Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Busy Day on the Farm!

Doesn't it look like Mrs. Puddle Duck has been busy? She had this nest hiding and I found it this morning. I sure hope she starts sitting on them on a permanent basis. She is kind of sloppy with her nest don't you think.

:< ) this is a raggedy ann smile!

Good Morning!!!!

Today it is a little "chipper" outside. Haven't thought of that word since I was young. We seemed to use that word more up in Alaska. It is a good day to get a lot of things inside finished up. We are still working on the second fabric line. Need a name for it. It is patriotic. The first one we named An Old Fashioned 4th. Now we need another name. Any ideas? If we use the name you have you will get a little something in the mail!

Still working on Miss Claris' Apron pattern. Finally found a way we can get it printed and also have it in PDF form for those who want it fast. I am so excited to get it out to you if you need a new apron pattern. Sometimes things take longer then I like on getting them done. Finding people to do what I need in our area sometimes takes a little longer then I want.

We have some orders for our patterns that also need to be put together today. I also worked in my little work barn and cleaned windows. If I just work a little each day it won't look so big. Wish I could have a work day and invite you all over. Now that would be fun! I would then come and help you.

This morning the girls and I were doing our Bible study. We are using Beth Moores study on David. It has been so good! This part stuck out to me so much. " I believe God responded to Hannah's prayer for two reasons. First, He is Gracious. He longs to pour His love on us. Second, He knew her heart. He knew that what she said, she would do." I pray this for myself and my girls. That our promises to the Lord would be accomplished. Hard at times, but right.

Woke up to two morning doves singing away to each other. A very pretty sound.

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you that a rooster attacked me yesterday. I have a little cochin that is sitting on eggs. I went

to help her and this mean fluffy top rooster (can’t remember what kind he is) jumped on me. It really scared me. I have bruises on my arm. He just may be going to the Yoder Poultry Auction!

Hi again,

Cathy just left a comment..... so I thought I would let you know that the fabric line I am working on in case you want to guess a name has red zinnia's, stars, checks, crocks, red granite ware, stripes.............. hope this helps. I wish I could show you pictures.

Also my farmgirl friend Gail said that Mrs. Puddle Ducks nest doesn't look like a sitting nest. Plus it is to cold outside and the eggs are exposed. I will mark them and see if she might sit later. Oh sad!



  1. Bad mean rooster!!!

    I hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Oh, bad boy that rooster is! Sounds like your farm is getting very busy :)
    Humm... hard to come up with a name for your new fabric line without seeing it... but I will think about it!
    I'm enjoying the cool weather ~ worked in the yard a bit this morning ~ I know that warm weather is coming soon!
    Enjoy your day, Linda!!

  3. I hear you! We just got rid of 2 mean roosters yesterday! I love roosters cause they are so pretty, but I don't want them hurting the kids.

  4. Sounds like an rooster with an attitude! Sorry about your bruises.

    How about "A Star Spangled Red White and Blue" OR "Three Cheers for the Red White and Blue" for your new cloth design--kind of hard for me to pick--a pic would help--I'm such a visual person :)

  5. I put up some of the icons for the fabric up on the post. I will tell you what I said. Red zinnia's, stars, checks, crocks, red granite ware, stripes.............. hope this helps. I wish I could show you pictures.

    Amy, you crack me up!
    Cathy, yes we do have a busy farm don't we...... smile
    Nancy, I think I have to many roosters. Maybe we will have chicken soup! I agree when they start hurting the kids.
    Connie, yep he does have a attitude.
    Thank you for leaving some names. Really like the! I am a visual person also, but maybe you can picture the icons I just mentioned. Can't wait to show you when I can the fabric.
    Blessings Ladies!

  6. I'm making chicken and dumplings........maybe it should be rooster and dumplings : )

    The fabric sounds lovely. How about "American Spring"?

    Have a blessed day!

  7. Linda,
    So sorry your rooster attacked. My husband grew up on a farm and the stories he tells keep our children in giggles.

    Thank you again for your lovely blog. It is a joy to receive email messages from you several times a week. I love all your decorating and sewing ideas (except my list of things I want to make keeps growing!).

    How about the name "Americana Glory" for your fabric? It is hard to pick a name that fits w/o seeing it! I'm sure you'll come up with a lovely choice and I look forward to seeing the line.

  8. Kay, you are so funny! I love chicken and dumplings. You did give me an idea. Heehee! Thank you for the name. I am putting them all together and then I think I will let the blog vote. Now that a fun idea!

    Yes Katie, there can be some funny stories! I just can't believe how much my arm hurts. You are so sweet on your kind words. I love writing and just wish I could put up everything I want to on the blog. Time and slow internet just doesn't permit. We are waiting for the internet man to come today. Can't wait. Love the name. Wish I could show the fabric. Maybe soon.

    Working on the apron pattern and the fabric at the same time. Thanks for droppin by!

  9. I just love receiving your emails and reading your blog! They really brighten my day!!
    How about Old-Tyme Country for that fabric?
    It's what it made me think of!
    Blessings, Kathy L

  10. Hi Linda!
    I don't remember this, but when I was a little kid growing up on my grandparents farm, I had a big ol' rooster chase me when I was on my tricycle and pecked me. My sweet grandpa loved his chickens but didn't like that ol' bird taking after his little girl! I guess he was dinner that night! :~P
    I can hardly wait to see your fabric. How about "American Home" or "American Country"? Whatever name you choose, I'm sure it is full of "American Charm!"

  11. Hello Linda,
    All those things in your fabric brought to mind"Land That I Love". I have a connection to our Flag and anything Patriotic as A Gold Star Banner hangs in our home. Thank you for being a blessing to me. Linda E.

  12. Sounds like a fun new line, can't wait to see it!

    Don't you just love Beth Moore studies? I think they are wonderful.

    Have a delightful week Linda~

  13. How about Patriotic Pantry... you know, because of the crocks and granite ware?

  14. Roosters can be so aggressive. I am glad you were not hurt any worse than you were. I am excited to hear you are doing Beth Moore's study on David. It is an excellent study. I know you and your girls will be blessed for doing it. Take care and God bless.

  15. Linda, I'm blank on a fabric name suggestion, but goodness gracious, that sounds cute! Sorry about the rooster attack - he didn't *mean* to be mean, right? lol, I've never had a super mean rooster and I hope my future rooster fella proves to be a gentleman. But you never know! Enjoyed hearing about your day - as always, you're a blessing! :) -Tammy

  16. Hello Sweet Linda! Sorry about your rooster. We only have the girls because we have heard the roosters can be quite nasty. I can't wait to see your new lines ;o)! What about HOPE AND GLORY? You give us all so much hope with all of your sweet posts and encouraging words here now don't you, so it would be fitting! Anyway I'm off to catch up on your blog, I've been offline (unwillingly) for a few days now! Have a wonderful spring day!
    Hugs, Dee

  17. Oh my goodness...I hate those attacking roosters! We had them on the farm when I was little and I know exactly what you are talking about:)

    How about "Americana Country Kitchen" for your new material?

    Thank you so much for such a nice blog, I always enjoy reading it!


    xoxo Gert


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