Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Happy Family

Good the sweetest ladies! 

I started to write my post early this morning and decided that I just wasn't going to have time to get it finished before going to church. 
We have a huge afternoon with 50 football and basketball guys coming to to do some service work. Talk about excited. We have gotten to know them real well and the fact that they want to help us blesses us a lot! Sooooo I will find sometime to finish my post later. It really was a busy day yesterday, it started when our son went hunting and dropped our littlest grandson off early in the morning. I was busy with him gathering eggs......fixing breakfast.....and just enjoying his company. He loves to chatter and I love to listen. He is a little prayer warrior, I am thankful! 

I had the eggs laying out on the counter and began cleaning them with a damp cloth.......he asked for a pencil...... I gave it to him........I saw eggs........he saw a family. 

Seeing from the eyes of a wonder the Lord said......unless you are converted 

convertverb |kənˈvərt|
[ trans. cause to change in form
character, or function 

and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. we come as a child. Matthew 18:3

Our son came back and stayed a few is always wonderful for me when my kids come home. We fed him breakfast.......we all sat and talked........that was the best part.

Trust your day is a restful one for you......ours will be a little kids only have so much time so they could only come on SONday to serve us.....we will be making relationships today. They will be on our farm......we will enjoy having them. Then in the afternoon some more college kids are coming out to go fishing and we will have another camp fire. It will be a busy day! Pray for us that the Lord would be with us as we minister to the young men. Phil will be starting a Bible study out in the refuge cabin just sort of happened......God is giving him young men to teach God's Word. He serves the athletes every morning breakfast. He warms their plates under a heat lamp.......then makes their omelets or eggs however they like them. God knew what He was doing when He gave us the job.  I will my sweet man teaches them....God will supply all His needs.  Three guys already wanted to come.  Thanking Jesus! 

Hugs from the farm......



  1. Dear Linda..I pray you are having a blessed day! Sounds like a busy one, that is for sure!! I know you and your husband will certainly help these children to come closer & closer to God!


  2. GOD BLESS as you witness to these young at heart.

  3. Beautiful post! God bless you! Our message this morning was from Zephaniah - God rejoices over us with singing and from 1 Thess. Rejoice always! Your post inspires me to rejoice! I too have a little chatterbox grandson that is 4. He is certainly at a fun age right now. What a blessing you and your family must be to your community.

  4. So precious, your grandson making a family out of the eggs! I am glad God wants us all to come to Him like children! What a blessing to be able to spend time with you son just talking! I love living up the driveway from our son and his family, hearing the grands walking up yelling "Grandma! Grandpa! Makes everything worthwhile! Such blessings they are!
    I pray you have a special week at the school Linda!

  5. What a blessed privilege to be able to serve and minister to these young people during such a vulnerable time in their lives. I pray for discernment and wisdom for your hubby as he embarks on this ministry.
    Through the innocent eyes of a child, there is so much that we can learn, isn't there? What a blessing for you!

  6. I am so emotional this weekend! But once I saw those egg faces I smiled! Your grandson is a smart boy!
    You are where you should be! God really opened a door for your family.
    May many blessings come from all your work you are doing for the Lord. Your husband sounds like such a kind and decent man. They are so few these days!
    I hope your day ended perfectly. Get your rest and enjoy the week coming up. I know what I have to do to get thru the week! I need to pray harder and see where God is going to lead me next!
    Thanks Linda for all your kindnesses and encouragement here.
    Hugs Anne


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