Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rain and more rain coming!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies..........what a night. Thunder, lightning and tons of rain!!!!!!!!! So thankful for the rain though. 

This storm started coming for our farm........we had to take off later in the day from the farm. The clouds were swirling around to the west. We don't have a storm shelter......some day I hope we will!!!!!!!

This morning I took Birch out to a different pen where........

 a rooster and his wifey hen live. Birch will be safer in this pen. It is the pen he and his Momma Sweet Magnolia lived. The little hen is so cute.....I want her to start laying her eggs in the pen. Anyway it was raining so hard, but it was  beautiful! Love rain! It has been sometime since we have had it here on the farm! 

Willow and her lambs were waiting to be fed! The wind was blowing so hard while out feeding and rescuing my teenage chickens. 

We got between 5 1/2" to 6", wonderful!!!!!! The garden drank it up! It will take off growing now that it got some of  God's water! Nothing like it........course the weeds will have some fun also, but I will take care of them! The frogs and bull frogs are out in the fields croaking away! Lovely sound for sure!

I am working in the house some today. ORGANIZATION going to be happening. Unpacking from the trip.....sweeping the floors.....washing my own dishes and not the colleges. Yahoo!!!!!! Feels so good! Home is a precious place to be with my family.......and we can stay up late and not worry about getting up at 5 in the morning! Now that is a deal! Even though this summer I will still be getting up early......lots to get done on the farm! 

Love you sweet friends, 


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We have a winner!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies from the farm!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to pick some of my radishes this morning. We are to have possible bad storms today so I wanted to get out early. I have a sweet friend who loves radishes.......I added some daisies and aribbon........Radish bouquet coming her way!!!!

I am so enjoying my first real day on the farm during my time off from the college. I got up real early. Couldn't help it......had a full day in front of me! I read in my Praying God's Word by Beth Moore it is one of my favorite books besides the Bible. I read this prayer for you and me:

Father, according to Your Word, those who heard the testimony of the woman at the well said, "We no longer believe just because of what You said; now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Savior of the World." (John 4:42) Please cause my life to impact others by making them desire to meet You for themselves and believe!    Hope it encouragesd you!!!!! 

'till the cows come home party has a winner!!!!!!!!

I tallied all the names......we had 84 ladies that signed up! I had so much fun reading all the's always interesting to me to see how you found lady said "I honestly think God sent you to me".......well, I think the "same thing" about all of you ladies! When I started my blog it was a real hard time in my life. Everything seemed to be crashing in......then I thought if maybe I could encourage ladies to stay in the race...... it might be helpful. Never would I have imagined I would be blessed by all you precious ladies!!!!!! Thank you so much for following and being a part of my life, you truly are like sisters!!!!!!!

Okay, nowwwww for the winner........

Sue Gray O'Grady!!!!!!! 

She does not have a blog, but follows here and on facebook! I emailed her already! She is happy!  
I will get her little creamer cow out real soon! 

Thank you so much again to all who signed up!!!!! There will be some more parties this summer for sure!

This morning I was checking on my new little chicks. One had a mess on his little behind. Sometimes that happens and they get a little build up. I take a warm wet washcloth and gently press it to their behind. It takes some time, but it is really important to get it off, because they can die. I have him wrapped in a tea towel right next to me as I am typing.....he is under a warm lamp. He is sound asleep and very happy! 

Farm LIFE!!!!!!! Ekkkkk! I am a little on the happy side ladies!!!!

I am off to make an omelet for my sweet man.....picking some of my rainbow chard to put in and using my farm fresh girly eggs! It is growing beautifully! Thank you Jesus....the master gardner.....always invite Him to help me!!!!!!

Thank you again for meeting here at Prairie Flower make life so much sweeter!

Hugs from the FARM! 


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

'till the COWS COME HOME Party! Please come and sign up!

Sorry Party closed......more to come!

Hello sweet ladies, we are coming back HOME from our long long trip to Idaho! We are just about to get into Kansas real soon. While we were doing a little bit of shopping I found this adorable little creamer cow. I thought he was the sweetest thing! It only stands a little over 3". Anyway when I saw it I thought that I would use him for a little "Coming HOME party while driving home. So....... if you want to enter and have a chance to win him....... please leave a comment...............

tell me how you found Prairie Flower Farm and me!!!!!!

My sweet friend Tracey and I will enjoy reading the comments as we finish out our trip!

God bless your day! 


Monday, May 27, 2013

When the Lord blesses!!!!!

Good morning sweet ladies, what a ride we have been on!!!!!! 

We got to the NAIA World Series for the first was the most fun our family has had in a long time! If you like baseball this was the place to be. We didn't win, but just being there to support our guys was wonderful! Can't believe we actually got to go!!!!!!!!

It rained........but it was lovely. I loveeeeeeee rain! Living in Alaska I lived in a lot of it, so for me it gives me much peace! I guess it just takes me back home!

The opening ceremony was incrediable. Seeing all the teams that were represented on the field......all together was such an experience for us.The young lady that sang the National Anthem sang so beautiful. The flags were flying....we were proud to be Americans!

With the blue sky and clouds above......the mountain range in front of us.......and a rainbow from the LORD, our hearts were full and we just felt so blessed to live in such a beautiful country!!!!!! 

Three of our baseball boys left their mark in Idaho. We lost the last game, it was so sad for the boys. That meant we all were going back home....but before we left the Lord was going to use a family to do something for our family that we will never forget.

 The four on the back row.... on the left are like family to us! Tyler (one of our baseball boys) Terry (his dad), Tracey (his Momma) and Taylor (his sister). His parents and sister drove out with us. Talk about a blessing. We laughed so much....the girls had so much fun......medicine for both of the families souls! A gift! The other two on the right and children in front were frosting on top of the cake. They are Tracey's cousins, they came over from Washington to visit after not seeing each other for about 20 years. You know when CHRISTians get matter whether you know them or just click! Well that is what happened. We had never met Anthony's family before. Anthony (far right) heard from Terry and Tracey what we do with the baseball team and how they are like our own kids.  As they were leaving town, they gave Terry this to give to us...........

a love gift for our family to use for the Refuge Cabin...... for the college kids and others that come. Our family could hardly believe it. We were all crying. To think a young man and his family would love us so. They didn't even know us......and yet they listened to the Lord. Anthony is leading his precious little family well. What an example he was to my family and those around us! We loveeeeeed their children. Talk about adorable! They are teaching their children at home......we could tell. 

As you know we have wanted to get electricity and plumbing out to the cabin so it can be used more. Now this will make it happen. We were given another $200 a few months back, from one of our college girls (Kitty), who we had years ago. We have been saving it. The Lord uses His kids to accomplish much! We stand in awe and are very humbled! We thank God for this precious family.....we will be getting on our knees at home and will dedicate the funds to the Lord and will do as He leads. They may come out to Kansas......he wants to help with the cabin......."please Lord let them come" would be our turn to love on them!!!!!! Will wait and see what the Lord will do!

We are enjoying the mountains......rain.....sunshine.....and sweet fellowship. What a sweet day today is! 

Love you all and thank you so much for praying for us during our travels. I so appreciate you! 



Sunday, May 26, 2013

It is SONday and we are in Idaho!

Good morning sweet ladies, I have a chance to do a little journaling. What a special few days we have been having as a family and with our friends.  Getting to go to the NAIA tournament has been a blessing beyond measure!

We left the farm last Wednesday morning very early.........look at what the Lord gave us as we left the farm. A beautiful way to start our journey........1559 thousand miles to get to Idaho! We drove through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Beautiful country!!!!!! 

We were going to go Nebraska way.....but we ended up going through Denver, CO and that was fine........when the mountains came into view my heart skipped a beat! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I love the mountains......except for when they are steep.....don't like it then. Smile.

We also had a surprise along the way, we got to stop in Montana. A sweet Momma of 4 children, who has followed my blog was my treat! I got to meet her and their precious family! Their four little boys were absolutely adorable!!!!!! They showed us hospitality at it's best! Their farmstead was beautiful and their home that they built was GORGEOUS!!!!! I could have stayed their for days!!!!!!

I fell in love with the children.....wish they lived close to me! They had on their boots........little one on the right had his on the wrong feet......loved it!!!!!! A gift I have tucked in my heart forever! Hated to leave. 

Off we we were driving through the mountains we hit some snow. It was so beautiful!!!!! The scenery was breath taking.....we were loving every bit of the trip. Everyone kept saying how thankful they were. I kept posting up little things on my facebook and the prayers that were going up for us was precious!!!! The mountains were just a little scary for my friend and I a few times. HEADS IN LAP! 

When we got into Idaho we traveled along the river for miles! We had to stop at every state sign along the way to take a pic with our 2 girls and our friend's daughter. They were having a wonderful time. 

About an hour before we got to Lewiston, ID the sun was going down as we were sandwiched in between the mountains. OH MY HEAVENLY FATHER KNOWSSSSS HOW TO BLESS HIS CHILDREN!!!!!! We were being so blessed by the Lord and we kept telling Him so! What He had created for enjoy! What a precious Father we have! We noticed everything!!!!!!! Our country is beautiful!

I will post later about the tournament. Even though we didn't win........we WON! I have to get ready for travel! I also have something to tell you. You know how I have talked so many times about how the Lord is so into detail. Well, He blessed our socks off!!!!!!!! BIG TIME! 

Hugs to your day and know that you are me, but mostly JESUS!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life!!!!!!!! ON THE FARM and IDAHO!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies, 

I have only had time to put up little blips on my facebook this last week. Work just keep me hoppin'. The last morning when we drove to work the Lord gave us this. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

We are so involved now in the personal lives of a lot of students at the college and it seemed like we had lots out on the farm.....even parents came as they were leaving..........that was a precious thing. Then there was graduation.......Saturday was full!!!!! 

Many a morning I would stand in front of this wall hanging that had the schools scripture for the year.......I would pray. So many of you also prayed this verse for them. Thank you.......the Lord answered! Many lives have been changed and we got to witness it! We have so many kids that hugged us and my heart was ripped apart in saying goodbye. The Lord engraved them into my heart.......forever!!!!! I can look back 3 years ago and see that he took our whole family and had a bigger job for us to do for Him. One main concern for me when we got the job was that my identity of being a Mom would of little faith.......God just wanted to give me more children......that was a good idea on His part!!!!!!! It wasn't  fancy.......just using a simple farm family......He told us to go and love them for Him. We will never be the same........we saw His leading every step of the way. We just told them about HIM, He did the rest!!!!! Can't imagine what next year will bring! Until then I will enjoy my little LIFE.....walking it with HIM.......and lovin' on you all!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see what Prairie Flower Farm will look like this summer. Before some of the foot ball boys left, they came and cleaned away two more areas on the farm.......I will show you tomorrow what they did. Then before they left we all gathered in our yard......8 of us holding hands in a circle under a big blue sky. My sweet man prayed blessings over them......after he said In Jesus Name.......I looked young man had tears rolling down his face.......Jesus touched him.......what a gift for this Momma. I will talk later........I am getting ready for a trip........going to Idaho......our baseball team is playing in the NAIA Avista World Series!  The baseball team, us and others are leaving on a trip and driving to Idaho. It is amazing to see what the Lord did this last year. He came in and changed the hearts of at least 10 young men. They are now seeking the LORD Jesus Christ!!!!!!!! Never would we have imagined what He wanted to do. There are other guys.......that still need to make that commitment! Pray that while in Idaho they will want JESUS!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

The blessing jar will go with!!!!!

A college young man will be taking care of our farm.......he will be working on it while we are gone! I don't have to worry about anything!!!!!!!! Please pray for the farms safety as we bad weather!!!!!!!!

Please also pray for our safety!!!!!!! 

Stitcheries in the BAG!!!!!!!! 

Love you and God bless you!!!!!!!! 


Tuesday, May 14, 2013


For the second year in a row the Sterling College Baseball team has had back to back 40+ win seasons. The boys finished up their conference season 24-4 which was good enough to make them co-champions of the  Kansas Christian Athletic Conference for the second year in a row. The team went on to win the KCAC tournament for the second year in a row. This team picture was taken after they won the KCAC tournament.

Winning the conference tournament got them a spot in the NAIA World Series Regional in Oklahoma City for the second year in a row. They won 3 straight games and in the Championship Game, beat the #2 ranked team in the nation. The team picture below was taken in Oklahoma City after winning the regional.

We were able to go to the game this last Saturday. It was so wonderful for our family to be there with all the other families! 
After the game, we all drove home and got in late that night. It was real special for all the guys because a firetruck escorted them from the south entrance of the City of Sterling to the baseball field at Sterling College. Waiting for them at the field were at least 100 students and fans. It was a night for all of us to remember. One of our boys said that he felt like a celebrity. Made me smile, they all worked so hard!

Winning the regional in OKC means that for the first time in School history they are going to the NAIA Avista World Series in Lewiston, Idaho! Their record as of now is 48-12. 

Now for the special part. My sweet man, myself and our two daughters really wanted to go to Idaho to support the guys. We have seen some of the baseball team come to Christ and start living for Him in this last year. My sweet man has invested a lot of time and Bible study with them. Anyway we had some extra money saved and we were really praying as to what we should do. Today I was talking to one of the main "sports persons" (I am not sure if I should name them at this time so I won't). I asked if they were going. They said yes. I said that we were praying about it and then he said, "I will take care of your gas!" I couldn't believe my ears. Of course I cried and said, "thank you". They are also looking into lodging for us. The Lord blessed us big time. We would appreciate we get ready. We have the farm taken care of and all our animals. So now you see why I said "In the Blessing Jar"!!!!!!!!!! I am going to get a lot of stitching projects ready for stitchin as we drive. Idaho is a long way from Sterling, Kansas! Yahoo!!!!!! 

Look at what was on the back of our dock at the college kitchen. A robins nest. Love the color of the eggs. This is exactly what the color of the eggs looked like! 

Hugs to you and may the Lord bless you all!!!!!!!!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

It"s Momma's Day!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

Happy Mother's day to you all. This morning I have been thinking of all of us who have lost their momma's. Today is bittersweet for me. This is the first Momma's Day with out my Momma. I thought a lot about it yesterday when I was out and saw all the daughters with their Moms. I haven't ever thought about it much, but yesterday it really struck me hard. I am so thankful that Momma is with the Lord. The best gift for her right now is that I continue to walk with the Lord and teach the next generation the Truth..........I the best of my abilities. Leaning in hard trusting the Lord for His leading!

I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in truth........3 John 1:4

As you know we have a lot of college boys that the Lord has brought into our families life. It has been precious to watch how our 5 children here on earth have also adopted them right into their own lives and also into our grandkids. We have a bigger family now. Anyway this morning I woke early again.........I knew that one of our college boys had asked if he could come out to the farm and just do some "stuff" (our little farm needs lots and lots of work done to make it our own)......he loves to work. I will tell you later about what we did yesterday.....but we were gone. We told him of course......he loves to be out on the farm. It is peaceful and very quiet. I didn't know what he was going to work on........this is what I saw this morning. I stood their crying like a baby.......stunned. He had cleared "ALL" the area where my dream greenhouse is to go. A Momma's Day present to me.......from from a kid that is not even experience the love from this whole act of kindness was amazing to my heart. To think 3 years ago when we started working at the college I would have more kids to love on then I could ever imagine........but the fact that they love that is a "GIFT"....straight from the Father's Hand. I am so excited!!!!! God is unfolding his plan for Prairie Flower Farm right before my eyes. Today we will be celebrating Momma's Day......I will have my own blood children with.......but also the ones that have been grafted into my heart........ones that I will spend eternity with...some who have found Jesus and want Him like we will be a celebration! We were told yesterday that "our presence at the baseball games have been noticed.....we keep asking them to church......maybe not today.....but maybe one day! 

I love you sweet ladies.......who faithfully come and are a part of my everyday life. May the Lord bless all you Mommas.......and those of you who feel like you have been forgotten.......ask the Lord to give you someone...their are so many kids that need a Mom. You can find them in the colleges.....the the Sunday School classes......or maybe right next door. 

If your Momma is gone......I am praying for you! If you have never been able to have a little one......I am praying for you even harder.......God has you in the palm of His Hand.....He knows what He is doing with your life.......some of it really stinks it seems......but it doesn't change His position or care for you! He is faithful..........I promise.

I will give you treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may “know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name. Isaiah 45:3 Oh to know Him! 

Hugs from the farm, 


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hi....I am back!!!!!! It has been so busy!

Hello sweet ladies, 

So much has happened since I posted last. Life at the college has kept us all hopping...building on our daughter's round pen.....

and working around in my garden. I had to protect my rhubarb with old wire fencing so the chickens won't bug them. 

My potatoes are all coming up. This week the weather is warmer and so plants will be growing.......that means the weeds also!

Remember the eggs that the Momma hens were sitting on and little Birch jumped up on the ledge? Well, on Monday evening I went to roll the eggs and I heard this peeping noise. This morning he was still peeping. When I got home he had a little hole......oh my.......just a minute ago as I was typing this I heard him really peeping loud.....jumped up and saw that he or she is out. A little black cochin baby fluff just hatched!!!!!!!! How funny that I would be writing at this very moment when it hatched. 

I lost my camera out in the field somewhere......waiting on my new one to come in the mail. My daughter took this pic for me. It is still wet and very very small. It is still attached to the egg membrane. It is tired.......and so am I. Hope you enjoy this picture. Now about 49 more to go! 

Hugs and God bless you!!!!!!! 


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lil' Birch is growing!

Hello sweet ladies,

I am putting this post up on Thursday night. This morning the weather was unreal. Snowing and very very cold........the later the day went on...... the warmer the weather got. Not that it got very warm though. The one nice thing about when the weather is cold is the kitchen at the college isn't as hot. We are without an air conditioner and all the ovens going, makes for a very hot place. 
When we left the caf I got this picture of the clouds and trees. The trees are really turning green. All the moisture has made everything really grow a lot! Everything is budding and it is looking like spring.

When I got home I fed Lil' Birch and then took him outside to play and nibble on the grass.

I love the curls on his ears.......see how fuzzy his face is getting. The wool is really growing fast! Little ringlets on his body. Sweetness! 

He was always going back to my crabapple tree to eat the leaves. We have been working so hard trying to keep them watered during the drought......he is not going to eat them now!!!!! 

I put him back into the Milk House and went to get the Big Girlies (who are setting), some water and food. Also went to feed the little chicks. I noticed when I opened the door that Lil' Birch had hopped up on the ledge. The same ledge where I have a big nesting box. He hopped down and so I noticed the Momma's were not in their nesting boxes. The eggs were cold. Three nests. I was sick to my stomach. I got a bucket and carefully laid all the eggs into it and started up the incubator. I am afraid I have lost all the eggs. I am going to try and hatch them to see if I can save them. They were due this next Tuesday. Lil' Birch may be moving out this weekend to the pen he and his Momma shared. 

I moved Mr. Roo and Miss Betsy to the pen to be with Lil' Birch...if I decide to have him there. I hatched these two last glad I got a daddy and a momma to match. I fixed a basket with straw so maybe she will start sitting on some eggs out in the pen.

I will keep you posted on what happens with the eggs. I sure hope they make it. I had two duck eggs in for a lady at work. She was to take them to her daughter and weird this had to happen. If it hadn't been so cold today maybe the eggs would have been okay. Has anyone ever had problems with this before. I would love to know what happened.

Hugs to your day and God bless!!!!!!!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We Have Three Winners!!!!!!!!!!

Good evening sweet ladies, the thunder is rolling over the farm on this Wednesday night. They say snow.......oh my.....trying to be happy! It will only stay around for a few days....right? 1 1/2 to 2 inches. The sun will be out again before we know it and then maybe we can finish planting our garden. All the baby chicks are tucked in the Milk House with Lil' Birch they will be toasty warm as it snows outside it's door! 

Soooooooo here is the time.......... we have been looking for. 

We have three winners. One of my favorite things to do on my blog is to have a party and let who wins know they won!!!!! I will be contacting each lady.

The Regan Family Farm was so generous to give out 3 gifts. So here is who won!

If you are interested in buying any of the Regan Family Farm candles or soaps........please go here and you can purchase them.

who's blog is
 First Prize
Sage and Lemongrass Candle

who's blog is 
Second prize
Sage and Lemongrass Candle


Aunt Lodi (Diane Stowe)
she does not have a blog
Third Prize
She won the 2 bars of Garden Citrus Soaps

I have sent out everyone an email to get your mail addresses. 

Thank you ladies for signing up for another party here at Prairie Flower Farm. You always make them so special. I will be copying all your ideas for the book that I want to do Lord willing! I really think it would be a fun thing to do and my wheels are spinning in my head. If you ever have some more ideas, don't hesitate to write them down and send them to me. 

I took a pic
 of my baby white pumpkins. I can hardly wait until they grow a little bit more and get them in the garden.......after the snow melts!

Well I hope all is well at your home........I am off to bed
can't believe this week is almost over. Next week and part of the next week and I am home on the farm. I have some fun things planned for us!

Love you all and God bless,