Thursday, July 31, 2014

Farming, living and moving ahead with Jesus at the Lead!

Good morning sweets.........

went out to check on the girls and see how Birch was treating them. He is actually doing really well. Thankful for that......babies in the spring! Can't wait! Can you see how big sweet pea is getting.......her face is the sweetest! 

I have 3 Mommas who allllllll share the same nest. I always have to lift each one out to check if I have any babies under them........look who fell out from one of their wings.....pure sweetness don't you think? I brought it in the house and gave to Tress. We think it looks like a penguin! Don't you? Love it!!!!!

Farming and gardening have takin quit a bit of my time this summer......but I love it! We got another 1/2" rain yesterday.....that will help the corn and soybeans that are growing beautifully! As if we aren't excited for our first crop of corn.......exciting times around the farm this time of year!

We have tons of busy little honey bees working in our garden. Every flower on every plant has at least one or two inside. Notice the pollen all over it's legs and back? So interesting to watch!

Well, I am off to the college cafeteria to see what we can do to help with the last bit of catering. We will be leaving the cafe and it will be hard for us we are sure.....keep praying.....things are moving fast on the coffeehouse.....we are squealing! Haven't signed the papers.....but it is looking so good! The Lord is showing us step by step how to trust is so worth following Him!

Keep praying please!
Thank you!

Hugs from the farm and God bless you!!!


Sunday, July 27, 2014

S u m m e r 's Are Always Full!!!!!!!!!

Hello seems like forever since I have put up a is the day!!!!!! I have missed journaling and talking with you, with all the baby chicks hatching.....(I think I am up to about 30 chicks of every size)......the garden growing.......Momma Guinea with new babies......Momma Ducks with 3 sets of babies.......a house guest, canning sand hill plum jam, keeping animals safe from the time.....grandkid's time.....and pursuing the coffeehouse......all that to has kept us so so busy this summer, but it has been exciting! 

One of the teenage chicks escaped out of the Milk House fence.......I was sitting on the had to take a pic of her as she snuck around the corner. She is so pretty!

Potatoes are ready......we have been cutting them into 1/2" pieces, boiling them and green beans. Then we drain the water and add butter and fresh minced garlic!  

When I am in the garden the horses are close by. 

Some of our family who live by us invited us to come pick Sand Hill Plums on their pasture. It was filled with huge plums. So beautiful to see!!!!!! It's like they are free gifts!!!!!! Straight from God!

Sand Hill Plum Jam tastes so good. 

have three cages for the different age chicks. I take them from their mommas a day after they have hatched and put them in a box in the house under a lamp. This year I let only one mom sit on her babies and raise them inside a cage. I wish I had lots more cages, I would let more Moms raise her own babies. 

This is what it looks like when I am picking green beans......the birds are always singing when I am working. Peaceful time for me.  

Momma Guinea had her 15 little ones.......all safe tucked in a
box cage I made to keep my Mom's and babies from harm. Last year all the babies she had did not make it and we lost every one of them. I have heard that Momma Guineas are not good mommas. This time they will be raised inside until they are big enough to be set free. 

Birch has been in one pen and the girls have been separated from him in another pen. Birch must have sensed the girls were in heat.......he knocked part of my gate down......and jumped through the hole. When I came out to the pen I noticed the huge hole......only one thing could have happened.......... it will be fun to have some baby lambs this spring. 

On top of everything else we have been pursuing the coffeehouse and God has been leading us all the way. Different things will come up and we just know that He is in control. Somethings have been really falling into place this last week. We asked for prayer on PFF Facebook and that day the Lord opened the door so huge that we all stood in awe! We knew He answered!!!!! God is soooooo precious!!!!!!! I know many of you have prayed for us and we thank you so so much. You are such precious ladies! As soon as I know anything more, I will let you know. We are waiting on some important information right now and should know soon!!!!! Ekkkkkkk! Tressa and I are beside ourselves!!!!!!

Please be praying for our world........people need Jesus! He came, He died and He came to save!!!!! Ask God to help you share the good news!!!!!!! 

Blessings and may the Lord Bless Your SONday!