Monday, April 16, 2012

1000 Followers.....Prairie Flower Farm FAMILY!

Hello sweet ladies,

WE ARE A FAMILY OF 1000!!!!!!!! 

Can't believe it! We have come a long way in 3 years, lots of laughter and tears and tons of prayers have gone up to the Lord. Thank you for being a part of my life......sweetness is what you all are. 

I started my blog March 30th 2009 you can go HERE 

This was what I prayed on my very first post. 

Heavenly Father, as I come into Your presence I first want You to know that I want to serve You all the days of my life. I know that without You life for me would just not matter. You have been my rock when I just didn’t think I could handle life. You have been a light unto my path, when I needed direction for the next step. You have been my JOY when I was able to see Your finger prints all over the circumstances that needed healing. You have been my deliverer when I couldn’t see an escape. You have touched my life, my family and Father for that I call You Faithful. Thank You for holding me in the palm of Your clenched fist hand and for not ever letting me go. You are truly my God and I choose to serve You with Your help living out my days. Some say You are a crutch, I choose to believe that You are my Savior. I ask that in my writings that others will see Your presence in the words and will hold on to You. May they be encouraged and if they have not accepted Your gift, I trust today will be the day. I am a grateful woman that has been seasoned by life. Thank You for never leaving me. In Jesus name Amen.

My prayer has not changed.......the only thing, is that You have come and I have changed me, by their words of encouragement. We can pray more in numbers. I truly call you all my Prairie Flower Family and I know that all I have to do is write when someone is in need of prayer and you will do just that! I never even thought in my wildest dreams, that anyone would even come and read my blog except for friends and family. God knows who's paths needed to cross and He has done it here. Precious!!!!!! 

This was the second post I put up and this picture. I waited for 13 days I think, before I put another post up. Funny that I have been hatching baby chicks about the same time...some things just never change. 

I will be planning a party.......soon. I am asking the Lord to give me some direction. I want it unique and please pray for me.

We are waiting for our baby to be born.......hopefully tonight. Juneau has dropped way low on her tummy. Our girls and our grand daughter will be sleeping in the Potter's Shed close to Juneau's stall. Only 47 degrees. Sweet man and I will sleep in our bed......the girls will wake us if she is having the baby. Soooooo soooo excited! 

Tonight when I got home and sat down at the computer to put up info about Juneau, I heard this peep peep. I ran over to check on the chick eggs in the incubator. Nothing......I couldn't find a thing. Then I came back in to the house after checking on Juneau again later on......look at what I found. It is still peeping away! Sweetness. Our farm is just popping with babies! 

Now I have a favor. Would you please just leave me a comment if you are a follower of PFFarm? Maybe how you found us would be fun to tell or you can just say hello and that will do. I want to see if we can get a bunch of ladies either on the comment or you can email me at and I will put it up for you on the comment.  Put "Follower" in the email. Now..... if you aren't a follower....maybe you would like to sign up, only if you would like.

I have to get the girls some things ready to take out to the Potter's they can check on Juneau all night long..........trusting some exciting things are going to happen!!!!! Please pray that Juneau will not have any complications. Thank you!

Love you all bunches, 



  1. Congratulations on your 1000 followers! How exciting!

  2. Hi Sandi.....thank you for leaving me a note!!!!!!! It is exciting and glad you are a part of Prairie Flower Farm!!!!!!! Hugs, me

  3. How exciting! 1000 followers and birth on the way! And baby chicks too! Your cup runith over!!!

  4. That is such wonderful news. Hearing from you via a post is a bright spot in the day to me. I have shared with others what a blessing it is to read your posts. I first heard about you when a friend told me about your patterns many years ago. I made two jumpers and a vest and one day thought I'd see if you had a blog and YOU DID. I am so blessed that I found you online. Just wanted you to know. Hugs from Donna

  5. Congratulations Linda on 1000 followers! I have loved following along with you for quite a while now! May God continue to use your words as your blog continues to grow!
    Love & hugs

  6. Congrats Linda! I found you through my friend Renata's blog! I love reading about your adventures and praying along with you. YOu are such a blessing to us all.

  7. Congratulations on your 1000 followers! I see God's Hand in this. I pray that all your sweet words will inspire others in their daily walks and keep our Lord close to their hearts.
    Thank you for all your precious posts,

  8. 1000 followers!! Maybe, just maybe some day I will have that many. I'm not sure how I found you, I've slept many times since that first day with you!

  9. Congratulations on 1000 followers. I'm one of them! I don't remember any longer how I found you, but when I did, I was so drawn to your blog through your beautiful kind loving words and pictures. I'm living in a city but a farm girl at heart plus I was raised not far from you in Kansas so you are like a piece of home to me. I live in New Mexico now. I follow a number of blogs, but yours is one I faithfully read daily. Blessings to you and all on the farm!

  10. Congratulations Linda on your 1,000 followers ...I can see why...your blog is the best! smile... I can not remember how I started following you...but I feel God directed me to I needed your love and inspiration each day of my life!

    Bless you dear we await the birth! My prayers are with Juneau for an easy and safe one!

  11. Congrats to you dear sister!
    God is and has been using you big.
    You are a blessing to me.
    Love & JOY

  12. Congrats on 1000+! No surprise you are always so uplifting and such a blessing! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  13. Hi Linda! Congrats on reaching such a milestone. I'm one of the followers and I can't hardly remember now how I found you. I think it was following your profile back from a comment you left on my own blog - crocheted dishcloths, I think. I always enjoy your pictures and your encouragement. Thanks for the effort you put into the blog - continued blessings on you!

  14. Hi there Linda! Congrats on hitting 1000 followers! I am grateful to be counted amongst them =) Beautiful prayer, thank you for sharing it. Loving the pics of the babies...can hardly wait for Juneau to have her little one! So exciting, it's almost like being there with you ♥ stay blessed ♥

  15. Hi Linda :)

    I remember how and when I found your blog. I was staying over at my elderly grandparent's house (in Nov. or Dec. of 2010) taking care of them and you and Gooseberry Patch were having a "party". I was fairly new to Face Book and I saw where they mentioned you having the party. I wondered what that was all about, so I followed the link and found you! Haven't been the same since! This is how I found sweet Heather in CA, too. Your blog draws people in because you are so transparent. You admit where you have messed up, changed, and followed Jesus to help you through life. And it is my daily dose of the country/farm life! What's not to love?!
    Congrats on the 1000th follower :)

    Love ya,

    Susan Montgomery

  16. Congratulations and God Bless Linda!!! I wish I could remember how I found you .... All I know is that I am grateful I did! You and all the ladies of PFF are of great support whenever I ask for prayers. I enjoy hearing all about farm life since I have been a city girl all my life. I love the land and animals at heart though. Keep up the wonderful work. Mary

  17. Hi Linda!
    Congratulations on 1000 followers! How amazing is such a short time!
    I have been a follower for such a long time, I don't remember how I found your blog, but I do remember being excited to follow someone that I read about in Country (or was it Country Woman) magazine. I thought you were an awesome lady then and I think so even more now!
    You are one of my very favorite blogs and I always look forward to reading your blog posts and when I (rarely) get onto facebook.
    Thank you for always shining His light in all you do!

  18. Hi! I am a follower! and on pinterest too! Yeah for 1000 followers! I don't remember how I found you, just glad that I did. I comment as anonymous because I don't have a blog and don't know how to comment any other way. Any suggestions?

  19. Congrats! I don't recall how I found you but I've enjoyed getting to know you, look at all the happenings on your farm and longing for the day our family can have a farm too.

    Blessings, Nancy M.

  20. congrats on 1000!!! you've reached a true milestone in 'blogland'!!! i look forward to your posts everyday! and when i read in my Bible your close in my heart! thank you! and best wishes for successful birthing activites of all!! anxiously awaiting for pics of the 'lil 'tikes'!!! ^)^linda

  21. Congratulations on 1,000! I have been a follower for maybe 6 months or so. I can't always read everyday, life is a bit crazy, but I try to read most days. I think somehow I was led here thru praying for baby Tenlee. I cannot remember for sure.Is there any news on her lately?

  22. Congrats on reaching 1000 members! I wish I could remember how I did find your blog, but I don't have a clue. I'm assuming it was through a link on another blog possibly. At any rate, I'm glad that I found you! I enjoy reading about all the critters & things going on around your farm. I can't wait until that baby is born! Have a great evening! God Bless!

  23. Hi Linda, congratulations! You are so deserving of this number of followers. I don't remember how I found you but I am so glad that I did. Your faithfulness to our Lord is so inspirational. I look forward to each post. God bless! I am so excited for your summer break. Denise

  24. Hello Linda, I have been a follower for some time and have been blessed by your posts. I have made projects from your designs, won two of your giveaways,used recipes you have shared and been encouraged,entertained and inspired by your blog. Thank you!

  25. I found your blog through a link on Gooseberry Patch's blog. Your blog was just what I needed, and I believe the Lord lead me to your site. I've been blessed by your words of encouragement, your love for others, and especially your love for the Lord. I have Christian friends that are very dear to me. You give me more of what the Lord has for me. Thank you. Love you, too! ;)

  26. Hi Linda,
    Let's see...I started blogging in May 2010 or thereabouts...and I hit the "next" button just to see what other blogs there were out there on Blogger...Your blog was LITERALLY the very first one that showed up after mine...and you were the very first blog I started following. I knew there was something different, by the way you wrote...but I couldn't quite figure it out at first. then I realized that it's your love for Jesus Christ :) :) Anyways, that's how I found your blog :) :) It's been a blessing. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :) :) :)

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  28. I've been following your blog via email for about two years, now. I think I read about your blog on someone else's blog, but I can't remember the name of it. I enjoy reading about your life on the farm and cooking at the school and I love the fact that you love Jesus!

  29. I have been following you all most a year now started last summer when I saw a pattern for a tea towel and been hooked ever since. I love how positive and uplifting you are and the wonderful crafts and recipes you include and love seeing all the animals and hearing about the farm and school adventures you have. Congratulations on 1000 I know you will get many more!

  30. Congratulations on 1000 followers! I can't remember exactly how I found your blog; it may have been via my friend Mrs. Doug at Green Twig. Or, I may have found it on my own. But right away I recognized who you were, because I remembered years ago when Country Woman magazine did a feature on you. At the time I even sent for a catalog or newsletter or something that you put out, and thoroughly enjoyed it although I never did order anything. So it has been a blessing, after being "introduced" to you by Country Woman all those years ago, to get to know you better and to realize that you are a fellow believer. I thoroughly enjoy reading about farm life, your job in the college bakery, and all the fun things that you design. The free patterns and the frequent parties and giveaways are all so much fun too. God bless you and your precious family. Thanks for being you and for letting God use you in the lives of others.

  31. Hi Linda! Congrats to you and all the beautiful followers! I meant to say in the previous post that your lil pitiful chick is so sweet! Ha Ha! God has a good sense of humor! I imagine he is soft and sweet. I wish you well tonight while waiting for the new colt to make its appearance! Hugs and Blessings Anne

  32. Hi Linda
    I dont remember how I found you but I cant wait to see the babies when they all start arriving. ;)



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