Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hello sweet ladies,

I have not heard from Sherry yet......I am sure she is still in the hospital. Not sure what exactly happens when you have a rotator cuff surgery, wish I would have asked her. 

I also have another prayer request from Mary, another PFF girl. She asked if we would pray. Here is her request.  

 I am in need of prayers for my 42 yr old sister Carla.We just found out she has to have a double mastectomy in May.She is extremely scared. She also just lost her 20yr.old son 5months ago to a drug The surgery will be a long, lengthy one full of more surgeries & procedures. Please ask all the ladies here on Prairie Flower Farm to pray for my lil sis CARLA. She has gone through so much already and now faces this cancer. I feel so powerless sometimes, with the exception of PRAYER.

Thank you so much ladies for praying!

I love the plant Wisteria........if you grow it, please let me know some of your tricks in getting it going or even keeping it going. I had one growing by the Potter's Shed, but last year it died because of the heat. I am trying again. 

I bought another plant at the farm store. So excited about trying it out again. This time I am babying it!

 I had an old ladder that needed some repair. As you see the older the item is the better I like it. I got this ladder at a auction. It is a favorite!

 I took the ladder and nailed it to the milk house.......

I planted the wisteria in front of the ladder, to the backside of the milk house (where the Cochins and baby chick live). It will get a lot of afternoon sun. I am hoping to see if I can train it to grow up the side of the milk house and on the top. We will see. I am talking a lot to the Master Gardner........He did it with our soybeans last year! 

I will have to train the wisteria to grow up the ladder. I like using fine twine to help it.

Tie it loose so the wisteria can move easily. 

I laid lots of wood chips around to help keep the moisture in the ground. 

I can't wait to see how fast it will grow. 

Tonight after making sure all the Cochins were in the milk house safe and sound...........I looked up..........

this is what I saw. I love them! 
They are real sweet

Wednesday my eggs in the incubator will start hatching.....or they are suppose to!

Hugs sweet ladies.........you all are also!

God Bless your Day !!!!!!!


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  1. As always your posts are so uplifting...anxious o see how the wisteria grows.

    Blessings and good night.all are in my prayers,

  2. Linda, can't tell you how many times we cut back a vine growing along the fence at our former home, not knowing it was wisteria. One year we let it grow, surprise! Loved it. Bought a new one for our current home and it's growing quite well. They're hard to kill once established. We're lucky it survived all those years of whacking it down. LOL!

  3. Linda, your wisteria has a great place to grow, up that ladder, and your friendly hens are so dear.

  4. Lifitng Carla in prayer.
    I love Wisteria. I can't wait to see how yours grows.
    Reading Proverbs with your family.
    Hugs & Joy


  5. I think rotator cuff surgery means pain for a long time as you're going through physical therapy afterwards. Not fun. Enjoying your photos as always. Have a great week and a blessed Resurrection Sunday!

  6. Thank the Lord for intercessory prayer! I love how I can pray for someone I don't even know yet the Lord knows just what I'm asking! Thank you Linda for being so faithful in sharing God's Word and prayer requests on your blog.

    I am buying a Wisteria plant very soon and gonna train it along my fence. I hear they can sometimes be hard work but sometimes all gardening is hard work to me, hehe! Love the old ladder you are going to use, that will be so neat covered in Wisteria!

    Have a wonderfully blessed week, sweet sister~

  7. You lucky girl. I can't grow wisteria up here in Alberta. Love your old ladder. It will be beautiful.

  8. prayers going out to Mary's sister Carla. How devestating to lose a son, and to have surgery like that so soon when your heart is breaking! Lots and lots of prayers go out to Carla.Mary, prayers and hugs are the best!
    Linda I love wisteria! it grows like crazy up here in the mtns of WNC!
    Love to all,

  9. I am so sorry that Carla has gone thru so muc. I will pray for and so will my family we lost my Mom to Breast cancer 21 years ago and I would not even begin to understand what she went thru with her son dying at such a young age. My prayers and thoughts are with her.

  10. Linda --
    Thanks for giving us the privilege to pray for your friends and their families. God loves to hear the prayers of His children!

    That wisteria will be beautiful on the shed growing up that ladder. Absolutely charming!

    Stay blessed !! ♥♥

  11. I am just about ready to go to bed. Wish I could write each of you individually........makes me sad I can't!!!!!!!!! Thank you everyone for your sweet comments. i read each one and just love them! Have a good day tomorrow......know you will be thought of and brought before the King of Kings!!!!!!!

    Love you bunches, me

  12. Praying for your sister, in Jesus name



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