Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We are getting rain........wind and maybe lightning tonight!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies, 

it seems like I have been gone forever from my blog! Busy, but that seems like it always is on a farm. We have also been helping at Broadway Market. We are learning so much and enjoying it! 

Our 3 day vacation was wonderful a few weeks back. We stayed with Taylor and Tyler.........that was so special! Also went to their church......they are in a wonderful church. It was a precious time. 

We also went to 7 different coffee houses. 5 in Kansas City area.     When we went in to each one we looked the whole place over. It was so fun! I am not a coffee drinker. I love the smell, but I like to have all the sweet stuff in I don't drink it very often! 

One of the coffee houses had lots of 150 lb. bags of raw green coffee! 

The bags were really neat. I looked at them and thought of things I could make. The owner gave me some! I was so excited. He was a very giving person. We learned so much from him also about the process in roasting coffee. 

Here is the largest of the roasters. They had two, but this was the biggest. It would have been interesting to see them roast some coffee. 

Tressa and I want to learn latte art. One of the shops did this cup for Tress. So pretty! It isn't easy.....but we are going to try! I think it will be fun to try! 

We got home on SONday before we had to go back to work. Monday night was going to change for our family and the cafe forever. Monday we went to work and then went to Broadway to work for the evening. When we were there we found out that one of our friends and coworker had died. It shocked our family! The next day at work the employees were in shock! It was sad sad sad!!!!!! But I have to say that the Lord was faithful!!! This young man had been in our life for 12 years. A precious young man! 

The hardest for me was to take Ben's EMT boots and decorate them for his Momma for the funeral. Ben loved firecrackers!!!!!!!! I wasn't sure I would find what I needed at Hobby Lobby. God was so good..........three rows of Americana stuff!!!!! I kept praying as I started working on his boots. Ben would have liked! 

Things have calmed down a bit, but the most precious gift was when a girl got saved the day after he died. She accepted what CHRIST did at the cross, another girl asked our boss if we could start a Bible Study, another has decided to live her life for CHRIST......there has been a sweetness in the cafe. God has meet us.......He is using Ben's life even though he is gone......Ben would be so excited! Life is hard, but we are looking for what the Lord has for us! The kitchen has has peace and lots of love for each other. When we first got to the cafe 4 years ago we prayed.......we saw prayers answered last week and will continue to see them answered!!!!! We will miss Ben! Please pray for his precious has been so painful!!!!!! 

When we came in the back door when we got back home from vacation...... this is what we found. Four sweet little kittens.

What a sweet little face. Spring is will be really warm  this SONday. 

Well, hope all is okay in your life!!!!! Please let me know how you  are! I would love to hear from you! 

Blessings and God bless! 


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Seed Swap Sweet Ladies Have been Matched!!!!!!

Hello sweets, 

Love gathering my eggs.....this night we were leaving for the coffeehouse to help out......I was in a hurry and didn't get my basket......used my blouse and sweater works!

It is soooo nice when I can be home all day long......anytime of the day you will find me with the fact allllllll day long you will find me in and out of the coop! 

I think my Girls are so prettaaaa....... and I enjoy my Hen House..... love to see my Girls sitting away.....amazing to think of the process on making an egg. God thought of everything didn't He.....for His children......even my enjoyment of seeing His faithfulness!  I am in love.......with HIM

Today I finished getting allllll those who signed up for the seed swap......ask if that was fun. I wish I could be a mouse in each of your homes when you get your "sweet mail"!!!!!! If you didn't receive an need to let me know!!!!!! I don't want anyone missed. Be sure to check your junk mail. :< ) this is a raggedy face, can you tell?

Our vacation has been so busy, but so enjoyable! I've worked  inside and out! Was able to roto-tilled and area in my garden today for beans and potatoes. The weather is in the 70's and all this week and next it will be in the 60's.......spring is coming, but that could change real fast. We are in Kansas!!!!! 

My tomato plants just keep growing away!!!! They are so pretty to wake up to each morning! They are really healthy! 

My little violas are the sweetest little seedlings. The seeds are so teeny tiny when you go to plant.....amazing they grow. 

Well, I am so glad that we have some new are so welcome here.....please leave a comment if you would like. We would love to meet you!

The Lord's Blessings to you!!!!!! 

A big Hug also sent your way from my farm to your HOME,


Friday, March 7, 2014

Seed Swap Two!!!!!! Let's have a Party!

Hello sweet ladies, 

Today is the first day of our vacation........9 days.....on the FARM....doing a little getting ready for spring! 

This morning my sweet man let the sheep out to pasture they were ready!!!!!   

Opened up the Hen House and the Girls so they can go running and scratching around the farm. 
I will get to watch them.....Heart be still!! 

On this vacation I will try to get a lot of things will help me be ready for spring when it really happens. We will have a beautiful 70 degree day on Monday......eeekkkkk! I will spend some time in our garden..... digging around and planning where I will plant what where!! 

Pic from last year.....gets me giddy thinking about spring!

I will also work a little on the inside of the Potter's Shed. We have a group of college kids coming out to the farm on the Monday after we get back to the college for a bon fire......want to be ready.

Busy busy time here at Prairie Flower Farm......but will be so relaxing to be outside without snow on the ground. While on vacation I thought we should do a little something fun on my blog. 

How about let's have a Prairie Flower Farm Seed Swap!!!! 
PARTY Thyme!

Someone mentioned thought it would be fun to do it again. 

I will make it soooo easy for you! 

Buy a card or make one.

Write a little bit about yourself and slip in a seed packet of seeds.

Send me your mailing address to
prairie flower farm at g mail dot com

Please put Seed Swap Two in the subject lets have some fun! 

I will match you with another sweet lady and then send you your seed partner's name and her address. Easy Peasy!!!!!

I will take names until March 10th at noon. 

Ladies from other countries are welcome to sign up!!!!!!

Sooooo lets see who will be signing up. Leave a little comment here if you are going to join the party. Tell us what you might plant this spring!

Love you sweets!!!!!! You make my days so blessed!

I am planting lots of veggies and flowers in my garden. I enjoy going and seeing color when I am harvesting and caring for my plants! Lots of daisies this year that I planted last year!

Hugs from the will be a good 9 days Lord willing,


Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Snow Day on our SONday!

Hello sweet ladies, 

Thought I would let you know that I still only
3 Prairie Flower Farm 2014 calendars available 
 for sale. 

Here is a little sneak peek of the pictures I have taken from Prairie Flower Farm for our calendar.......each can be framed after you are finished with the calendar. That's a sweet thing....right?

Each calendar is $20.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

If you are interested send me an email at
prairie flower farm at g mail dot com

Put Calendar in the subject line. Thank you!
We do paypal, check or money order.

I will do first come first serve. 

We also have our Prairie Flower Farm card sets available. 

Here are the different sets.

Winter Thyme Collection 1

Winter Thyme Collection 2

Chicken Collection

Farm Life Collection

Sheep Card Collection

Go HERE for instructions on how to order!

The weather for the last few days have been hard on the farm......snow, ice and sleet make it harder getting chores done. Yesterday while I was out in the big coop I saw my lavender guinea up in the rafters (she is always up there when I walk in).....she wouldn't move! She was nice and toasty warm! I had my camera with.....and started shooting! 

Aren't her polkadot feathers beautiful?

See her horn on the top of her head.....she really isn't the prettiest of birds.

Love her face.....she gave me some precious pic's! My favorite part of this pic is her hairdo!!!!!! 

Hope you are enjoying your SONday......we didn't have church......
so we watched it on line. We are staying is 3 degrees right now.

Hugs and God bless your day,