Monday, April 23, 2012

Guest Post: Tressa Stubbs {Kisses from Denali}

Hello all,
This is Tressa (Linda's oldest daughter) blogging in place of my Mom. Last night while Taylor and I were spending time with Juneau and Denali we were able to get a few videos and Mom asked me to share them. He is getting stronger everyday and with that comes attempts to kick, constant curiosity and faster running. He is also incredibly sweet and like Mom said in her post yesterday loves to give kisses.
Here is a video of him giving some of those kisses to me.

It is so much fun having a foal on the farm again. You forget how little they are.

Here is Denali doing a reining stop! At only 5 days old! (if you don't know what a reining stop is, youtube it, it'll make sense) Taylor gets a little excited at the end.

Hope you all are having a great day!

In Him,


  1. Great post Tressa!
    I just loved it.
    Hugs& JOY to you

  2. That is hilarious of him running and, yes, that reining stop!! I would be screaming too!!
    Is there nothing cuter than foal whiskers?

  3. Just such a joy to be able to see this! Thanks so much for sharing this love bug....precious!

  4. Thank you for a such a joy-filled post. I love seeing pictures of Denali giving kisses and running around with the pure joy of life! Loved both videos!

  5. Tressa, what a proud human momma you must be! Denali is so precious, just love his kisses, and what a great runner he is what a great reining stop! Thanks for sharing him with us, and for doing the post for your momma!

    Carol from NC

  6. How so sweet Denali is! He looks like he's loving life a great deal. Now I know what a reining stop is. Never heard of it before.

  7. tressa, what a delightful couple of videos!! did Denali do that reining stop w/o any training? does it come naturally or just because he had to so as not to crash into the fence? it was beautiful!! and those kisses from that 'wiskery' chin!!! thanks for sharing! ^)^linda

  8. Hi, Tressa: Loved the vidoes! I have never been "kissed" by a pony....I didn't even know they did that! Ask your mom if you can be the "guest poster" more is a great have a perfect role model in your mom! Looking forward to more from you Tressa! Love, Mary

  9. Tressa..sorry for the lateness of this 'thank you'...loved these videos! I was so impressed with Denali's reining stop..I had to check out the You Tube videos...sweetness! Those kisses we're also so sweet!


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  11. Such an adorable precious baby. Now I want a horse. ;)



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