Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hello from Prairie Flower Farm!!!!!!

The Lord gave us this beautiful sunrise......this morning! Beautiful! I love it when I can see the sun when I first wake up! How about you?

A long waited hello sweet ladies, my oh my has there been much going on here at Prairie Flower Farm and at the college kitchen. First I will start with the kitchen. Since we have been back to the college it has been so busy. We just got finished with interterm and it just about did us in. Up to 42 pizzas a day in a 1 1/2 hour period. My sweet man would be with helping keep all the pizzas organized and pastas out on the line. I was like a mad woman making the pizzas up. Oh my! We did it and now it is behind us and we are thankful! 

When I got home last week the weather was so nice.... so I was out the door letting the chickens out to do there scratchin'. Then I was off to check on the sheep. When I got to their pen I could not believe how HUGE Willow was. I just knew she was pregnant. Sure enough she is growing everyday. Can't tell on Olivia and Aspen right yet. They may be behind her a bit. I am so excited for babies! I had to remove Birch from the girls. He has really been butting Willow and we can't take any chances on the little one. My farm friend Cheryl said that he could hurt the baby if he got to her and butted her tummy. Ask if I am excited to have little ones on the farm again? YUP! Babies on the always a welcome. 

Hope our Aspen has a baby in her tummy......she is the same kind of sheep as Birch. Love the furry face and legs. Really want some babies!

Came out of the Potter's Shed........look who was looking out the window! Denali is getting so big. All the horses are looking like fur balls! Their coats are beautiful in the winter time. 

As you can see my sweet potato is getting it's root system going! No growth on the top yet.....still waiting. Did any of you try growing one yet?

Remember when I received the 23 new hens? Well they have been setting also. That will be a good thing for my customers. Our boss was needing some laying hens so I gave him a good deal on 8 of my new hens. He said at least one is sitting for him. What a blessing those hens were. Today I am taking eggs to our son to give the man that gave me the hens. Hope he enjoys the blessing.

Well it has been sometime since I have written. I do miss you for sure.......please leave a comment and let me know how you are all doing. I love love hearing from you all.

Please keep us in your prayers.......we are in a time when
we are needing wisdom from the Lord! Decisions are always best made if you follow His leading and we are there! 

Trust you are all doing well. The weather has been real extreme around the country. Praying for safety!

Hugs to you and God bless you real good!!!!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Prairie Flower Farm Calendar

Hello sweet ladies......

Tressa and I have been working on a Prairie Flower Farm calendar. We are ready to order, but we would like to know how many would like to buy one before we put the order in. The calendars will sell for $20.00 plus shipping. Please email me if you are interested Thank you! prairie flower farm at g mail dot com Please put "calendar" in the subject line. The pictures on the calendar will be the same as some of the cards. 

I asked on my fb last night the question......if you had a day and you could do something you would like.... what would it be. I so enjoyed getting to know you ladies a little bit more. We have had some new followers so please let us meet you also!!!!!! 

Hugs to your day, 


Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Have Brand New Cards For Sale!!!!!!

Hello Sweet ladies, 

Well, here is the "surprise" I have been working on!!!!!! Last year I did some of my pictures, that I had taken around the farm and put them in card form. I am so so excited to show you what I have done.......remember last year I did the.....

Winter Thyme Collection I
They are still available, if you are interested!

As you know I have a camera with me all the time! I am always running around here on Prairie Flower Farm and try to take pic's of what I think you might enjoy. Love love taking pictures! I decided to do some new collections this last CHRISTmas vacation.  Hope you enjoy!!!!

Here are the brand new collections! 

Winter Collection 2

Chicken Collection

Farm Life Collection

Sheep Collection
Birch in top two pic's and bottom left, Olivia right bottom. 

The cards sell in a multi-pack, which includes 
2 cards each of 4 different designs
8 / $11.50 per pack

$3.00/USA, for each additional pack add $.75
$4.00/Canada, for each additional pack add $.75

Each card measures 4 1/4 x 5 1/2" folded card/envelope included. 
Please email me with your order at 

prairie flower farm at g mail dot com

Please put "the name of the collection you want to order" in the subject line of the email. 

I take checks, money orders or paypal

(please specify in the email how you would like to pay).
I will send you an invoice if you want paypal. 

If you would like a set of cards as a "gift" sent out to a friend or family member, I will put a note with a message from you in the package, so let me know what you want me to say! 

A chicken feather in each package....a little gift from the farm.

The cards can also be framed if you like!!!!!!

Hugs from our farm and 
may the Lord bless your day,


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Winnnnner!!!!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies, 

It is late. I had to work and then unexpectedly had to do some errands after work and got home later than I had expected. I wanted you all to know though who won the little farmgirl boots.

Drema Hicks!!!!!!

She doesn't have a blog, but her message was,

Thank you for inviting me to your party! I left you a msg on your FB page. I plan to plant sunflowers along the edge of our garden this summer. I love to see their happy faces looking up towards the sky. I heard it helps to feed the birds, therefore keeping them out of the garden. Have a great day! Love and hugs!

Thanks to everyone who signed up. Wish I had a ton more of the little ornaments!!!!!!!

I love it when I learn a little bit more about each of you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do the are such blessings to have in my life.

On a side note I just heard that my sis is having some tests done to see why she is in such pain. Also her husband is sick now and her daughter. The one who keeps us posted. Can't believe all of this is going on. I know there are many other families going through the same thing. Praying for everyone to stay healthy. I there have been deaths with the flu. Thank you for praying for my family. 

Hugs and God bless you all, time for sleep,


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A "little Giveaway", Vacation is Over!

Hello sweet ladies, 

My vacation is was such a sweet time to be home. Thanking Jesus for all He does for myself and family! Now it is time to go back to the college. It will be good to see everyone. I have missed my kids...I will be able to share Jesus.....that is the only thing that makes it worth it.....leaving my farm each day! 

This is my "little" giveaway. Small little farm boot ornament. Nothing big......just sweet! You know I just love Parties!

The party ends Tuesday night at midnight central time so hurry and sign up!!!!!! 

Thought I needed a party.......while I am gone at work today! This is an ornament. I have one and one to give away! If you win, it could be hung on a doorknob, a picket your chicken coop.......I am sure you could find some sweet place to hang it. I want some real boots, just like these. Adorableness don't you think? I saw a real pair just like this. In the back of each boot there were two holes.....they had laced black with white polka dot ribbon through each hole and then tied it in a bow. Farmgirl attire!!!!!!

To enter......all you have to do is leave me message. Tell me what you might be planting in your garden this spring. I can hardly wait to start some watching the little baby sprouts come up. Tomato seeds are on the top of my list! Okay....tell me what you might be doing to get ready for SPRING!

We have an abundance of eggs.....I asked ladies on my fb for ideas.......they had wonderful ones! Even though it has been very cold my girls are still laying. The new ones are still getting used to the coop. I so hope they start laying some day! We give our girls very warm water and lots of extra protein during the winter months. I am so grateful the Lord provides! 

Hugs and may the Lord bless your day,


P.S. It will be fun to see who comes to the party!!!!!!
If you go to my facebook and leave a comment....come back and tell me and you will be entered two times!!!!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

What Are You Up To?

Hello sweet ladies.......

How are you all? This last week the farm was very busy. With snow coming again we had to prepare the farm for safety for all our animals. 

On Monday a man who works with one of our sons brought us 23 new girls and 3 roos! I had to clean out the coop to make sure everything was nice and clean, with new straw laid so they could do some scratching and talking with each other. That does happen in a hen house you know! The girls are settling in, but because their old coop had snakes during the summer......they quite laying. I am trying to revive that. If any of you have any ideas.....I would love to here from you. They are Rhode Inland Reds and very very beautiful girls.......they need to start laying!!!!!!!!

My vacation is winding really fast it seems. We go back on Tuesday. I am wondering if I am ready.......wink!

We had Grammie and Poppa camp with 6 of the grandsons. They always learn so much when they are here on the farm. Two of our sons and Tressa went duck hunting. We got the ducks so we could fix a "hunt dinner" for the boys. They had to dress the ducks first. It was so cold outside so they had to lay tons of used wheat bags down on the kitchen floor. Talk about a precious time. Lots of opportunity for Poppa to do a lot of "God chatter". Memories tucked in those young mens hearts for years to come. 

When the grands are here I always try to read a chapter of a wonderful book called The Evolution of a Creationist written by Dr. Jobe Martin. We met Dr. Jobe Martin and his precious wife Jenna Dee years back when we first started walking seriously with our Lord. If you love God and what He has created, you will so enjoy reading this book. Your children will not move while you are and see. A must read. I read the story about the Bombardier Beetleto the boys......they loved it! It is amazing how God's creation is truth and how the evolution theory, is blown out of the water by the truth.  You can download a free copy here  of The Evolution of A Creationist book.  Go to the bottom of the page and you will see the book. You may buy a hard copy or download the book for free by clicking on the book. Keep scrolling through the PDF if you want to read the bombardier beetle story. You will enjoy won't want to put it down, even if you are an adult reading it! 

Today is a another cleaning day......I have been able to go through clothes.....closets.....drawers......and just basically cleaning so I will be ready when I go back to the college. What have you been up to? I would love to hear how you all are.

Oh and last night we went in to see the twins and family. It was wonderful just sitting and staring into two precious little faces! Their Mommy is so in love with her babies! 

Hugs and God bless your day!