Saturday, August 6, 2011

Planning A Tea For Some Little Girls We Will Have.......

Hi Sweet Ladies, 
This next week I will be having company. Two little Amish girls, that are just adorable and one that is English........that is what the Amish call us. Love it. They also call us that is a sweet thing! I have had them here many a time and it is one of my favorite things to do. They love the Potter's Shed and I love fixing  it up all pretty for them. The weather is suppose to be the 80's. 

I will fix strawberry water.  Fill jar with cold water, add a handfull of cut up strawberries to the water. Let sit in fridge for 3 hours..........the flavor is wonderful! The little ones loved it last time!

A must to serve them  Coffeehouse Scones with ...............

fresh whipped cream and cut up strawberries 
                                       with a little sugar in between 
                                            the scones. 

I found this and pinned the recipe to my Pinterest . I think it is a must for our tea party!

The little girls will bring treats for the tea also. It is so precious
to see them get out of the car......... in their Sunday best.
They will bring a plates filled with beautiful things......... that they have made with their Momma's and Auntie. 

They also run around the farm to gather up a kitten or chicken, that they call their own while here at the farm. I love the part how they hold it like it is their baby. My animals will never be the same after these precious little girls are finished lovin on them!!!!!! 

We will all bow our heads.......and give thanks for friends, kitties and baby chickens. It will be a special day..........I can't wait. My days are getting fewer as  I will be back baking some num foods at the college for the kids from the bakery. This year will be a little different and more relaxed for me. We know so many of the kids now........... like they are our own. They are already talking about the refuge cabin, Bible Studies.......and sleep overs. May the Lord use Prairie Flower Farm as a place of refuge. Some say they will help us build some things. I will be thankful for that. I still hate thinking about leaving my Home, but the Lord has helped me this summer. I am a missionary........with Jesus and my sweet man leading. Safe place to be! 

Hugs to your day sweet ladies, 


Welcome new have been me!


  1. The tea and visit sound like fun, and what is strawberry water?

  2. What a wonderful post. I love that you are doing the tea for the little girls. So sweet. I also love the story and the pictures. I am going to be entering muffins into the county fair and I do believe I am going to try out this recipe and see how it does with muffins. Now, I better get off the computer and down to farmer's market to get some blueberries! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good Morning Linda Sweetie...
    Oh what a beautiful day you will have there on the farm. What fun for the girls. I can't wait to see the shares from your special day together.

    The water with strawberries sounds delightful, and I am going to give that a try. Yummy. Love the scones too. So good.

    Going to go out and check out the recipe for the blueberry looking dish. Looks delish. Thank you for sharing sweet friend.

    Have a glorious weekend. Many hugs and much love from Phoenix, Sherry

  4. Hey Sweet friend ~

    Just catching up with what is going on with you...both thrilled and thankful for the rain you rec'd!!! God is so good!

    I also loved the picture of the lovely.

    I know you will have fun today! Can't wait for you to share about it.

    Sending you some "stuff" on Monday.

    Love you much!

  5. Oh, Linda,

    What a wonderful place of ministry you have there on your farm! The Lord uses you and your family and surroundings in so many marvelous ways ... all because you are yielded to Him, I know.

    The tea for the little girls sounds so delicious -- and thanks for sharing how to make the strawberry water. I will have to give that a try!

  6. I agree, a wonderful ministry you have Linda. I can just picture the little girls in their Sunday best. Picture of little girl so adorable.
    The recipes and strawberry water look so good!
    Have a blessed week!

  7. Lovely, lovely place you have here! So glad I happened by today. The jar of drink looks beautifully refreshing! Happy weekend to you!

  8. Hi, Linda. Your tea party sounds like so much fun! I know you enjoyed it.

  9. I want to come to your tea party! You are so beautiful and full of God's love!
    I hope the tea party was wonderful. One day I will sit and drink tea with my friend! You are a wonderful blessing. I am so loving this post! Anne


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