need to have another one real soon......I have some ideas!

Hugs and God bless Your DAY!