Friday, April 30, 2010

A Very Special Time With Clarice........... wish you could of been there.

Hello precious ladies,

Here is the day we have been waiting will like!

Today I wrapped Clarice's Vintage Apron #97 (because that is how old she is) in a

beautiful piece of wrapping paper that a sweet friend wrapped a gift for me and gave

it to me (thank you Becky) this last week. I saved it because I new I would use it

for someone special! Clarice seemed to be the one. When I went to the manor I first

took my momma a bouquet of columbine flowers. They were beautiful. I also got to

feed her some of her dinner. That is always a special time. After I spent time with

Momma I went down to Clarice's room. I think she was very excited to see her package. I told her that she was going to get something soon the last time I saw her.

Here is her gift all wrapped up!

This is my special friend Clarice. She said I could take pictures, just not from the front. Do you see her adorable hair? She is the cutest lady ever and I wish you could all come and meet her. She is looking at her card.

She told me that I did a very nice job and that it was pretty. She loved the color combinations and the fabrics. I was so glad. It made my heart smile. She said that she didn't deserve it. I told her she did! She said I could take a picture from her side. Do

you see she has her other apron on? Cutie!

Look at her precious hands. I don't know why I like hands so much, but I do. Those little hands have done a lot of "stitches" in their day!

We put her apron on. She looked adorable. We talked. She said that she learned how to sew when she was 7. She made a dress for her doll. Oh my, I wish I could see that today. She said that I should take some pictures of her quilts. Here they are. She said that she has made lots more, but they are with her family. Wow, what a special lady. I am so thankful she is my friend. Did I tell you that we are related? I could sit

for hours with her. She said that she had made a Grandmother's Flower Garden (a block

like I made her pocket) Quilt years ago, but thought it was with her family. One of my


Miss Clarice made this crazy quilt with feather stitches on every seam. It was so pretty on her bed. She cut each piece individually, she said and didn't use a pattern.

Clarice thought it would be okay to put a picture up on my blog of her baby quilts. This is the first one. She did all the quilting. Isn't it sweet?Along the sides there are little embroidered flowers and leaves. She is so talented.

This one has been hand appliqued with all the little images all over the quilt. The words are all hand embroidered. Amazing work! Should of taken a picture up close. I will try to do that next time, so you can see the detail.

It was a very special time with Miss Clarice. She asked me questions about when I started sewing and was anyone else in my family interested in what I did. I will treasure the time I had with her. She is a very special friend. She misses her family, so now I will be her family. Claris liked that I had a big family.

If you want to leave Miss Clarice a note, please do. I am going to take my computer in so she can see the blog posts. I will show her the comments, if there are any. She would love it! I tell her all about you!

After I got home our son's family said they were coming out to bring our granddaughters horse Sugar to the pasture. We all went down and I took some

pictures. I thought some of the children who look at my blog might want to see what we found.

Is he the coolest bull frog? Our son caught him at the edge of the creek so he could show him to his children. All my boys are like their father. My honey brought home “everything from the field”, so his kids would have an appreciation for animals. They do!

This little caterpillar was hanging on for dear life. The wind blew so hard today. He is a fuzzy wuzzy is he not?

Poppa found the snake for the children. He is always finding snakes!! I don't mind the little ones, just not the big ones.

Our grandson wanted the kids to see how the snake wrapped his tail around his finger.

I shot this picture of the storm that was coming in. It was so beautiful.

We call the clouds (when they look like this on the horizon) "Kansas Montains".

We are off to the zoo this friday. Our grandson invited us to be his chaperone. It will be a special day for Grammie and Poppa.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings to you all!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shooting Pictures and Dinner In The Potter's Shed

Today was a busy day here at Prairie Flower Farm. My youngest daughter had to be our model for the new "Clarice's Vintage Apron Pattern". It was really fun; getting the lighting was a little tricky! The sun was shining so beautiful, but not good for taking pic's. The picture I have up is not the one we chose, but it was a special one with her horse. Thought it would be nice to show you. We finally got a picture that we liked and it showed the apron off real well. I wanted to take the picture in the Potter's Shed, so I worked a little on getting it to look nice. We were having company last night also, so I was getting two things done at one time. Yes!!!!!

Oh, we have everything at the printer now, so we should be getting the pattern real soon. I will have to proof everything, but that shouldn't take long. I am so excited, finally I will be able to give Clarice her apron!! I know she is going to like it!

So............ I worked in the Potter's Shed like I said. Here are a few things I did to make it look a little prettier.

This is my little work area. I have been given some very sweet gifts over the years. I use them for decorations. See the old rake (the handle broke off) to the top left? I use it for a hanger to hold my string and little garden rake. Works great to hang things off. I found a old funnel and hung a star.

I received this church birdhouse along time ago for a Christmas present from my children.
It is one of my favorite gifts and I love to use it for decorations. Thought it looked sweet on the stool.

I put this lantern at the entrance to the Potter's Shed. As the sun went down it looked very pretty. I have also used tea lights in mason jars to line the entry. My wisteria is really taking off this year. This is it's 3rd year and finally it looks like it is going to do something. Can't wait for it to go around the door.

I have 5 of these little flower candle holders. I picked them up on sale for realllllll cheep a few years back. You don't have to spend very much on things to decorate. They have a little tea light on the inside. I had them lit, but you can't tell. They lined the trough where our little garden is growing. We didn't have wind last night, so it was really cute all lit up.

This is a picture of what you would see, if you walked into the Potter's Shed. Looked so sweet. Wish I could have you over to our farm. We would sit you at our table and learn about each of your lives. What a special time that would be! Some of you have written stories about your life. I love it!

We have Christmas lights strung all around the top part of the shed. It looks so beautiful at night. Can you see the twinkle? I have an old lamp that a lady wanted to give away. It has some dust and some horse hair on it! Fits perfectly! I have 3 old benches that some friends gave me for free. They come in handy with our big family. See the white chairs to the left of the table. This last spring we went to one of our granchild's program. As we were driving down one of the streets in the small town I saw 5 chairs that were sitting in the front yard. They said FREE! We braked!!!!!!, jumped out and brought them home. Well, really our son who has a truck picked up 3 for us and the other 2 went into the back seat. I drove home in the back seat squished. Didn't bother me at all! Smile! They are oak. Free, God's gift to me!!!!!!!!!! Love it when that happens. Have you ever had a great find like that? Tell me please!

This was our desert basket. Tressa made some Cappuccino Biscotti. We put some in an old mason jar (you can't see the jar very well, but it is behind the gift bag) and then made up a gift bag so our friends could take some home for later. Putting it in a mason jar for a gift would be a great gift also. A fast and inexpensive little gift to give them as they left. One of our favorite desert recipe sites to go to for recipes is called Joy Of Baking. Oh my, you will have a wonderful time in this site if you like to bake like we do. Making biscotti is so simple. You dip it in your coffee or tea and as Tressa used to say when she was little "it is num!!!
Here was the place setting. I had some blue homespun fabric for my table clothe. I use clothes pins at each corner to keep it laid nice over the table. Specially when the winds blows here in Kansas. See what I did with the little light fixtures? I tied a bow at the top, then I placed a tea light on the plate. I can change the ribbon anytime I need. The dinnerware was a Christmas present, I use it all the time. I bought the cups for 1.oo for 4 way back and they are great with our grandkids! Cheaper then buying solo cups!

Remember the little May Day gift? Again a very inexpensive gift. I set one on friends plate so she would have a little memory of our dinner. For dinner we had steak (our son's blessed us with real beef). It isn't deer meat and we are really enjoying it! Haven't had beef for a long time. We love deer, don't get me wrong and they have kept us supplied and for that we are grateful, but beef is good!!!! Along with the meat Taylor made us twice baked potatoes, our frozen grown corn that we put up and our friends brought a salad. It was wonderful. Also Tress made us sliced french bread with herbs, garlic and butter toasted. You can see the little lamp a little better in this close up picture. I will use these a lot!

We also had Grandma Jo's famous Snickerdoodle cookies for dessert. For fun I put the recipe on the cookie jar. If you can't read it, I will send it to you. I thought it looked cute! We love to make fun desserts, but tonight we made it simple. Hot coffee (mine with cream and sugar) topped our menu off perfectly. So.............. that was our evening. The moon came up, tonight it will be full. God was so good. No wind!!! That is good for Kansas. Hope you enjoyed our little Potter's Shed. Once it was Grandpa Jacks for the baby cows, then Grandma Jo used it for her storage for garden tools and now we use it to entertain. All very useful "Good Things"!



Monday, April 26, 2010

"Momma Cow" Came To The Pasture Yesterday!

Momma Cow came to the pasture in the trailer.

Josh opened the gate and she hadn't even gotten out of the trailer all the way and was eating. She probably weighs about 1400 pounds my husband thought.

Momma Cow took off to check everything out. So much green grass!

The horses came a running that were from across the road to check out their new neighbor. Momma Cow liked that she was going to have friends I am sure.

Momma Cow belongs to our middle son Josh and she was moved to the pasture south of our farm. She is going to have a baby in a month and she is huge! Very pretty Momma though. Josh owns her and she just loves him! It is the sweetest thing to watch. She watched as Josh drove away. We will have to go and check on her today, to make sure she is okay. Today Jarad our youngest son will be bringing the other 3 little cows out today. She will be happy about that.

I have some "little blogger friends" that read my posts with their Momma's. One named Abby who is 2 and Jedidiah age 3. These are for you! Hope you enjoy and if any other children are reading, leave me a note please. If you have an animal tell me about what it is and what it's name is! I always had lots of animals when I was growing up in Alaska. You can even send me an email of your pet and I will show my grandchildren.

I checked Little Miss Fluff to see if one of the eggs hatched yet. Not yet! I will check again tomorrow and if anything happens, I will let you know. She only had two eggs left, one duck and one chicken. We hope they will hatch soon.

The other day I received an email from the Netherlands. Margriet sent me a picture of the stitchery she had been working on. I love seeing others work! I asked for permission to show you all. Thank you so much Margriet. It is beautiful and so fun that it was your very first. She has been saving dresses from her daughters from when they were young. She will be making a quilt with the designs. How precious is that? I can just see her sitting drinking her coffee and eating a bite of bread, stitching away! Wow, all the way from the Netherlands. I am a grateful lady!!!!

Her finished piece.............. waiting for the next. I love it!!!!!

If you have ideas of what you are doing with the stitchery, let me know!

We have company coming tonight for dinner. The girls are deciding what we will have. Last night I worked out in the Potter's Shed. I will have to have my husband leave his book work for a minute today to see if the Christmas lights are still working out there. I planted some of my flowers in old pails and other primitives. I swept and cleaned so it will be ready for you to see. It really is a cute place and I wish I could have each and every one of you come to my farm. I would serve you. Lemon Verbena Bread. Lemon Verbena is out in the herb section of your favorite greenhouse. If you live by me Stutzman's Greenhouse in Pleasantveiw south of Hutchinson has it. It is a really wonderful herb to have and loves sun! It will grow 3-4 feet tall. Love the smell of the leaves. I put this recipe and picture up last May, but thought I have more followers now that may not have seen this. I think this would be another wonderful little May Day gift for someone. A little tea cup, a lemon verbena plant and a loaf of the bread that has little purple Violas and the Red Verbena flowers (like I showed yesterday) decorated on the bread. Put the bread in a cellophane bag with a tag, tied with a ribbon and you have a really sweet little gift!

I almost forgot to show you my big find at the goodwill on Sat. These are light fixtures that go on ceiling fans, I think. I have an idea for them. Come back tomorrow and I will show you what I did for our party tonight. I think you will like! The just need a little cleaning and they will be ready! I thought they were so cute! Maybe you all know what I will do with them. Tell me what you think!

Don't forget to sign up for the Beth Moore Drawing, if you haven't already. Two posts down!
Have a wonderful day!!!! I am going to work on my memorizing with the girls! Thank you for those that are doing this with us. This will be a good thing!!!!!!!



Hello Ladies!!!!

Dear sweet ladies,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. My girls and I had so much fun together, as you know we went to the Beth Moore conference. I trust that the word of God will grow richly in our lives and hearts!!! I can’t wait to dig in the scriptures for more treasures that He says we will find if we search. This time we are going to hide God’s word in our hearts even more. I am on a mission with my girls to get as much scripture hidden in our hearts as we can. Yesterday our Pastor said, “ To be so familiar with the word, that you can automatically hear His voice. That blessed my heart. I am not real good at the memorizing part, but my girls are because they are young. Smile! Not a good excuse for me!

After the conference we went and bought these sweet little notebooks and matching pens. They were 1.Oo each at the dollar Tree Store. Beth used a spiral index card notebook. Our first verse will be. Isaiah 43:18 Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. I have it in the picture above. If you want to join us buy a note book (recipe cards work) that measures at least 3 1/2” x 5 1/2”. Take the picture I have up and drag it to your desk top. It should be 3” x 5”. Print it off and glue it into your notebook. Grandmother’s, Mother’s, Aunts Singles, and daughters were called across the world to change their thinking. To hide God’s word in their hearts and to live a life in front of those around them. To transform our minds by the word and then to have a new biblical way of thinking. Yea!!!!!!! I am going to do my best. I will have new verses every other week, if you want to join us. If you have verses that you think we should memorize please let me know! Just not real long ones at first. Heehee,

May 1st is coming up. Here is an idea for a May Day Flower Basket! Very simple! Enjoy! If I could make one for each of you, this is what it would look like. Sorry you have to just enjoy the picture. :( that is a sad face.

I used the scripture from Song of Solomon 2:12. Type it out on card stock. Make it into a tag. I use a stamp pad along the edges of the tag. Punch a hole and hang it off the cellophane bag. So easy and fun for the one that will receive it. . Why don't you make some up for a nursing home. Call and see who doesn't receive visitors. You will be amazed at who you might meet!

Flowers appear on the earth; the season

of singing has come, the cooing of doves is

heard in the land. Song of Solomon 2:12

Little Miss Fluff's new Nest

One last thing before I say goodbye. Yesterday I knew that Little Miss Fluff could be having some babies. So after church I went out to check on her. I gasped!!!! She had 11 eggs before. She started with 12, but one had a little crack so it couldn't be used. Anyway when I checked under her there were only 2 eggs. I couldn't believe it!!!!! I was so sad! My girlfriend Gail was here with her family and they thought it might have been a snake. Yuk!!!!!! Made this Farm Girl not a happy camper! So I thought I had better give her some protection. She is in the Milk Barn now and I made her a beautiful new nest. She is so happy! It was a sad day, but now we gave her her two eggs and some new ones. We will start over again! She is such a sweet little Momma. She lets me touch her and check on her. That is really nice, because when they are nesting, they are not always like that.

Don't forget to sign up for the Beth Moore book drawing!! The post before this one!

P.S. Oops! I have to tell you one more thing. I receive wonderful comments and emails from you. Some make me cry, laugh and some make me want to dance. This morning I receive one that you have to read. Remember the post that I dressed up in my flip flops and garb!!! Well this is what a sweet comment:

This just blessed my heart!

"I have to tell you Saturday morning I got up, usually pretty early. My husband usually makes the rounds every morning to check on the animals. 8 ducks (two are small), 2 little geese, 8 little chicks, 4 hens and 2 roosters. One we have pinned up he lost his little mate. So it was kind of strange he was following around our momma duck. Any way back to the story, I usually am dealing with children in the mornings, so I dont usually get dressed until they are off to school. But Saturday you inspired me to put on my flip flops and through a jacket over my t-shirt and capris (that is my night clothes). And check things out outside with my husband. Kind of nice since we dont get to do that to often "

Now ladies if I can influence anyone to take time with their husbands, there is nothing sweeter. I love my honey, I am his helpmate!!!!!! I loveeeeeeeee being with him. I will tell you we like others have our spats, but I have found so much joy in my marriage. I know that some of you have lost your spouse and I grieve with you, but you have talked of the sweetness you had when they were alive. That is what I so want. To be able to look back and remember the wonderful times the Lord has given me with my Precious Man. So ladies get your flip flops on and think of ways you can enjoy your husband, even if you are just walking beside him!
Love and hugs from the farm!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Book Drawing to sign up for!

Good morning sweet ladies that take the time to come to my blog. Sweet ladies that take the time to write me personal emails. You tell me your life stories and things that you need prayer for. I can not thank you enough. You encourage my day. I am privileged to take you before the throne room of our ALL MIGHTY FATHER!!!! You make me laugh and you also make me cry. This world is hard on women and one thing I know for sure we need each other.

Yesterday as some of you know I went to a Beth Moore conference. She came in and before she started speaking she went to her knees. She bowed her face before our Father and prayed for us and for the message. To be ushered with 300 thousand other ladies to Throne Room of God was breathe taking. Living on the farm I do not visit much with other ladies. I am so grateful that I have my daughters. We are here for each other. Yesterday they were with. I started to have a pity party for myself, because my Momma couldn't be with me, but the Lord reminded me to keep my eyes on the now and not the what if's! I did. I enjoyed holding my girls hands after the simulcast and a friend of mine and my self prayed blessings over my daughters and Emily and Shauna. I have posted about Emily and Shauna before. Some of you adopted them for Christmas this last year. They lost their Momma 2 years ago to cancer. You can't believe what a special time that was.

The message was on Beths's new book called "So Long, Insecurity you've been a bad friend to us". It spoke to my heart big time. She talked about how we all have insecurities. It is true in my life and I want to change. I want all that the Lord has for my me. I do not want to hinder the Holy Spirit from doing the work He wants to do in my life. It was a refreshing time to be ministered to.

The singing was incredible. I loved it. Beth had all 300 thousand women hold hands across the globe in each city and building that was represented. She talked about if we lived in truth what an example to the world we all could be for the work of Christ. I long for that ladies. I want to be that for my husband, children and grandchildren. I will be going through the book with my girls, with Bible in hand. We will sit before the Father as he shows us those areas he wants to take and reshape in our lives. I am excited!

Anyway here we go!! I will have a drawing that will go until Saturday May 1. It will be fun to see who will be the blessed lady!!!

Just leave a comment and we will put you in the bowl, well not you in the bowl your comment. Okay so that was lame! My girls can honestly say their Momma is a little silly on some days. Well, maybe a lot silly.

If you blog about this let me know and that is a second vote!

Blessings!!!!! Wish you all could have been there!

P.S. If some of you that come to my blog want the Jesus I have and you have never accepted His Gift of Salvation, I would love to talk to you. Just email me anytime. Some say salvation is free. It is a gift, but it will be with a price. Your life for His. I truly care about everyone who stumbles across my blog!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Roosters.............. rooster and dumplings!

Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying your weather where you live!

Yesterday we had a wonderful rain that came through our farm. Thunder, thunder and thunder. Beautiful to the ears of people who want to know it is really spring!!!!!!!

Anyway ,I started to walk around the farm in my flip flops, nightgown, sweatshirt and capri pj bottoms. I was a babe! Well maybe only my honey thought I was a babe. Heehee!

Mr and Mrs. Puddle Duck were running from one mud puddle to another. Cracked me up!!!!
Mr. Red and his two girls as you see were drenched after the rain. Momma Calico was wet also.

Stopped by to see our daughter's bunny named Nelson. He was fine and quite dry and very happy along with the other farm animals that it had rained.

Came to the milk barn and found all the little babies needing water and food. Look at how they all look up and thank the Lord for their water. So cute.

Look at how Puddle and Duck are growing. That is one thing about ducks, they grow fast!!!

When I turned around to go out the door, this is what I saw. I really like this picture for some reason. Had to show it to you.

Along one side of the milk barn (the lane side) I saw how well my cone flowers were coming up from the winter. These are a favorite for me. They are beautiful to use for bouquets.

Off to go see how Little Miss Fluff was doing. Mud is squishing between my toes over my flip flops. She is doing so well don't cha think? She should hatch her eggs out this weekend or the beginning of the week. I can't wait. Did I tell you that some of our friends little girls found a duck egg up at the lake in our town? Well, I told them I could put it under Little Miss Fluff. We are praying that she will be able to have a baby duck. He will be a little mixed up. But that is okay. Every one needs a mom, right? The duck will be a little later. Hope it works! Trying to figure how to keep her on her nest. May have to take the babies from her so she will keep sitting. My neighbor "Farm Girl Gail", said her girl that is sitting can't take one more egg! How fun for Gail's girl to be having babies!

Well, how are you Mr. Turkey? He loves the rain also. If you notice the Guinea roosters have taken off quit a few tail feathers. They are just not very nice! Poor guy!

Before I went to the Potter's Shed I had to check out the rhubarb patch. It grows so fast and now with the rain it is going to take off! So many of you sent me recipes some time back, I must get them up on the blog! It is so pretty I think. If you didn't leave a recipe you can send one today or send us over to your blog!

Here is the left side entrance to the Potter's Shed!
This is the right side. See my wisteria plant? I have no clue what this "trellis thing" is. If any one know what it might be let me know. I have always thought it was so neat.

I came in and realized that big mean rooster had been into my little trough that had my lettuce, broccoli and cabbage. He had helped himself to some lettuce, scratched up some and scratched dirt over all the different plants. Not a Happy Momma, here!!!!!! You can't see real well with the picture, but some of the plants are gone and some have been chomped on. Not nice!

I had to put the screens back over the plants to keep him out. It still gets the sun and all, but I love to see all the plants without the screens on. I will have to take care of him!

Well for fun I thought I would put up the pocket I designed for Clarices Vintage Apron. I love how it turned out!!!!!! Part of the pattern is at the printers and the other part I am finishing up. I think we should be ready by the end of next week with the pattern!!! We will have it PDF so you can buy it right off the internet or in paper form!!!!! I am very happy that it is almost ready!
With my Dad's death it put me way back, but the Lord knew!!!!!

With the "blessing" of working and getting art to the Art Publisher, my days have been a little frazzled!!!! To many things going on at once, but I am so thankful! I believe the Lord is answering some of your ladies prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!! Our family is so grateful!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend. I will have one with my daughters at the Beth Moore conference. It is "So long Insecurities". Now I can use that one!!!!!!