Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Watered The Garden!!!!!!

Hi Sweet Ladies..........

What a day.......okay, remember I said that I was not going to be in the kitchen? Well we had a lady that will not be back to work until the end of the year......that means I have to learn her job......no I get to do her job. I don't always like new things? Do I have a witness? I am having to work the cash register.....give out change...my least favorite thing to do! It's not that I can't do it, it's just when you have to be fast.....and do a lot of pushing buttons....it makes me nervous. Everyone was fine and I did have someone teaching me what to do. I like baking better!!!!!

Look at my rhubarb? It is getting huge! I can't wait to make some jam and pie!  

Turned on some water to my winter onions. They are looking so pretty. My new onions are only about 2" high..... so some water will get things going! I had more beans that popped up today and some of the potatoes. Tomorrow it will be in the 90's.......the water, warm earth.....will really help get things going! 

When I went back out to the garden to move the water.....look who was on the fence. Mr. Cardinal. I didn't get his face, but his color is fine with me! He had been bathing in the water with some robins and black birds. They got their feathers all nice and clean!

Later on in the afternoon my farm friend Cheryl (who let me buy Willow, Twig and Leaf), came to our farm...

look what she handed me......a pan of eggs......the brown are guinea eggs and the blue is one of my no tail chickens......they are all going into the incubator! I will be hatching them for her and I will keep a few. My boy guinea was killed by the dog way back. UGH!

 Cheryl also came to give the babies their shots and get their tail's rubber banded off. It is better for them to have them off for shearing and other reasons. 

Twig is sitting on his little buns.....she said it was easier to work with him this way. They were none to happy about the whole deal. Cheryl said it would take a few hours to call them down......they did finally. 

Red and Blue Cochin are still sitting together on eggs. Blue hurried outside when I opened up the door so she could go and scratch around outside for a bit. This leaves some of the eggs exposed, but that is okay for short periods of time. Love how Red looks....so puffy.........think her tail so so pretty! Blue finally came back to sit with. Not sure what I am going to do with the two. Not sure when the chicks are to hatch either. I will have to go back in past posts and see. We will have lots of new babies!!!!! Like I need some more right?

Well it was a busy day.......a little stressful if you ask me.......it was a very very relaxing night here on the farm though. Tomorrow is another day.......I will do better. Keep praying.......I need it with this new job thing......miss the kitchen!  

God bless your day!!!!!!!

Hugs from my farm!



  1. I'll be praying for you Linda...

    Yes, I think red's tail is very pretty! :-)

    "the color is enough for me." AMEN! :-)
    Love Carissa

  2. linda, you'll do fine in your lunch/register job! God will be watching over your shoulder and he won't let you ring up the wrong amount!! it will be hard to hear him tho...he'll whisper in your ear in that noisy cafeteria!!(this from yrs of middle school lunchroom supervision!!) we all have lots of faith in you!! you, who takes care of all these animals & your family, can run a simple (computerized?)machine!!! don't worry if the line moves a little slower...tell the students to 'slow down & smell the great food!' ^)^linda

  3. Linda, you will do fine! Our Lord will lift you up! And, the school year is almost up isn't it!
    Love all your pictures! I couldn't watch as your friend was tending the sheep!
    Your tower of hens is funny! :)

  4. Oh Linda...I love this farm of yours! Lots of interesting things going on around your place always...
    I know you will do just fine in the new position that you are going to have to take on for some time...I'm believing in you!

    Thanks for sharing about all your little ones..I love it!

  5. I remember my first stint at the cash register at a Polka Dot restaurant in Denver. I was 7 mos pregnant and had to take the bus to my job... first time on public trans. It was a time I hoped not to repeat. Now I could run a register just fine, but at that time I was young and it was my first time making change. My boss was incredibly patient with me.

  6. I'm sure you'll do fine at your new job, but we know your heart loves to bake...
    I so enjoy your blog, there's nothing I enjoy more than seeing your hard work and love for the land, animals and the LORD. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life!

  7. Linda, Hi! I'm so sorry about the new job but I know..soon it will be second nature for you! But I do know you will be happy when you get back in the bakery! Love all your farm animals! Red is so pretty! And your garden is really growing fast...we're to get some cold temperatures by Saturday..so we have to wait to do our planting...



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