Sunday, May 26, 2013

It is SONday and we are in Idaho!

Good morning sweet ladies, I have a chance to do a little journaling. What a special few days we have been having as a family and with our friends.  Getting to go to the NAIA tournament has been a blessing beyond measure!

We left the farm last Wednesday morning very early.........look at what the Lord gave us as we left the farm. A beautiful way to start our journey........1559 thousand miles to get to Idaho! We drove through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Beautiful country!!!!!! 

We were going to go Nebraska way.....but we ended up going through Denver, CO and that was fine........when the mountains came into view my heart skipped a beat! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I love the mountains......except for when they are steep.....don't like it then. Smile.

We also had a surprise along the way, we got to stop in Montana. A sweet Momma of 4 children, who has followed my blog was my treat! I got to meet her and their precious family! Their four little boys were absolutely adorable!!!!!! They showed us hospitality at it's best! Their farmstead was beautiful and their home that they built was GORGEOUS!!!!! I could have stayed their for days!!!!!!

I fell in love with the children.....wish they lived close to me! They had on their boots........little one on the right had his on the wrong feet......loved it!!!!!! A gift I have tucked in my heart forever! Hated to leave. 

Off we we were driving through the mountains we hit some snow. It was so beautiful!!!!! The scenery was breath taking.....we were loving every bit of the trip. Everyone kept saying how thankful they were. I kept posting up little things on my facebook and the prayers that were going up for us was precious!!!! The mountains were just a little scary for my friend and I a few times. HEADS IN LAP! 

When we got into Idaho we traveled along the river for miles! We had to stop at every state sign along the way to take a pic with our 2 girls and our friend's daughter. They were having a wonderful time. 

About an hour before we got to Lewiston, ID the sun was going down as we were sandwiched in between the mountains. OH MY HEAVENLY FATHER KNOWSSSSS HOW TO BLESS HIS CHILDREN!!!!!! We were being so blessed by the Lord and we kept telling Him so! What He had created for enjoy! What a precious Father we have! We noticed everything!!!!!!! Our country is beautiful!

I will post later about the tournament. Even though we didn't win........we WON! I have to get ready for travel! I also have something to tell you. You know how I have talked so many times about how the Lord is so into detail. Well, He blessed our socks off!!!!!!!! BIG TIME! 

Hugs to your day and know that you are me, but mostly JESUS!



  1. Sounds like a great trip!!! Anxiously waiting for the rest.

  2. Trip photos are wonderful! It is so good to connect with friends. I always feel so blessed coming here.


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