Saturday, December 15, 2012

Snowman Ornament for sale!

Hello to the sweetest ladies in the world! 

This is my Momma when she first came to Kansas. She was so funny this day. She had everyone in stitches, including Tressa and Taylor. She could talk then. We took this pic and it was on the shelf in her bedroom. The night she died we brought it home, it will go in a special place as a reminder of a very precious memory. 

On Tuesday morning I started to journal a post.....then I got the call about Momma. 

If anyone would like one of these Little Snowmen they are available by order. "Little Snowman" is 5.00 each......with $1.75 for shipping. Now if you would like one sent to someone in particular, I would put a little card on the inside that it is from you. Email me (prairie flower farm at g mail dot com and put in "Little Snowman in the subject line.....please) if you are interested. I will get them out soon. You would still have time to get one or more before CHRISTmas. If you have more then one place to send one to, I can do that also. You would have to send me an email of each address though. I will not be able to get it out in time after Thursday December 20th and still have it there in time for CHRISTmas. If that doesn't matter I can still get it there.

Each will be snuggled in a cellophane bag with a ribbon tied and tag. He is 5" tall......if you wanted to know. 

This will be first come first served! 

We take paypal (we will send out an invoice when we receive your  order), check or 
money order. 

We are meeting with the Pastor from my Dad's and Momma's church today. Getting things done one by one. 

Hugs to you all and thank you so for all the prayers and kindness. Your comments have been a real healing balm to my soul. God knew we all needed each other.......I have loved reading each of your stories about your own losses and what the Lord did in each as you have shared on my facebook. Thank you for taking the time.


  1. Michelle Lucas SolizDecember 15, 2012 at 7:59 AM

    You are a blessing EVERY day Linda. I LOVE your because your love of Jesus shows no matter your situation! God bless you ALWAYS and have a joyful Christmas!!

  2. I am going to get a Snowman. I will always remember your momma that way! Smiling, making your children laugh out loud! I am so very loss for your loss but I know Heaven gained a new angel the moment she passed over! God Bless You Linda, I am hugging you way over here in Colorado! xxoo Anne

  3. I would love to have one of these adorable snowmen as a remembrance for my own Mother who passed several years ago.

    1. Hi Staci, thank you! I would love to send you one. How precious is that! Made my heart smile that you would do that in remembrance of your Momma. You need to email me at and let me know how you want to pay. Paypal, check or money order. I will need your address. Thank you!!!!! Hugs, me

  4. sent you an email for 1 snowman. Love your creations. Love the pic of your Momma. Prayers and hugs.

  5. I sent an email for a snowman, thank you and God Bless you as you grieve yor mama. I lost mine just 2 weeks ago also.

  6. I sent you an email just now for one of the ornaments. If you still have any, I am going to have my sent to my daughter, who now is 2 1/2 hours away, and I have been missing her rather bad this year.

  7. I just sent you an email too, if you have any left your snowman will hang on my tree in remembrance of what a blessing you are!

  8. Hugs to you. Sorry about your mom. Praying for you.

    Gods blessings



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