Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Hunt

Hello sweet ladies,

I am also journaling this for our family that lives far away, who have been a big part of the heritage of hunting in the Stubbs family.......and for memories that will be read later. 

The Hunt
Yesterday morning early....... about 4 am at our middle son's home, our girls had spent the night with their family so they could get ready for the big hunt easier and not have to drive early in the morning. 

The the other families started showing up. Boots, overalls, hunting coats, calls......times 10. Looked a little like Duck Dynasty I am sure.

In the Stubbs family it has been an adventure our family has enjoyed together for genterations. Thankful it is carrying on into the next! 

The decoys were loaded and now the hunt could begin! I am sure the drive to the hunting ground was lively! Five boys from the age of 11 to 14......can only imagine the fun! 

You can only imagine hundreds of birds singing in the trees and thickets.......watching the sun come up......God's creation right in front of you to listen to and watch. It truly is an amazing feeling.....and very peaceful!

Brothers and sisters.....very best of friends! 

Stubby boys! Cousins........V is the second one from the left.....
first big duck hunt in America. He loves his new family!

Love this pic of Daddy and son! 

Our girls!

Sis and brother, they have been hunting a long time, wonderful when you can call one of your best friends your brother! 

Big brother and of friends......the girls sent pic's to fb so we could be a part of what was going on! 

Middle son on the river......this is probably his favorite place to is so beautiful there! He and the youngest son have lots of memories with their Grandpa, Dad, Uncle and cousin. Memories etched in their minds! We still hear the stories.....they never get old.......nor will the one they had on Saturday! What happens is "family", God planned it from the beginning......this Momma is thankful that we know Who is the giver of good gifts! There is nothing more precious on this earth than the families HE puts together and how He wants to use them in giving a picture to the world. Sometimes it is hard work to stay committed to one another.....but it is a good thing when it happens. 

Love you sweet ladies........who follow are such
blessings.....and I do consider you family!


Friday, December 28, 2012

My Silly Girl!

sweet ladies!

Look at my silly "Girl"......she has all the food that she would want eat. A lot of the "Girls" eat out north of the house under the cedar tree... right under our kitchen window. My parent in loves had bird feeders up that were given to them from their family as gifts. They are still there, but to them I added one of my galvanized pans. A lot of birdies will gather at one time around in. I love watching the hens scratch all day long. They are so close for me to watch and I can really watch their silliness! Everyday Goldy will fly up and entertain! She does share though with the

  Daddy and Momma Cardinal 
who live on the farm all year long.

and Dark-eyed Junco found here

Do you have birds around you? They are so peaceful to watch I think and during the winter and summer we make sure they have water and seed. 

It is a quiet day here on the farm......enjoying every minute of the peace that surrounds me. I will be bundling up soon and going out to do some of the chores.....checking the little ones down in the Milk House and the big girls in the big coop....burrrrr! It is still so cold here. 

Hugs to your day and may the Lord bless it,


Thursday, December 27, 2012

There's snow place like HOME

Hello sweet ladies from very burzzzzyyyy cold Kansas,

Thought you might like to see what I saw last night as I was finishing up the orders for the "Little Snowman" ornies or doorknob hangers! They were sitting in an old lunch pail. I would   tied each one up in a cellaphane bag and set them in the pail.They were sitting on an old stool right next to me as I was working.....I looked over when the pail was full........they just made me smile. Thought they might do the same for you. 

Then I took the picture over to Picmonkey
and had some fun decorating the picture. I am thinking of doing up some cards for sale. This would be my first......"Winter Thyme" I have had a lot of requests for some of my pictures and soooooo at the beginning of the year I will be working on some, if you have a favorite one send me to the post.  

If you would still like to order one or more of the "Little Snowmen", they are $5.00 each plus $1.25 shipping. If you want to order more then one add $.50 for each snowman. If you order more than two I will make sure the postage is fair. 

If you would like one sent to someone it is $6.25 including shipping per place. I will put a note on the inside that it is from you. Kind of a "welcoming winter idea"! 

Paypal, check or money order please email me at 
prairie flower farm at g mail dot com 
with "snowman" in the subject line if you are interested. If you want paypal, we will send out an invoice. 

I am enjoying our has been wonderful! How are your days going? 

Hugs from the farm, 


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

We are Not Alone!

Good morning precious ladies,

sitting in our farmhome in the quietness of the morning........I am toasty warm in my red flannel pjs......"Winter" candle burning, Christmas lights a glowing and thanking our God for You. What a blessing and gift He has given us in our "friendship". Wish I could reach out through the miles bring and welcome you into my little farmhome......give you a hug......take your coat and ask you to sit at my table. I would serve you something hot and some nummy warm scones spread with  raspberry preserves and homemade whip cream spooned on the top. I know that is just one of my dreams that is not real yet, but maybe you just knowing that is what I would like to do, will make you know how much I really do care about each one of you.  

For myself and my sister this last few months has not been as we would have planned. The loss of our Momma, Shan not getting to come and be with.......  has not been an easy time for sure.....especially for her.  One thing we do know though is that we can trust our God with our lives. Please keep praying for her if you has been very hard for her to breathe. She is going to be starting some new med's and for that we are grateful. She is spending CHRISTmas with just her and her sweet man. May God comfort her like never before. Some of you have miles apart from your are also in my prayers. The families in Connecticut.......can't imagine their sorrows......pray for each and every member that has been affected please.

I know many of you have the same stories........some have written that you have lost your Momma in the last few months. Just wanted to encourage you and asking the Lord to hold you real tight!

Merry CHRISTmas to the sweetest ladies on this earth. Amazing that we are from every walk......every nation......and we are all sweet Prairie Flower Farm sisters! I am blessed!

Hugs from the farm........


Monday, December 24, 2012

God Makes Some Friends Your Chosen Family

Good morning sweet ladies, the other day we got a phone call from our sweet "chosen family". Marian called to ask if we could come to their home for dinner. I absolutely love going to their home. When I am there it is a peaceful time. I love Rosa and Marian and the frosting on top of the cake is Grandma Yoder. Grandma was raised Old Order Amish. She wears the same head covering and I love her! Usually when we all get together the girls and I get the giggles so bad. Grandma has looked at me many a times and I know I am in trouble. I tell her I am her granddaughter......and there have been times I have gotten scolded. One thing I have been able to do though is make Grandma smile! She has been not doing very well in the last few weeks and was admitted in the hospital at the same time things were happening with my Momma. I was not able to go. So last night we were going to see her.

Rosa and I love our Chicky Girls and she loves chicken eggs.....because she is one good cook! I thought for a present I would share some of my eggs. She will make something for Grandma with them. 

It is about a 25 minute drive to their place. They live on a farm that was Grandpa and Grandma Yoder's place. We have been going and visiting for probably 20 years. That is a story in it's self. The sky was changing as we drove. I had camera in hand!

When we drove up I knew that Marian would have the outside of  their place and would have it all decorated........

she always has her skates and old sled out. I had both when I was growing up in Alaska. Sweet memory!

As we walked up the steps to enter the old screen door was propped and a chair with greenery coming out of a basket! Red bow and CHRISTmas lights......perfect!

Every year we go to eat with the center of the table she has an old grater......greenery and lights......I asked if it could still be was! 

Went into the kitchen to place some things on the table........look at my gift! A grater, apples.....enough for our family......and a very pretty plater. They know me well!

My sweet man noticed the red lit u p knob on the stove. We have always liked Grandma's of those old white shows that the burner is on. He wanted me to take a pic.....I was looking at Grandma's old coffee pot. I have been served from it many times. Her girls use it for a tea pot.....just beautiful! Grandma's hands have been on it and served so many I am sure. The stories that could be told etched in other's minds!

We sat at the table......I was next to Grandma.....I took her hand......we bowed our heads to thank our Father for His provisions......I kissed the top of her hand... she smiled.....she hasn't been smiling very much.......I was thankful that I received a gift. 

Beautiful women that God put into my life. So that I could grow.....and learn. They have taught me much, canning, to be plain.......decorating.....and Jesus! When we would sit at Grandma's table after Grandpa Yoder was gone she would ask my sweet man to say the blessing. Sometimes she would just start singing a thanksgiving song. I would sit and be blessed to the deepth of my soul. I am rich! Rosa is a is Marian to their precious Momma. I love them!

A smile!

We had to say goodbye......I didn't want to leave. I pray with all my heart that God will let Grandma stay with us for a long time. Love her white cap! She is so adorable! 

I would have to say that it was God who let us become family.....a spiritual family......a very sweet thing! 

I feel the same about all you precious ladies! 

Hugs from the farm.......I am getting ready for family today.....finishing wrapping up gifts! We have always opened them on CHRISTmas Eve, that way the daughter in loves can be with their families. They will all come out tomorrow evening for CHRISTmas dinner. I am a blessed Momma.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Give Me Jesus!

Good morning sweet ladies,

This morning when we rose out of bed and looked outside, the fog was heavy on the ground and in the air. It was amazingly beautiful. Good way to start out the day. He is always there to greet us......rain or shine! It made me think of the song I have been listening to since my Momma has been gone. Hope it blesses those who have lost their Momma in the last few weeks. There have been quite a few that follow Prairie Flower Farm. 

May you enjoy the day of rest the Lord has given you today! It is His SONday, you know and He is always thinking about His children.

I have been thinking a lot about the families in Connecticut. Their loss is so much worse then mine. A friend got to say that Momma was probably meeting them. She would be precious. She loved children. One day there will be a wonderful reunion......until then there is so much work to be done. Telling those who do not know Jesus personally.......that He is the answer!

Hugs and may the Lord bless you real good! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

God Was With US!

Good Morning sweet ladies,

You may wonder why in my salutation I always say "sweet ladies", the reason is..... I want you to know what you mean to me here at Prairie Flower Farm. I feel as each lady that comes they need to know that they are treasured. You may never write....or ever say anything to me, but by the numbers that come each day I know many have been here. Even if you only read the salutation and that is where you stop, you will know that I think you are someone special.  The dictionary meaning when you are talking of a person says.....pleasant, kind, thoughtful, charming and endearing. That is what I think each time I see someone has visited my blog.......who has come sort of to my HOME. It is like you come and read my daily recorded journalings. What goes on at our HOME, farm, mission place (the college), my family, whatever the Lord lays on my heart for that day. Mostly I want to encourage ladies to think about how the Lord sees them. One word.....Precious! So... if you ever wondered why it is the same thing......that is why. Wink and Hugs!

Yesterday when we left the farm I loved seeing all the snow on the fields....what a special day to say my good byes to my sweet Momma. 
When I took this pic....I did not notice the star until I put it up on fbook. Do you see how it looks like a cross? Just another one of those little blessings. 

This morning the farm was quiet except for the clucking of the hens and the roosters welcoming the day! I feel like today is the first day of our vacation. The last two passed by so quickly! I have Joy in my heart! CHRISTmas time is almost here and I am getting the farm ready for Celebration for My Jesus! 

As we sat at the grave site they gave us each a blanket to put around us because the day was cold, I was thankful it was not bitter. That one act of kindness was such a comfort to myself. I know a simple "thing", but I love the simple! Food was given for our family so I didn't have to appreciated! 

I wanted to journal a little about yesterday. The service was beautiful. My sweet man read the scriptures and sweet things he said to my Momma on her last day here on earth. To have a husband who honored my Mom was a gift I will treasure in my heart forever. Never was there the "Mother in law" stuff that is so flippantly said in the world......he may not have always agreed with her but there was respect for her position in our family. She was  "Mother in Love" to him and it was lived out yesterday to all our precious children and grandchildren. When Pastor Wayne started to read scripture in Matthew 1. I thought he was going to say my absolute favorite verse which hangs on our wall every CHRISTmas!

Instead he read Matthew 1:22, 23.

 All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet:  “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” 
(which means “God with us”).

Jesus is the Greek form of Joshua, Joshua means the LORD saves.
The message was so beautiful. The focus was on our Momma's Lord and that is what she would have wanted. 

When we were sitting at the cemetery I was looking at the casket with our littlest grandson Reid (my maiden name) sitting close to me on his Poppa's lap. A comfort! It was time to bow our heads and pray.......God spoke to my heart ladies. He has said, I am  the Father to the fatherless, I am your Father......I knew I was not alone. I had the God of the Universe who said He was my Father! My Abba, (Daddy) What a precious CHRISTmas gift. I think that my CHRISTmas this year will be the most memorable. Momma is getting to share her CHRISTmas with the very ONE we celebrate each year! She is a blessed lady.....received by the one who paid for her sins all those years ago. Now she will live her life out eternally with Him!

After we came back to the farm........ life picked up as normal,  V and Reid went out to make a snowman. I will be busy caring for those the Lord has entrusted in my care. It will be okay.....Momma will be missed, but she is so happy! 

Thank you for being such a blessing, sweet pleasant, kind, thoughtful, charming and endearing ladies !!!!!!! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Day To REJOICE......Momma is with the LORD!

Good the most precious ladies ever!

Dixie Lee Reid Leach

When I was young our family had a fire in our home. We lost almost everything...a lot of pictures included. My niece had this picture of our Momma. It is a favorite one that we have now. 

What a last few weeks. Ups and downs........yes.......but one thing I have known for sure.... my Heavenly Father has known from the beginning of time what my days would consist of. He is sufficient for every thing He puts and takes out of my life. He is my Rock for all the days of my life. Loosing my precious Momma I knew one day, would probably be one of those times I would need my Jesus. I have leaned on Him and He has not failed me. 

One of the gifts to myself and my sister Shannon was that she was going to be with today to help bury our Momma. Due to the fact that she was diagnosed a few months with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and had an appointment set in stone for last Tuesday we had to wait for the funeral. The tests were run and the Doctor said that she in no way could come. Our hearts were broken to say the least, but we still knew the Lord had not left us. We would continue to put our trust back in His care. We waited thinking that she could still come after the tests. More tests.......more tests and the answer was still no.

It is still well with our souls. Hard...... another one of those "hardest things in life"!!!! We all have them, disappointments that hurt to the core, but my Jesus said it was okay, that our refuge is in Him alone. I put up on facebook that Momma would want Shanny to take care of herself and we always "minded" our Momma.

Today is a new chapter in our lives....may the Lord help me to take the baton... in hand from my Mom's, run the race and be an example of CHRIST to those who come into my life. Woman have a huge role that the Lord wants them to fill in sharing to the next generation the Truth of His Word. It is one that we can not take lightly. Our Momma would find great joy this verse.

"I have no greater Joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4

Thank you for your prayers and support during this time. It has been such a sweet blessing to myself and my family. Today at 10:30 this morning we will say our goodbyes. My great Joy is that one day I will without a doubt say "hello" again. Having my Momma in Heaven forever! What a precious gift from our Heavenly FatherGod is so merciful to His children and we can take great comfort that He will never leave us or forsake us! 

If you do not know Jesus personally and have not accepted His free gift of not let today go by without doing so. 

But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His Name (Jesus). John 1:12

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Hello sweet ladies,

Things are going well. Seems like getting ready for CHRISTmas helps so my mind doesn't have to just think about everything sad. I have so much to do and with my sis coming it helps just thinking about getting ready! It will be so wonderful when she is here.

Been thinking a lot about when I was in Alaska with my parents.....bubble lights and tinsel on the tree keeps coming to my mind. It is good to go back and bring up those special you have any memories you would like to share. Any favorite piece that you put out each year to make your CHRISTmas special?

Well, back to housework! Either one or two more days and Shanny will be here!!!!!!! Pinching myself......a gift.....amidst all the sorrow. God is so good! 

Oh, one more is suppose to snow on that would be special!

Thank you for all being you!!!!!!! 

Don't forget the birdies.......I am going out the door right now to get the birdseed and water ready in case it snows. I have a Momma and Poppa cardinal right out the kitchen window. They are there and on! More on then off......makes the day a little sweeter!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Momma's Hands

Good morning precious ladies,

Honor her for all that her hands have done,
    and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.
 Proverbs 31:31

This picture is one of the last pic's I have with my Momma. My Tressy took it for me. For some reason as a girl I loved to watch my Momma's hands work. Whether it was cooking......which you couldn't find a better cook. I would ask for a recipe......she would say, "I don't have one". She would add a little of this.....and a little of that......and it was always delicious! Just the other day my sister Shannon was saying she was making Momma's Spanish Rice and it wasn't tasting like hers. She said that she wished she knew the special ingredient that made it taste like hers. You know you always think you will get your Momma to write them down and you don't. After she couldn't talk anymore it was to late. For all you younger ladies who are caring for your Homes, make sure you get your Momma's recipes......glean from her wisdom while she is with, one day you will be the one that will take over. 

 I have another memory of when my family was homesteading in Alaska. Daddy was building our home.....right under a huge mountain......and a running beautiful creek next to it. Heavenly way to grow up. Sounds like a Little House on the Prairie story, but it was a special time in our lives. We lived without electricity (we had a generator until we did), kerosene lights......I loved the noise they gave off and no running water from a faucet. 

Daddy put a red hand pump in the kitchen for Momma. Oh how many times on the farm I wish I had it with me here!  I remember watching my Momma take the handle and pump it up and down to bring the coldest water in the world it seemed into my cup. Memories etched in our minds for times like this. This is the first time that now I am "the Grandma." I don't feel like I am old enough for this. 60 sounds young, but I know it is my turn. I can say it feels different. Not sure I can explain it. I loved knowing Momma was the matriarch even though she didn't know what was going on for was her place of Honor. It was a secure feeling for me to always know she was kept safe and waiting for me in the nursing home. Change, I looked in the dictionary the meaning, "the substitution of one thing for another." That is what is hard thing for I am alone with out her........I didn't want to be the substitution. I wanted to be just the daughter. Will I learn to live with it....of course. I will take the batton.....I may drop it a few times along the way......but she taught her children love their children. The key ingredient for me will be Jesus. I will read His Word. I will trust His wisdom. I will submit to His will. She is "really" safe now. I won't go to the nursing home to see her ever again. The next place will be heaven.....I will get to hold her always was a secure thing for me. 

Here is a pic of our CHRISTmas when I was young with my brother Bud, our Little uncle, myself and sister Shannon. This CHRISTmas will be different without Momma. God in His mercy has provided for my sis and I to be together for the first time in many years. It will be a sweet thing! God is the giver of the best gifts! 

Now I  will hold my sweet family and grandchildren's hands Letting them have ice cream for breakfast! I have realized over the years.....that Momma's and Grammies make times special in their children's lives!  Change..... just happens........sometimes you will never be ready......but Jesus is enough for everything that comes our way! So ladies.....if your Momma's are still living.....give them a hug for me. After all is said and done.......I think I will go back to the nursing home.....and find a precious lady who needs a daughter. Their was a lady in the room with my Momma. Her name was Donna. She couldn't talk either, but when I talked her on the last day......I could tell by her smile and eyes......she is probably the one! 

Today is SONday........hope you will find rest. I will be with our middle son and family. Celebrating Josh's birthday......he was born on CHRISTmas Day years ago....I will enjoy the celebration!

Shanny is coming on Wednesday......I will be waiting at the door! My heart is full.......sad.......the whole gamut! Thank you for your prayers.......I love you all very much. I am not just saying have become my family......even more now! 

If you have a story to share with about your loss.....I want to hear. 

Hugs to your day from the farm,


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Snowman Ornament for sale!

Hello to the sweetest ladies in the world! 

This is my Momma when she first came to Kansas. She was so funny this day. She had everyone in stitches, including Tressa and Taylor. She could talk then. We took this pic and it was on the shelf in her bedroom. The night she died we brought it home, it will go in a special place as a reminder of a very precious memory. 

On Tuesday morning I started to journal a post.....then I got the call about Momma. 

If anyone would like one of these Little Snowmen they are available by order. "Little Snowman" is 5.00 each......with $1.75 for shipping. Now if you would like one sent to someone in particular, I would put a little card on the inside that it is from you. Email me (prairie flower farm at g mail dot com and put in "Little Snowman in the subject line.....please) if you are interested. I will get them out soon. You would still have time to get one or more before CHRISTmas. If you have more then one place to send one to, I can do that also. You would have to send me an email of each address though. I will not be able to get it out in time after Thursday December 20th and still have it there in time for CHRISTmas. If that doesn't matter I can still get it there.

Each will be snuggled in a cellophane bag with a ribbon tied and tag. He is 5" tall......if you wanted to know. 

This will be first come first served! 

We take paypal (we will send out an invoice when we receive your  order), check or 
money order. 

We are meeting with the Pastor from my Dad's and Momma's church today. Getting things done one by one. 

Hugs to you all and thank you so for all the prayers and kindness. Your comments have been a real healing balm to my soul. God knew we all needed each other.......I have loved reading each of your stories about your own losses and what the Lord did in each as you have shared on my facebook. Thank you for taking the time.