Wednesday, August 31, 2011

13th Building Our Homes Together........with Jesus!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

I wrote the post below, before I went to bed last was late. I want to give an update. We got to skype with J and T. They were at a restaurant with their interpreter. It was so fun to see them on our computer screen live. PRECIOUS! They have not been sleeping well. Also they will not get to see V today. There was some kind of party going they will wait!!!!!! They have to wait another 24 hours. God is stretching! I keep saying "Peace be still" to my heart. Can't imagine their hearts. They are now in his town........yea!!!!!!! Thank you for the prayers that you put up on fb who follow me there. If you would like to leave a prayer for them here you can leave one in the comments. They will get them. Thank you!!!!! Here is what I wrote last last night.

Today I can barely concentrate. I am so excited about our kids meeting up with V today.  I never knew when we started Building Our Homes Together, that all these months later,  today this Wednesday, our kids would be meeting up with a little orphan boy who they wanted to adopt. It is so precious that the Lord made today so special for me, as I put up another BOHTWJ.   Today my mind is on my kids and V, can't wait to hear all they will have to share. Thank you All for walking this with us. This has truly been an exciting adventure. Not knowing much about adoptions, (any of us) and here we are all in the middle of it! We have changed because of it and it has been for the good. 

J and T are really seeing a lot of new things over there. They will be experiencing a lot of new things as they meet up with V. Especially on the orphanage and the way he has lived for years with out a Momma and a Daddy. I know that God is using everything for His glory. The unknown has been the hardest, but even that is stretching us all. So thankful that we have our Heavenly Father that is going before us. 

My T wears a bracelet that she has worn for years, as she has prayed for her is.....
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 4:15. 

Can't wait to see who all signs up today. 

God bless your Homes as you live and serve Him

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Monday, August 29, 2011

2nd day of the Journey!!!!!

Good evening sweetie ladies!

Today was good.........we ALL got to be on facebook at the same time and talk to Josh and Tonya. Kids, sisters, Josh and Tonya, my sweet man and me! Was so fun. Isn't it amazing to be able to do things like this. We are going to try to Skype when we can get it to work. Will be fun for the kids to be able to see their parents. I won't go into detail, but they went to there first meeting. Went very well they said. They are taking pic's of the beautiful architecture. Looks very beautiful!!!!!!! I want to be careful about what I put up, but when all is said and done I will see what I can say. They did say it is different and they know that they are in a different land. I am sure they will learn much during this time. Met some other families that are adopting also. God is so good. Oh one thing that was so funny was they were charging the computer.........the breaker box went off and shut allllll the lights to the house off. He had to try to find it and pushed a button and it came back on. One thing that is different. 

Thank you so much for praying.....the prayers mean a lot to us. Tressa had two money gifts come in the mail today.........all she needs is a little more to buy her ticket to come back home. She will be able to make that from working and selling her feather things. She is so excited. God is showing her that He is faithful. Course she knew that already. smile!

I had to put this up. I went to gather the eggs...........I looked in the box and she had the look...........I was so glad I had my camera. 

She was standing............... and I knew that an egg was going to be dropping anytime soon..............

it dropped into the nice bed of straw!!!!! I love to see this when it happens....never had the camera ready.

Now that is one fresh farm egg..........hope this makes you smile!

I just love my chickens.......they are laying so good for me!

Well you all have a sweet day! I will be praying for you precious ladies!

Hugs from my your HOME!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Amazing IS MY GOD!

Hello Sweet ladies,

I have to tell you what happened tonight. We will have Josh and Tonya's children while they are gone. That is going to be fun for us. Tonight we were in the car ready to go to take them back to their place...........the car was out of gas. We were so thankful that it was just the gas. On the way in my sweet man thought we had better get some more since he only put a little bit in. That took more time than we wanted, because we needed to have the kids in bed at a certain time. We told them that we would treat them out to dinner so I asked where they wanted to go. It was at a place that had Wifi. Good thing. As soon as we sat down Ellie thought to check her Ipod. Up popped her about a "Detailed Moment". They were able to talk for sometime. We also sent pic's and that made their parents happy to see smiles. It has been a little on the stressful side they said and they haven't been sleeping well. Soooooo pray peace and that they could get some sleep. 6 hours in 2 days is not good. Also a very important meeting at 4 am central time, our time and that would be 12pm their time. Thank you.............I know this is not a very pretty post with pic's and all..........9 grandkids all weekend........need I say more?

I am putting this post up now, because I know I get a lot of overseas ladies that read while I am asleep...........please pray!!!!!

Hugs and thank you in advance for loving my family so! You are treasures!

Hugs from me,

Grammie and Poppa Camp 2011

Hello sweet ladies,

The grandkids have been having a wonderful time running allllllll over the farm. The only thing I need is to provide food and WATER! That is a full time job..........I feel like I get to going one direction and then I have to turn and go another way. I love it~ It is a little warm today, but that is not bothering them at all. 

Our church pews............just for things like this.........

This morning we are having family church at home, in the Potter's Shed. Thought I would show you a picture of the crew..........they make my life real happy! Soon we will add one more to the pew! That will make our family complete...........for awhile anyway. 

Heavenly Father thank you for giving us have been so good to us. I ask that You would take each one and use them for Your Glory. I pray that many would hear the good news from their lips. May they continue to stay in Your Word and grow in wisdom. That they would know who you are. Please be with our Josh and Tonya.....thank you for getting them to their destination safely, I am so grateful.......... please  give them a blessed time with V..........and may he know he is so loved by our family.  I also ask that You would bless each lady that comes to my blog today. Give them all that they need for this day and let them know that they are so YOU and me! 

In Jesus name, Amen

Time for church. We are making memories.

Hugs to your day! 

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Good morning sweet ladies!!!!!!! You are the most precious ladies in the whole "WIDE" world! I truly mean it though. 

This is the beginning of our journaling with our son and wife's adoption for a little Ukrainian orphan boy!!!!!!!! My sweet man prayed with Josh and all the fam, that were here last night. That God would use he and Tonya  in the Ukraine for His glory........join us please. May many come to know Jesus, because they shared about Him with them. 

 We have prayed and prayed for this day to come. So many of you have given of your time doing fundraisers with and given funds. We want to say thank you sooooooo much. My heart is so full this morning and I can hardly contain myself, lots of emotions going on!  Josh and Tonya will start on a journey of a life time. They will be on their way to the Ukraine this very day!

Add caption
Josh and Tonya and their children saying goodbye at the airport.

Tress just took their pic. Can't hardly believe our dream and prayer is unfolding. To have the opportunity for a little orphan boy to come back to our HOME is almost unreal. We are very nervous to say the least. The kids love this little boy and nothing is going to stop them from pursuing  him, with the Lord at the forefront. It has been hard this last month, but God has given them the courage that they need to just go. Please pray for J and T today, as they will not get to there destination until tomorrow. I will keep you posted............ so you can continue to pray. 

Please pray he will continue to say yes.

Some of you have taken the time to pray for V everyday since I told you about our adventure and it has blessed my heart beyond. May God bless the sweetness that has been shown to our family. Thank you also for the sacrificial moneys that have been dontated. It always seemed that it was given right when needed......amazing! Last night there was a candle party. One lady bought a candle and then gave an extra check of $500. Makes me cry as I type. The sweetness that has been shown to my children has been so unbelievable. The outpouring kindness is not going unnoticed by God or our family. He has loved on our kids through precious people like you. Our prayer is God would bless you, if not here in!!!!!!!!! 

Today we are having Grammie and Poppa Camp. It will help Ellie and Ian who are Tonya and Josh's children. We thought it would help on the first few days as their parents are traveling. The grandkids are so excited. It will be a good day. I have been pinning on my Pinterest and have a Grammie and Poppa Camp Board. You can click on my board and get the recipes. We are going to stay in the refuge cabin, if it isn't to hot tonight. 

The kids will help me make this game and 

these, are they not the cutest? 

We will eat these............

make up these little cuteness sandwich rolls...........

pulling on this!!!!!!!

And.........I can't wait to try this out.......I have been saving my catsup bottle.

I will get the dough in the bread machine, as soon as I get this post up!!!!!!!

There will be a lot of God chatter going on.....memorizing the word......and lots of noise! Think we will work on their fort,  if we is to be 100 degrees today..........the kids have been wanting to do work on it forever!!!

Welcome new have been ME!

I HEART you ladies!!!

Hugs from my farm to all your precious homes, 


Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Chickie Girls Are Doing So Well

Hello sweet ladies,

We had company all evening.........was so fun......little ones were here on the farm......lovin on my little banties who were perfect ladies and gentlemen and so sweet for the children. The little kittens were held, put down, picked back up and put down a thousand times.......tonight. Their Auntie and I sat on the white bench (the one in my header) and enjoyed the quiet cool evening. My body needed it. We had such sweet fellowship.

My sweet man gathered the eggs for me tonight......look at what he found.......there were 14 EGGS in their little boxes! Oh my girls are doing so well.........this weekend we will have Grammie and Poppa camp...........we will be having eggs and the kids will love it! I am also selling eggs at the college.......that has been fun.

I have to tell you that Josh, Tonya and Tressa bought their tickets for their trip to the Ukraine TODAY!!!!!!!!! Exciting news and can't believe it is all TRULY happening. Please continue to pray! Can't wait for Josh and Tonya to see their boy again.......trusting he will know that they want him so! Your prayers ladies have been so precious. I am having faith that our God is already preparing a way! Can you believe that the time is here? God has been so good during this time of waiting. Keep praying Truth........please! 

Time for sleep! Know that you are in my prayers and heart you all a bunch! 

Hugs from my farm to your Homes!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma Yoder!

 Hello sweet ladies, 

What a day............busy is not even close to saying what it was really like. So busy!!!!!!!!! I don't have much energy tonight to hardly get a post up.  But  I did get a few sweet pictures of Grandma Yoder that I just love and thought you might enjoy! Today she is 95. She has good days and bad days. Today was good even though she gets a little confused. We giggled and laughed, so it was very special to myself and her girls who care for her.  This evening Rosa was getting Grandma ready for church........she combed her long hair. 

Love her sweet smile!

She is getting her hair all wrapped up to go under her cap.

I love this precious woman of God. She has been as much of a Grandma to me as my very own. I guess I should call her my Kansas Grandma. Everytime I leave her Home......I know that it might be the last time I will see her alive. My heart hurts just a  bit to think that, that might be true. I kissed her goodbye.......she kissed my hand........I wish I never had to wash it..........she is so dear to me. Rosa put on her apron........she was ready to go hear the precious congregation sing.......and oh can they sing........she will be in the presence of the Lord

My life has been blessed by her........many a giggles we have had!

Hugs from my farm.......... precious ladies, 


12th Building Our Homes Together......with Jesus!

Hello sweet ladies, 

Came home........gathered the eggs.........she gave me this ......had to take a pic! If you click on the egg you will see the polka dots. 

First off, thank you to all the ladies that linked up last week. You can still go over and visit the sites. Well worth your time. Click here if you want to read the links. 

I kind of feel sometimes like I am building two Homes. Smile!  One at our house and one at the college kitchen. I leave early in the morning and then when I get home I still have a lot of hours left to the day on the farm. I still have plenty of time to spend doing the things I need to keep our Home going. We are building new relationships everyday at the caf. Our girls have met some precious CHRISTian girls. It is wonderful to see how the Lord is working at the college, in my sweet man, myself and our girls. I still wish I could be Home all the time.........but I am seeing His provisions for our family in this time in our lives.  We do need to make a living and the fact we are together all day long hasn't changed from what we have had all our married life when we farmed together full time. Since we have homeschooled the girls they have been with also. Thanking God for it all..........He has been........... so in the details of our prayers!

Every morning on our way to work my sweet man prays for the people we work with, the college kids, teachers, for what He wants to do with us and our family. I can see more peace in the kitchen and with me this year and that has been wonderful. 

So it may not look like I want it to as far as being in our Home all the time, but I can trust Him with it all! Here are some things He has shown me to be thankful for. 

We can use the ice machine and we can bring all we want Home when we need it......
I love it that we can do this! Free ice! That might sound simple and it is, but God has blessed me with this simple gift!

Two meals a day! 
Breakfast and lunch........we hardly have to eat much in the evenings............. so we save a ton on our food bill. It has been 
so helpful! 

Working together with our whole family! It is precious how I can still be my honey's helpmate. He needs me lots of times to help in his new department...........He is the "Grill Man"!
I have heard ladies say........"I could never work everyday with my husband". I have never known any different nor would I have ever wanted to. I am just amazed at how the Lord worked it out for all of us! "Thankful" is the word! 

The girls and I can bake anything we want to bake in the bakery.
We really do like trying new things and with the internet, we have found some wonderful recipes on blogs and cooking sites. It has been like going to cooking school.......I see the Lord preparing them for their own Homes............He is good! Never would have I thought we would be getting an education in a college bakery kitchen........never!

Here is my College Pinterest board.  that we save all of our recipes that we find........really has been fun!
I use Pinterest so much now to save all the things I will need! 

Today we made this

 Found the recipe on Pinterest.  Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake
Click to go to the recipe.

Ladies it is the best!!!! We are using it for breakfast! Very easy to make and so moist and tasty! 

These are just a few of the things I am thankful for. There are many more that He reminds me of during the day.......I have asked that He show me. It helps me keep my eyes on Him and not me. 

I read this some where,
Father I don't know where you are going today......but I am coming with you!!!!!!!! I so want to go with Him

I am also thankful that our boss who is going to let Tressa off work to go to the Ukraine to help pick up Vitaliy. Not every boss would let you do that. Walking in His Path is her blog and if you need a gift she has some brand new headbands, hairclips and brooches up........NEW! We sat with Josh and Tonya last night as a family, planning the trip to bring V HOME. Please ask for a covering of protection for them. I will give details later. 

Do you have some things that you are thankful for? Please let me know.........if you are in a hard time, but you still see Him working good.......I would love to hear about it!

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Thank you all........I love Wednesdays and You!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, August 22, 2011

A Sweet Giveaway Is Going On For V.

Hello Sweet Ladies!

I received a call the other night from one of my precious blogger friends........Angelina, who has a beautiful blog called........

she is hosting a giveaway in honor of our daughter Tressa. The instructions are over at her blog called ........

You will love her blog! 

One more precious thing I have to tell you that happened today. Remember how I have been asking for prayer for V's adoption......and all that goes with it. Some complications are arising and we really need the Lord's wisdom. Well today Tonya and Tressa did the last Mom's Day out, because Josh and Tonya will be leaving this Saturday for the first trip to the Ukraine to finalize the adoption of V. They had only a few children. After the children all left Tressa called me at the bakery all excited. God used some families in a huge way. A check was handed to Tonya. She opened it up and it was for $1000.00, Tonya kept looking at it like there was a mistake with the numbers.

 Tressa then went to count the money in the donation jar............$68.00 in cash. There was another check all folded up. Tressa opened was for another $1000.00. They about started to cry! $2068.00 for babysitting 15 children!!!!!!! We are praising God for His provisions.  Thank you ladies for praying for our family. I have to say that I believe your prayers were a part of this answer!!! Just had to tell you! We are so humbled by everyones kindness to our family! It is fun to see everything unfold.......soon we will have V will be nice when it is all said and done! Adoption is hard........but so worth it! God says so!

Hugs to you all from my farm,


Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Wonderful Breakfast Had by the Potter's Shed

Hello sweet ladies,

Flowers are a must!!!!!!!! Picked for you, if I could 
give them to you!!!!!!

The other morning Taylor fixed our breakfast and we ate in the Potter's Shed. This was our morning........had fun taking pics. She served us.............

swedish pancakes as we called them in Alaska.

Fresh cut up peaches rolled inside the swedish pancake.

Ice cold water.

The best part are the horses right next to us in the corral. 

Remember our little Koko who was born this last spring.......she is growing so fast! She is going to be so big! Good rider for sure.

Love to watch a baby horse nurse. One of my fondest memories was rocking and nursing my little ones. I didn't care about the house work......just loved on my I think about it now I am so thankful I did. Where did the time go.......I truly could be a Sarah! In fact the other day I was hearing about husband and wives adopting children in their 50's..........that would be me! I am praying for my sweet man. Heehee! 

I will be working in the bakery..........lovin on some kids.........and praying for you!



Things are changing again on the adoption . Our daugther may be going over sooner than we thought. I will keep you posted............don't forget to PRAY please, that God would instruct us as what to do. My Tonya had horrible back pain.......thank you for praying! She felt so much better tonight. 

Oh, if you noticed that I typed quite instead of quiet in the scripture my hands are fast.........haha!

Praying.........for him!

Good Morning Sweet Ladies, 

Okay for those of you who were here earlier........I  put quite instead of quiet..........ugh! I don't like to make mistakes.......but if you follow me you will know I am sooooooooo human!!!!!!! Sorry if you wanted to use it. 
A bahaahaaa on me moment~

Went to the Potter's Shed........this is what I found..........sun coming through the shed's door........wish you were here..........I would share a cup of tea..........with you!

It is quiet this morning..........all are asleep. I am clinging to this promise in His Word

I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you........John 14:18.

This truth our family will hold on to in this coming week. The battle is starting........doubts are coming.......satan is rearing his ugly head.........I guess this comes with some adoptions. God is teaching us to hang on to Him and nothing else.......that God is the ONE that is most powerful........He is in front of us.......may He keep reminding us when our minds start to wander.  Thinking of little boy across the miles.........may he remember that he is truly loved by our family. We are paying that truth will be in his little mind like never before............please join us precious Prairie Flower Family!!!!!! 

Again this morning the Lord gave this truth.........our little one needs Jesus.......we will teach him..........."God we need Your mercy .......may You be the One that rules. 

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is IN Christ Jesus Our Lord. Romans 8:38-39

We lift our hands up to You............ for You are our Refuge a present help in trouble, You are our strength and our deliver. You are our faithful God........forever! 

Trusting Him whole heartedly, 


Have a precious day sweet were brought before the Father this morning...........let me know if you have specific prayer! Email top right corner.

P.S. had a wonderful Sat.........cleaned around the farm.........had some helpers with...... our grandkids are such good little workers! I will share tomorrow! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

He Has A Name.............

GOOD MORNING SWEETIE LADIES! I am in my element.........Home! I woke up this morning at 8. Now that is soooo much better then 4:45 or 5 wouldn't you say. I went to bed with rain and when I peeked through the bedroom curtains........I looked and light mist falling on the farm..........

it made mud puddles for the ducks. I will let 3 of them out to play a bit  today......... I can watch them more careful. Thanking my Father for Saturday's and Sundays......makes my life a little sweeter!!!!!!!! 

Outside  the pen.............jumpin puddles together.

The black duck that I have down in the milk barn is doing quite well. The white duck that is in the big coop is still limping.........found out last night she is a she.......Miss Limpy is her name.........hope she will give me some babies. 

Now for the new rooster. My farm girlfriend Gail......who lives down the road called and said she had a young rooster that I could have if I would like.........."sure" I said. A storm was rolling in across the horizon (looked promising), right before their family got to our farm. He was a beauty, more darker red than mine that was killed. 

I put him by the side of the house where Miss Shelby lives in the night time. She flies up in a tree right outside our kitchen window, at dusk every night. This pic is from our kitchen window. I had to leave early in the morning and sure enough the new rooster was crowing and so was all the other guys on in the farmyard. Sweet sound. I needed a name for the new guy! So as some of you know I put up a fun name contest on my Prairie Flower Farm facebook. You ladies were so much fun!!!!!!!!!! I told you that I would give a little gift to the winner of the name. 

When I got home after working at the college bakery I saw how the new rooster was not being very nice. He started to come at me.......I kept thinking........he can't really be doing this is he? Yup he was. My honey got pecked in the knee by him......and he got close to Miss Shelby and pecked off some of Miss Shelby's feathers that were "attached to her head" before he attacked her. I was one unhappy Miss Prairie Flower! 

Tressy was grabbing those feathers as fast as she could for her headbands!!!!!!!! Heeeheee, she was not a nice girl..........."JUST KIDDING"! Well he almost became rooster and dumplings last night. I called Gail...........she thought that he was just a little confused, because when he was given to her he came with some other chickens that were his friends. It was really funny when they were getting ready to leave our farm. As we remembered he seemed to want to get in their truck as she was shutting the door. I asked her if she wanted him back.............. NOOOOO! She had to many roosters as is. Her honey said, "throw him in a pot". My thoughts exactly, smile! Gail thought to put him in the big coop with the other chickens. I will try and see how that works today. 

So now for the name.........if he ends up in the pot at least he will go with a name. Heehee! I called my little 4 year old grandson to help me pick  name and he said,

"Mr. Woosta"
Karin Leslie said "Wr called ours "Woosta" which was the way 3yr olds say rooster. 

Well I guess 4 year olds do also.

Love you all sweet ladies...........going to have a fun day on the farm today!!!!!! My granddaughter is coming to spend the night. We will have some memory making times tonight! 

Please ladies pray for Josh and Tonya..........their protection as they travel, that their hearts and minds would stay on the faithfulness of their Heavenly Father.......they leave next week. They need the Lords help on this one! The battle is just beginning. Pray Truth over them. God is more powerful! We are asking for mountains to be moved and miracles to happen. Faith~ in those things we can not see.........because it is really all about Him anyway! 

Welcome new were me!

Thank you so much,