Monday, April 12, 2010

Wash On Monday


My morning has been very busy, how about yours? Are you noticing all the flowers that are popping out of the ground looking for the sunshine that they need so they can grow? Do you have new buds and flowers on your fruit trees yet? It will be so nice when you can can the fruit for the winter months. Our lilacs are all in bloom and I can't wait to make all the flower bouquets that we will give away or decorate our home with. Mmmmmmm I can just smell all the sweetness. This morning I washed and hung my homespun table cloth out on the clothes line. The flapping sound in the wind brought music to my ears. I have been waiting all winter for the beautiful days we have been having. I love how it saves on our electric bill! After I hung the table cloth I went into the chicken coop to catch the male Guinness, so I could clip their wings. They are bothering the hens and roosters just terrible. They keep chasing them everywhere and pulling their feathers out. The turkey has been having to run just to stay away from them. Not nice if you ask me, so they have to stay out of the pen. I didn't know they could be so mean, but they are. Off I went to check on Little Miss Fluff. She was so cute. She was rearranging herself and puffed up her chest to get “that certain egg” tucked under her just right. Last night in the early evening I went into the little coop that has all the banty chickens and candled all of Miss Fluff's eggs. I took a big towel and put it over my body (glad I live in the country). Then I took an egg and put a flashlight under it. You can see the little red veins and little black spot that is the beginning of a baby chick. To be able to look inside an egg is so fun. They are all fertile!!!!! I am a Mom?....... Grandma? Whatever I am I am so excited!

Yesterday our family got together to celebrate my birthday. I recieved a cherry tree, 5 more baby chicks, a chicken book, and a beautiful yellow rose bush, (it will go right in front of my Little Barn Studio). I also recieved lots of flowers to plant. My grand-babies are always so cute when they have a party for Grammie! My heart was blessed.

I have a surprise for you tomorrow! I can't wait to show you. We tried to get it up today, but it was taking to much time. I always have to have the post ready by 1:OO in the afternoon.

So........... be looking for it tomorrow. It is freeeeeeee!!!!!! Be sure to tell your friends to come over and see also. I have wanted to do this for a very long time.

Okay...... now I have something else I need help with. I received a lot of names that some of you came up with for our 2nd fabric line. I want you to be a part of picking out the name. Our family picked out our 4 favorite. We loved all the other names, but we know what the art is and these names fit great. Please vote one time for one of the names below. We will have this up until April 17th which is this Saturday. Have fun and help us out!!!!! Thank you sooooo much!

What is your favorite name?



  1. I just love clothes hung on the line. I think it makes such a pretty picture. I am glad you had a nice birthday. Take care and God bless.

  2. A very happy birthday to you, dear Linda! Sounds like it was a great day and thanks for keeping us posted on the chickens...exciting!

  3. Donna, I am with you! I have hung 4 loads up today. The wind is really blowing and the air was warm. Perfect day!

    Gooseberry Patch. Thank you for the birthday wish! The baby chicks are really just a peepin away! Little fuzz balls! Thanks for stopping by.

    Blessings ladies!

  4. I had laundry on the line the other day, I found myself singing as I was hanging it out.
    I too look forward to spring, and the laundry flapping on the line. I guess I am happy with simple things.
    Happy Spring Linda

  5. I wish I had a clothesline! I love the smell of fresh dried sheets and towels! Ah...

  6. OOH! Clothes dried on the line in the sunshine and warm breeze... they always smell the best!!
    Good luck with eh naming of your fabric line. I voted.
    Happy Birthday to you Linda!!!

  7. Happy birthday! We are still waiting for Spring wildflowers. Too cool just yet and snow falling on the mountain top yesterday. My lilacs are blooming too.

    Love that new redwork pattern.

  8. Hello, Ms Linda!!
    H♥A♥P♥P♥Y B♥I♥R♥T♥H♥D♥A♥Y!!!(Belated)I hope you had a wonderful day ~ sounds like it was exciting and lots of fun:)
    LOVE♥ your clothline picture!! I enjoy hearing the news about Miss Fluff and her babies-to-be? lol!! DO keep us posted.

  9. Happy Birthday! I have 2 hens setting and haven't candled any of the eggs. I guess I'm just gonna wait and see what happens. My guinea boys are bullies too!

  10. Sorry this is late...but a Late Happy Birthday, sounds like you had a wonderful time. Oh...I loved the picture and brings back wonderful memories of days when I use to have a clothes line and hung them out to dry!! (even on freezen days...... lol) But that is what we had to do back 40 some years ago! I remember candling eggs too. Love you blog!!


    xoxo Gert

  11. Wow Linda. I haven't been on your blog for a few days. I didn't realize our birthdays were so close. Hope yours was happy! I love hearing about Clarice.


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