Sunday, August 14, 2011

It is SONday!

Good Morning sweet ladies,

Our Kansas sunsets are beautiful!

Wow, what a week...........but we made it through! Hope yours was a good one. Ours was another one of learning to trust the Lord again!!!!!!!! He was so precious during this last week at the college caf and when the dogs came back to the farm. Hard for sure, but yesterday I was talking to my sister-in-love........about how, if you look real hard............. you can still see blessings in the hard times. God is just like that........... to help us keep on His path. One thing that stood out the most for me was yesterday morning watching the Peking duck with the wounded white one. I put them in with the chickens in the big coop after the dogs came. They seem to be doing quite well. The precious thing though was watching the Peking duck protect the white one. He chases everything that gets close, and then he just stands close by. Loved watching him. Is that what we do.......stand close by the wounded one? I like the picture of the ducks....I don't want to forget..........I want to be that way.......please continue to pray for our Hannah who lost her little one. She misses her so........can't imagine. God is her faithful one, He is definitely standing close by!

Had to stop by Grandma Yoder's yesterday to pick up some more peaches. The girls (her daughters, my friends) had Grandma's bonnet and night clothes all freshly washed, hanging ready to put on grandma later that evening as they tuck her in for the night. I just had to take a picture. The nightclothes are so simple........she was Amish when she grew her old aprons. She is starting to fail. Makes my heart sad. She didn't remember me yesterday, but did the other day. Life changes........God is still faithful......a precious thing! She kept telling us she wanted to go to church was Saturday.......the fact she wanted to go blessed my heart! 

click picture to read........beautiful verse
Hanging in Grandma Yoder's Home a gift for Rosa.

Hope your day is full of God's thankful it is found in His Word. Our family will be there.......learning.......and gleaning. Tomorrow we are full time back at the college kitchen.......I would so appreciate your prayers. Yep, a baby again......heehee.......I know what to expect this year though, so that will help. The people I work with do not all know my Jesus........pray they will some day. I will pray........but I know it will be His wooing.

Please look at my post yesterday if you wouldn't mind and please sign up for the Wood Family. This morning they have made $111.00 so far. They can make up to $1000. if they just get comments on their blog. Thank you soooooo much ladies for all who went over to leave a comment yesterday! You are so so precious!!!!!!!

Hugs to you......... this SONday,


hair clips

P.S. Over at Tressa's (our daughter) blog Walking In His Path, you will find headbands, hair clips and brooches that she is selling for her trip to the Ukraine to pick up Vitaliy. 


  1. I am praying for Grandma Yoder. Life is fragile. It is tough. I was whining earlier. My little kitchen fan went out then we had to use the last of our money til Tuesday pay day to buy a new tire. I was despairing. Then I visited a blog where my friend Sherry quoted Anne of Green Gables and her friend. Anne Shirley says Can't you even imagine you're in the depths of despair? Mariella Cuthbert answers No I can not. To despair is to turn your back on God. I felt like such an awful person all day. I need to pray and ask God to keep me on His path. I have had a bad week! No excuse but I have to keep my back to the Lord and not away form Him. Love you and thanks for sharing this beautiful post. I will visit your sweet girl and also the Woods. God Bless You! Anne

  2. The pictures are all so beautiful. So precious that Grandma Yoder's daughters are there to care for her.
    Where Jesus is, there is Peace.

  3. Thank you for praying for Grandma Yoder..........she is the sweetest thing~~~ Love her so much! Someone always has it worse then us huh? Talked with my Hannah........she is hurting so bad! Hugs to your day at work tomorrow!!!!!Don't forget the Lord is using you big time even if you don't see results! It is all about HIM! We just get to have Him live himself out in us! Love you sweet friend, Me

    Hey Camille, hope all is well with your sweet man!!!!!! Thank you for the sweetness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rosa and Marian are the most precious ladies! We all have so much fun when we sit at their table and Grandma right there also. You would love them. Love you sweet friend, me

  4. I was thinking the same thing today as I was praying for you all ~ strength; emotionally, physically and spiritually ~ that at least you don't have the HUGE learning curve you did last year....praise God. Thankful you now know the "in's and out's."

    Blessings to you both on your anniversary with many happy returns!!!

    My friend and I were talking the other day...we really now live in the land of the dying. From the moment we are born, we are decaying, and we always remain so surprised when someone gets ill and dies. Hallelujah, we have admittance into the glorious "Land of the Eternal Living" thru the victorious blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. May it be so for ALL, for He wants NONE to perish, but ALL to come to the knowledge of Him.

    May you all be a city on a hill that shines brightly to those you work with that are stumbling in the darkness.

    L., B.


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