Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We Will pick 4 Winners In the Gooseberry Patch/Prairie Flower Farm Cookbook Party!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

Today in the afternoon I had to go to get my license renewed. After Tay had to go to Tractor Supply.......right down my alley! I just went in to see what babies they had......oh sweetness.....I walked out with a box. 5 new baby chicks.....I love the little dark brown Cochins.....can't wait to see what they will look like. Little pullets (girls). 

Strawberry Angel Bites

1 baked angel food cake, cubed
2 3-oz. pkgs. strawberry gelatin mix
2 c. water
12-oz. pkg. frozen strawberries, thawed
8-oz. container frozen whipped topping, thawed
(I use real whipping cream with powdered sugar instead).

Arrange cake cubes in a 2 quart casserole dish: set aside. Combine gelatin mix and water in a bowl, stirring to dissolve. Fold in strawberries and whipped topping; pour over cake. Refrigerate until set. Serves 12. 

Strawberry Angel Bites is a real light dessert and very easy to whip up! Recipe is found in Meals in Minutes Cookbook....it can be bought Here!

Now..........if you haven't signed up for the party.......please do. Gooseberry Patch has asked that the party be extended until Saturday, April 14th at noon central time.......and so that is giving a little more time for those who haven't to sign up. For those who were gone during Easter weekend, this might give you another chance to win.

Go Here to sign up for the party if you would like!!!!!!

Now I have a little surprise. My Taylor bought me one of these necklaces, just for fun. I loved it so much and it looked so Prairie Flower, that I went and got two more for the party.  Knowing when the party started coming to an end, I would put this up just to make the party a little more fun. 

I will be drawing 4 winners in the.......

Prairie Flower Farm/Gooseberry Patch Cookbook Party!

Thank you for making the party so much fun!!!!!!

Hugs and God bless your day!




  1. Cute little darlings...I sure wish I could have me some chicks, but the city ordinance says NO!
    I must say, those Strawberry Angel Bites look sooo good! Makes for a light dessert, and this is just what I need...
    Have a good...Rest of the week!

  2. mmm! That dessert looks yummy! Do you need part boiling water?

  3. It didn't say hot water cj.......I did make the jello using the instructions. And it did have hot water. I had to make it times 20. I have a lot of kids at school to make it for.

    Hi Shug......they are the sweetest little things! You have a good week also. I have only 4 more.......eeecccckkkk......I am going to love being HOME again!!!!!!


  4. Sweet little chicks and the adorable necklace, perfect for gardeners. You are very thoughtful.

  5. cute chicks! We have 9 right now, and will be getting a few more later this week.

  6. cute little chicks and enjoy the eggs. YUM! Nice little necklace indeed. Good choice! Hugs!

  7. Hi Linda, what a lovely necklace and what a lovely memory it brought back for me; Years ago I bought a similar one for my mother, but it was a little teapot, as my mother worked with her sister and brother-in-law in a family run tea shop. When my mother died eleven years ago today (10 April, what a coincidence?) I shared my mothers jewellery out with her 3 remaining sisters, her mother and a niece who was very special to her but I can't remember who I gave the tea pot to? I hope you enjoy wearing your watering can neacklace! Thank you for stirring up this nice memory on what is quite a sad day for me.

  8. Oh Linda you are so thoughtful, in your busy life to always be thinking of us...a blessing...that's what you are..... Love that recipe... I use to make one similar to it but I think I used pudding instead of jello. This looks 'yum...yum!" The necklace is adorable... And those baby chicks....no words can express how sweet they are!

    Have a blessed day..

  9. Oh PS ...I love Picmonkey! It works really well! Again thank you!


  10. vote 1-- I've really gotten into making my own greeting cards lately--satisfies my creative urges :)

  11. vote 2-- I am a satisfied follower of Prairie Flower Farm :)

  12. vote 3--I left you a note on FB--really do hope you enjoy both your family and your birthday celebration :)

  13. vote 4--I left a little sweetness on Gooseberry Patch's FB wall too :)

  14. I love your sweet necklace! I am signed up for the GBP Cookbook giveaway! I love visiting here!

  15. Those chicks are so sweet! They look so soft and fluffy! Aw..........


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