Wednesday, August 17, 2011

11th Building Our Homes Together.........with Jesus

Hello sweet ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is our 11th Building Our Homes Together With Jesus........can you believe it? 

Talk about precious........thank you for all the kindness you showed my sweet man and myself. We hardly had time to think about our anniversary..........we worked so hard at the school, trying to get all the baking done. My sweet man is now the grill chef. It was fun to hear all the kids and kitchen talk about what a "mean omelet" he made. He made me was wonderful. He is getting real good and they all love the hamburgers at lunch........he doesn't burn them like the guy before! Our boss is really happy that he is catching on so well. I can boost a little right? I think it is the grills that he got over the years for Father's Day......never did we know that it was going to be a career for him some day. Heeheee! 

Look at what we canned today. The peaches we have been getting have been wonderful! A sweet lady in the Beachy community got together all these ladies to value order. Worked out great for all the families. The peaches we got are called O'Henry. Never heard of that kind before, but they have been very good. This weekend I will make jam and jelly. Can't wait. I got 13 quarts done this afternoon. Then our girls were acting all funny like..........knew they were up to something. They made us leave,  because they had a surprise. 

They walked us into a beautiful set table. The lace tablecloth was covering the table.........they had picked the three flowers from the farm for the decorations. Tressa said she looked all over.......nothing grew to speak of. Notice the sweet hankie under their Daddy's plate and the nummy peach, strawberry drink.

My plate had the pink hankie. The table was set beautifully! 

They served the most delicious 
Chicken/Basil and Tomatoe Sauce was so good!

For dessert we were served the most nummy Peach Pie. They let us eat our dinner alone.......what a precious act of kindness and love. One we will not ever forget. 

As I think tonight about Building Our Homes Together..........with Jesus, I am reminded that it is about families.......working through the hard and good times to make a HOME. Striving for our Home to look like what Jesus wants it to look like. It is different for each family. Failing at times, but never giving up. Forgiveness.......when needed. I am so grateful for my children and my precious sweet man and a Heavenly Father that never changes. Lately He is using us outside our Home.......trusting Him on this journey. Tonight the girls came home from visiting some of the girls at the college they became close with last year. One newly wed and some single girls.......they kept telling the girls they wanted to come to the farm. Precious.........our family is getting bigger...."Father continue to do with us as you see fit." Help us to keep our eyes the YOU

Unless the LORD builds the House
they labor in vain who build it........
Psalm 127: 1

He is our foundation........Thank you sweet ladies for coming and making our anniversary so special. Your comments were a blessings to us!

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Blessings and may the Lord bless your HOMES sweet ladies. You don't know how blessed I am to have you all with encouraging one another with!!!!!!



  1. Happy Anniversary! Your posts are always such a blessing!
    In Him,

  2. Yes, a belated Happy Anniversary! We have had lots of excitement here (our youngest daughter, out West, just gave birth to her fourth child about 5 weeks early. All seems well, but we've been so focused on that I haven't taken a lot of computer time.) Glad your anniversary was such a blessing. Your girls are so sweet to plan that special dinner!

  3. Precious post, Linda and precious family!!! The girls honored you both in such a special way....sweet!

    Love you,

  4. I love read your post, you must have a great anniversary. Blessings my friend.

  5. so many reasons to lift thanks to the One who gives so graciously. such a lovely thing. ((hug))

  6. Hey sweet ladies!!!!!!! I am on break at work. Got my feet up and thought I would say hello! I get 15 minutes and I treat myself to you all! Thank you for leaving a comment!!!!!! I love you all bunches!

    Have a sweet day~~~~~ Know I will thinking of you all.

  7. Please tell your girls for me how much I love them--you, too, Taylor, although I haven't met you yet. What awesome girls you have!

  8. Such blessings from your dear daughters!

  9. Linda,

    That meal looks sooo good! What a sweet thing for the girls to do for your anniversary. Love the pictures.



  10. I am is Thursday and I am laying on the couch.......feet up and computer in my lap. I am sorry I didn't get to say hi to the rest of you girls, but here I am. I tell ya this leaving the home at 5:45 and on your feet running every day it wellllll..........hmmmmm the pits? I am so thankful I love my Lord..........He is definitely sustaining me. We had to make pound cake for 500. Yep, I said that right. Keeping two homes us is quiet interesting. Hugs!!!!!!! me

  11. what I meant. It is not quiet at all. I love quiet! hugs me again.

  12. Your girls are just peachy keen! Hee Hee! What delights in the Lord they are. You and your hubby are marvelous parents. Wonderful role models. God Bless You!


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