Monday, April 30, 2012

Helloooooooo Sweet Ladies!

Hi.......sweet ladies,

Short post.......storms were coming our way tonight so we were working hard around the farm. I had to change some of the chicken pens and it took more time then I thought it would. Fun evening though. 

If you click the pic you can see the pecks in the eggs. 

Look what I found tonight when I went down to the milk barn to let the girlies out. Momma Blue and Momma Red flew out the door to go do some scratchin'." They are so funny because they will only stay outside for just a little bit. The nest was exposed and I was thankful I had my camera......with. I knew the babies were going to be hatching soon.......well tonight will be the night or at least some will by morning. I put the eggs up to my ears........sweet sound! Little crunching noises. 

The eggs have two Momma's sitting on the same nests. Momma Blue and Momma Red are inseparable!!!!!!!! I have tried to separate them and they just need each other I guess. 

Also Miss Milly was broody again!!!!!!!!!! She was full and ready for eggs.........I didn't disappoint her.......I gave her 10  Araucana eggs! She is sooooo sooooo puffy!


It sounds so wonderful and my garden is going to drink it up!

I better go, before I lose power. 

Hugs to you and God bless your Tuesday!!!!!!!!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

We Asked........And He Sent Rain!

Good Morning..........sweet ladies,

Have you ever woke up and you are a just a little on weepy side? No reason......just a little low? Well that was my morning. I have so much to be grateful for.... even if it is just that I get to love my Savior one more day! Our windows were open in our bedroom and I could hear a drip drip drip out one and a light mist coming down out the another. Beautifulness to my ears! I was thankful for what He was doing. Maybe that was why I was felling the heaviness......sometimes the pressure of the weather gets a person. Anyway, I went to look on the web at the radar for our area. It was blue, green and some yellow by us. It looked like the yellow was  breaking away before the bigger part was was getting to our farm. I was sad, but not for sweet man and I  prayed.......asking the Lord if He would please make the area stretch over our farm with more rain.........please.......and then we said THANK YOU. I refreshed my browser......ladies.......He stretched the yellow.....with a little streak of orange that was coming for our farm. I was overwhelmed with gratitude..........HE HEARD ME AND OUR CRY OUT FOR RAIN and He stretched it over our farm!!!!!!! Now I am a weepy mess! He doesn't always answer my request when I pray.......but when He does and I can experience it in the"real" when we asked Him to protect our crop last year in the drought......and He did.......and now this morning when I was already a little low and He heard His princess.......and He answered!!!!!! Yahoo!  We can never give up ladies. I know for a fact some of you walk some very hard days........your sweet man does not love the Lord as you do, maybe your sweet man of many years has gone on to be with the Lord after many years of getting to sleep by his side and you are alone, or the momma who has a sick child......and you don't know what tomorrow will bring.....or you have a prodigal child who has chosen to go his or her own way........and you don't know if they will ever come back........or the spouse who lives in sadness and the doctors have put a name on it and you watch them get deeper and deeper in their sadness. I am hear to remind you...........please please "do not get weary in well doing" Galatians 6:9, don't give up.......keep on your to know your Heavenly Father better by staying close to Him in His Word. God is there for the broken hearted. I love love love Isaiah 61. 

The Year of the Lord's Favor

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,
    because the Lord has anointed me
    to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
    to proclaim freedom for the captives
    and release from darkness for the prisoners,
to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor
    and the day of vengeance of our God,
to comfort all who mourn,
    and provide for those who grieve in Zion—
to bestow on them a crown of beauty
    instead of ashes,
the oil of joy
    instead of mourning,
and a garment of praise
    instead of a spirit of despair.
They will be called oaks of righteousness,
    a planting of the Lord
    for the display of his splendor.

It is and was a reminder for me when life was hard, I didn't think I could go on. He would whisper in my ear......"I have heard your request and I will get you thru this time........ladies He has never failed me. He has been so faithful, when I look back!

Well, I was not going to post about this today......but I guess it was what was the Lord was laying on my heart. Want you to know I praying for you that the Lord will meet you face to face and you will know it!!!!!!! 

This is my Milk House. One of my favorite places on the farm!

Yesterday I had so much fun getting the little milk house ready for the new chicks and new momma and her babies. I bought some cages for 3.75 to put them all into. This summer I want to build some shelves, so I can make better use of my space, but the set up will work for me for now. Twooo more weeks and I will be home on the stinkin' excited! God is good! Course He is always good!

When you come down into the milk barn you will see 3 cages to the left side. On the top are the 5 little black Banty Cochins......they are the newest babies I incubated. Under them is the new Momma and her 8 babies.......oh man do I love her. Her babies are sitting on her back allllll the time. Under Momma I have the birthday chicks from my kids.....they are filling out so pretty. Can't wait to see what they will all look like when they get bigger.

On the right of the first set of cages it looks like this. On top are the twelve babies that Missy Thatcher and Miss Milly hatched out.......they are so so cute! Under them are the new babies I bought at the auction on Friday. They are older chicks, one white and 4 buff.......they didn't cost me that was wonderful! They will add to my flock. I am all set up for now and I am enjoying going down and listening to them all talk to each other and of course they are talkin' to me also! 

Missy Red and Missy Blue Momma Cochins are due this week!!!!! They have about 12 under the two of them.....remember they are the one in the same nesting box? I have one other girlie that is also sitting....not sure when she is due and she has about 10 eggs under her. I have a few that are hatching for my farm friend in the incubator. Today I will set up the new incubator and put the 8 dozen eggs in it if they will fit...........we are busting out with life here on the farm! Wish you could be here!

Sweetness to my ears. 

Welcome New have been so me!

Hugs from the farm and may the Lord bless your day!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Afternoon At the Auction.....Sweeeettt!

Dear sweet ladies,

Disclaimer.......this post is long......wanted to fill you in on what my afternoon was like at the Yoder Poultry Auction and what I saw! "Smile!"

"The Sweet Life"

I put this pic up late last night on my fbook. It turned out sweeter then I thought! Little Amish little ones going home from the auction......I live by Yoder, Kansas. You will see women in the back of a tractor in a half pickup bed......sitting in a lawn chair with children around her......the sweet life don't cha think? I would like to do that for a day!

I awoke this morning to birds singing outside... like you would not believe. The fog is low to the ground...the sun is coming up on the horizon...... and roosters are telling us on the farm...that it is time to get up! I am fully awake with a full day ahead of me! I am HOME.......and it is a good thing!

We have some momma cats in safe cages so nothing will get their babies. Some of the bigger ones are leaving the nest.......this was what I found when I went into the milk house this morning.....sweetness to greet my day! The second one to the left had part of his backside behind.....he just couldn't get to the top step! 

Before we went to the auction.. this is what the storm looked like to the west of us.......the conditions were bad for tornados. I prayed!!!!!!! It looked like it was going to stay away from where the auction was........when we got there it was fine. The storm just kept moving east.......I was thankful. 

Let the auction begin!!!!!!!! Everyone has been waiting for this for a month! It is an exciting time and the thing I love families!!!!!!!! Young and will find every walk of life.......lots of Asians will be there for the eggs. It is wonderful to see. Lots of bare feet little ones.......mostly Amish! It is a very special time. 

Okay....when I go to an auction, before I bid,  I walk all the lines and make a mental note of what I want to bid on. When I see something...... I know whether I want it or not right off. Last night was no different! I saw and wanted! I hope I don't sound like I have to have these things, because I don't.......if I get a good bid... I will buy. I set a fair price in "my mind" and won't go over! Oh, and I am cheap! The boys and I saw this pull behind a mower cart! The color was perfect and it would be so fun for them on the way to get them to clean the coop! I am a "thinkin' Grammie."  I was bidding and an older gentleman was standing "right" next to me and kept making my bid go higher on me! I looked at him kindly! I thought he should have been nice, don't you think? We got it......and the boys were ecstatic.... so was I! As I was there I thought of how fun it would have been to have you all there with! 

The Auctioneer came to this nester........Vitaliy really wanted to bid......we did, but it went way to high. On to the next thing!

I really wanted to bid on these two Momma Buff Brahmas. There was a daddy and a baby.....they went way to high.......I will be ordering this week from McMurray Hatchery! They were beautiful! I have never seen real ones before that I remember. The rooster was something different. 

I saw this precious Momma and her 8 chicks........she was what I had come for! I loved her at first sight. Her babies kept hopping on her back......she tugged at my Momma Heart! I went over my bid amount I had in my mind.......I couldn't help it......I will work some extra hours at work to pay back what I was so so worth it. She is living in my little milk house in her own cage until she gets use to the Cochin family......she will fit right in! 

I bid on  5 Araucana laying hens....3 from this cage and....

  two from this cage (one was white)......the ladies who buy my eggs like the green eggs. The lady who owned these chickens said that one will have pink eggs.......I will like that! She and I were able to talk a little......she lived not far from our farm and raises baby Araucanas. She gave me her number. 

The boys wanted to bid on this Golden went for $45. Toooooooo much! They were sad. 

We bought some 5 extra on some fertile eggs and got them, 8 dozen to be exact!!!!!!! 2 and a half dozen Araucanas, and 6 suprises!  That is fine.....I will be taking them after they hatch all back to the auction this summer and sell them. I will get a good profit for my money and it will be fun to have a bunch of little ones on the farm!

Other things we saw were these adorable baby goats.

I liked the geese farm is not set up for them YET..........maybe some day.

baby geese

and some more baby geese.......precious! You could find straw bales, some plants, cages, garden tools........anything you would find on a farm. It was such a fun day.

They were pretty proud of our buys! Planting memories into their hearts.......hope they will always want to come to the auctions with their Grammie!

Later I went to a farm store to pick up a new incubator! That was fun.....because they had some baby Barred Rock chicks that we got for Vitaliy to live at his home! He lovesssss chickens... so we are helping start his flock! I have one incubator already filled with some eggs for a farm friend and don't want to disturb I bought a new one!!!!!!!! That will work for me!  The other eggs will be surprises....but I will be off in two weeks!!!!!!!!! Yahoo! Can't wait.....I will love it not having to leave my farm......for 2 and a half months. 

Only one thing was missed at the precious ladies!!!!!

Hugs to you from our farm........trusting the Lord is making His presence known in your lives!!!!!!!


Friday, April 27, 2012


Good morning sweet ladies,

Last night as soon as I got home out the door I went......rain may be coming today! I wanted to get the rest of my tomatoes in. I have 40  in now and when different varieties go on sale I will get a few more. I put up so much of our Tomato Soup Base (scroll down on the my side bar) every summer. It is so so good for anything you would like to make using tomato sauce. Chili, vegetable beef soup, spaghetti, pizza sauce and you could probably find lots of other recipes you could use also with it. It was a good evening and I got lots of new flowers planted. Do you put flowers in your garden? I like to. It makes the garden have some color and just makes it prettier. I know lots of ladies use marigolds and nasturtiums, but putting annuals in different places also adds to the prettiness every time you work in it. After planting last night it was 9 when I got into the house.......shower and bed!!!!!! So so tired! 

Remember the Yoder Poultry and Small Animal is tonight. I will take lots of pic's for you. It should be a fun evening!

Oh and keep praying......the job I am now doing at the is stretching my brain. I am learning and parts of it have come to me real easy and other parts I still need help! It isn't where I would like to stay......not as much interaction with the kids like I had on the line, but it is where the Lord has put me and I need to watch my could get off! 

Hugs to you sweet are being prayed for today! 


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Denali Taking A Bath

Good evening........sweet ladies,

This afternoon was 97 degrees. After work the girls cooled Juneau down with a hose......little one loved it.......we were all surprised that he didn't mind the water! It was so hot so maybe it made him feel better. 

He liked the hose a lot!!!!!!!! Silly little boy!

He spent a lot of time cleaning himself!

His legs.

Here is a video. For some reason he kept acting silly. If you have had horses and they have done this, and you know why.......we would love to hear from you.

Enjoy and God bless your day......hugs from the farm,


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Watered The Garden!!!!!!

Hi Sweet Ladies..........

What a day.......okay, remember I said that I was not going to be in the kitchen? Well we had a lady that will not be back to work until the end of the year......that means I have to learn her I get to do her job. I don't always like new things? Do I have a witness? I am having to work the cash register.....give out least favorite thing to do! It's not that I can't do it, it's just when you have to be fast.....and do a lot of pushing makes me nervous. Everyone was fine and I did have someone teaching me what to do. I like baking better!!!!!

Look at my rhubarb? It is getting huge! I can't wait to make some jam and pie!  

Turned on some water to my winter onions. They are looking so pretty. My new onions are only about 2" high..... so some water will get things going! I had more beans that popped up today and some of the potatoes. Tomorrow it will be in the 90's.......the water, warm earth.....will really help get things going! 

When I went back out to the garden to move the water.....look who was on the fence. Mr. Cardinal. I didn't get his face, but his color is fine with me! He had been bathing in the water with some robins and black birds. They got their feathers all nice and clean!

Later on in the afternoon my farm friend Cheryl (who let me buy Willow, Twig and Leaf), came to our farm...

look what she handed me......a pan of eggs......the brown are guinea eggs and the blue is one of my no tail chickens......they are all going into the incubator! I will be hatching them for her and I will keep a few. My boy guinea was killed by the dog way back. UGH!

 Cheryl also came to give the babies their shots and get their tail's rubber banded off. It is better for them to have them off for shearing and other reasons. 

Twig is sitting on his little buns.....she said it was easier to work with him this way. They were none to happy about the whole deal. Cheryl said it would take a few hours to call them down......they did finally. 

Red and Blue Cochin are still sitting together on eggs. Blue hurried outside when I opened up the door so she could go and scratch around outside for a bit. This leaves some of the eggs exposed, but that is okay for short periods of time. Love how Red puffy.........think her tail so so pretty! Blue finally came back to sit with. Not sure what I am going to do with the two. Not sure when the chicks are to hatch either. I will have to go back in past posts and see. We will have lots of new babies!!!!! Like I need some more right?

Well it was a busy day.......a little stressful if you ask was a very very relaxing night here on the farm though. Tomorrow is another day.......I will do better. Keep praying.......I need it with this new job thing......miss the kitchen!  

God bless your day!!!!!!!

Hugs from my farm!


Monday, April 23, 2012

The Farm

Hello sweet ladies,
Thank you to all who left my sweet girl comments, you were so sweet and I am glad you liked the video's.......weren't they the sweetest of our new baby stallion? I am so thankful I can share what he is like. 

When chickens were having chicks and Juneau was having Denali a someone on Prairie Flower facebook said, "is there a momma cat on the farm having babies......well at the time no......this time, yes! Teeny tinny baby kittens. Sweetness!

Mr. Tommy is getting to in the pen he has to go! Thought the pic turned out pretty of him tonight....can you see his silhouette on the right side of him. The pen is by the rhubarb and he kept strutting around. Glad he was on the inside of the pen and I was on the outside!

Right before dusk I went to check on the newest baby black or blue this the cutest pic or what? Two had only one leg out on the ground........I think they were getting warm for the night. Thought you would like. I was so glad I had my camera with.....I do have it on me most of the time.

As I was tending to the 3 different cages I heard a ruckus going on above my head.......I turned.....looked up and this is what I saw! Made me think of some of the painted pictures out some time back with the different farm animals standing on top each other......this one is my fav of my chickens! The Red Cochin is on top of my huge Cuckoo Maran! Silly chickens!

I haven't shown pic's of Leaf in front and Twig in the back......they are getting big! They are eating a lot lately! They are going to have to have their tails off......soon! Cheryl from Crescent Farm will come over and do it for me! 

That was part of my night......I spent some time planting in the garden........ look what is coming up! I have been waiting and checking on my green beans every day! They are popping out of the ground.......amazing.....I will never ever tire of seeing what the Lord can do with life!

Hope you enjoyed your was so pretty when we got home today........very warm and a cool breeze.......summer is coming!

I am going to need some prayer! I got a call and tomorrow I am going to have to be the greeter at the college.....taking kids  meal tickets....just filling in until the end of the year. The girls will take over the bakery.......they will be fine, but please pray for them also. We have some caterings. Thank you for praying for us! 

Love you bunches.........know I am praying for you all!

Hugs from the farm! 


Everyone should look out not only for the interests, but also for the interests of others. Philippians 2:4

Guest Post: Tressa Stubbs {Kisses from Denali}

Hello all,
This is Tressa (Linda's oldest daughter) blogging in place of my Mom. Last night while Taylor and I were spending time with Juneau and Denali we were able to get a few videos and Mom asked me to share them. He is getting stronger everyday and with that comes attempts to kick, constant curiosity and faster running. He is also incredibly sweet and like Mom said in her post yesterday loves to give kisses.
Here is a video of him giving some of those kisses to me.

It is so much fun having a foal on the farm again. You forget how little they are.

Here is Denali doing a reining stop! At only 5 days old! (if you don't know what a reining stop is, youtube it, it'll make sense) Taylor gets a little excited at the end.

Hope you all are having a great day!

In Him,

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Denali LOVES To Give Kisses!

Good Morning Sweet Ladies,

It is SONday........did you notice? 
He said, 

"This is the day that the Lord has made.........we will REJOICE and be glad in it!" Psalm 118:24

Now some days I don't rejoice.......some days they are just plain hard to find anything to rejoice about. Have you had those kind of days? Mine was........ on part of my day yesterday........had to say I was sorry.......and ask for was is a new day.......I am thankful! 

Do you notice the bell hanging on the fence in the picture above? I have wanted to show is from my sweet blogger friend Susan....the one from Texas......she bought it for my birthday. When I opened the present I knew exactly where it was going........the sheep bump the gate and it makes a dong noise......I am enjoying it so much!!!!!! Thank you Susan!

Yesterday Denali was giving must is amazing how sweet he is becoming! We held him down paid off. He has gained 15 pounds since he was born.......getting stronger every day. 

I came out and Denali was kissing his human Momma.

He is so precious! He was sucking her chin.......silly baby!

Denali went to love on the other boys...........

he would nibble all over their head and face. Sweetest thing.

It bonds the children to Denali also, Vitaliy (our new adopted grandson from Ukraine), is loving farm life!

Denali's human momma is making sure their stall is clean.......part of learning to care for her new baby. It will transfer someday into her home if the Lord gives her a husband. 

I told her that when I was her Grandpa Reid had me do the same thing.

While Ellie was cleaning the stall...the boys came to help me in my garden to get paper and chips down around my rhubarb and roses.

Good little helper! V likes to help on the farm.

After we got the paper and chips laid.......Poppa showed them how to use the weed eater.........that was cooler then the job I gave them. Vitaliy liked the protective glasses. 

The girlies were hiding.........the're not good eggs, but I thought the find was beautiful!

Hugs from the farm........trusting your worship time with the Lord was sweet!