Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another Day!

Good Morning sweet ladies,

I am sitting on my little couch, sun streaming in the windows. Everything is looking so green and lush outside, because we got some rain. The other day my sweet man and I were talking.........about how only God can bring rain and when He does..............He does makes the plants grow. It is amazing if you think about it, that man can not do that. We can water from a hoze, but nothing really happens unless there is rain! I am thankful that I can even believe that it is all about Him. That I can have a personal Father, that I can give thanks to. 

It is quiet in the house this morning. Today we will go to the college to put in some extra hours. Making Gelato Mango...........never done this one before : ), but I looked on the internet and found a wonderful recipe! I am thankful that we will take it slow this week at getting back into the swing. Ya  yesterday I had to be at the college to use the internet service. I saw some of the kids that were back. They came up and I got hugs. Now what Momma doesn't like hugs from her kids? Please pray for me........I am getting a little teary right now writing this, whenever I have to leave my Home it is hard. Can't help it, but I am begging the Lord to give me a love for Him and the kids at the college more. I know He has this work for my family and myself. I am just so thankful that He gave all four of us the same place to go and serve! He is AWESOME! I realize it doesn't always turn out that way. So many are without and so many do not like where they work. I know that I am blessed. 

Had to get permission to use this photo..........got it! I think this is the cutest idea...........I had a red strainer...........I am fixing it up in my sewing room..........isn't it the cutest? PINTEREST find. I am going to be so organized.......heehee.........just let me dream!

Well I am off..........asking the Lord to use us! He will, He never disappoints me, it is precious how I know it when it happens! Usually someone has been battered by the world, they just need a hug! 

Welcome new followers......you have been noticed.......by me!

Hugs to your day,


  1. You are such a breath of "fresh air". You are so positive, never negative and whiny. I love coming to your blog in the morning. It gives me motivation to think positive thoughts and be grateful for what I have!
    Thank you!

  2. That is such a great idea! And the gelato looks so refreshing!

  3. Oh Hello My Sweet Friend.. I can't believe that time is already here..It just seems like yesterday was your last day of work...We will certainly be praying that the Lord will infuse you with strength and endurance as this school year approaches...Yes He is Faithful and True...Blessings to you and your family..

  4. Had written a lengthy comment and lost it all ... just wanted to say thanks for the encouraging post. I so agree about the rain and how it is God who makes things grow. And like you, I am so thankful for how He brought me to realize it truly is all about Him.

    As I thought about you leaving your beloved home to go out into the world to minister to these precious students, I was reminded of how Jesus left a far more wonderful Home to come to a fallen world to minister and to die. He knows exactly how you feel.

    I have had a situation this summer where I am home most days, but I have ministry going on here that is preventing me from keeping my home as I would like. I have to keep reminding myself that people are more important than places and things. So thanks again for sharing your heart. You encouraged me today.

  5. I agree with the other ladies. Your blog is one I read daily because you are so encouraging and uplifting. You are living a life that matters and we thank you for letting your little light shine in this dark world! Blessings to you today!

  6. This was a great post, Linda. I've been studying about rain from Heaven and need to do a post of my own I guess. I so agree that there is a real difference in the quality of the growth when it rains. And, I LOVE that picture of the file organizer. Really cute. I never would have thought to do that!

  7. Sending you a giant bear hug friend. I know the feeling of going off to work and wanting so badly to be at home working. I am now blessed to be able to be home. But a few years ago when my family was going to bed I began my job at night. I was scared and felt so alone.But we needed the income. I continued to pray and smile. And God provided. But it was hard. May He bless you ,keep you and give you HIS JOY!
    Blessings Trace

  8. Hi dear friend,
    First, I love that red dish drainer...got it on my list now to look for at Walmart! I'm going to use that cute idea on my desk at school!
    And I have not had the time to do the Pinterest thing yet so have been living and learning through yours. Can I do this new computer thing you think? HA
    Thinking about you going back to work...had to go today for Day 1 of Teacher's meetings. Ugh...when I woke up I started praying for strength and positive attitude! We can lean on each other! We can pray for each other. I made it through well and was so glad to get HOME! I love home as much as you I think!
    You are in my heart and in my mind! Thinking and praying for all 4 of you!

  9. Aw...darn it! I L O V E you this much XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!!!You are so wonderful! I wish you peace and kindness in your job this year. Anne


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