Monday, March 5, 2018

Spring is coming!!!

Good morning sweet ladies......just have to say I have missed you much!!! I do keep up on my facebook because it doesn't take the time that doing a blog does....just in case you want to come over. It has been a while......since I have said hello! Life can get so so busy for me. First off I want to apologize fort the photobucket square that is so not nice on my blog. If I want it off I have to pay a lot of money or take all my photos off. I will trying to figure what I can do or start a whole new blog at some time. Just not now in my life....but I am sorry!! 

We still have the coffeehouse and our children and grandchildren that keep us busy. Started my sweet potato slips in January and they will be ready for spring.......been sharing them with some of the old time farmers in town......they remember when they were young doing this with their their stories!!!

Our little is learning to be a barista at 4 months of age with her has been such a gift the last months since she was born. We love her and pray for her precious life!!!!

The coffeehouse keeps me busy baking, making up soups......made egg noodles and a pot of chicken soup when the flu was going around.......they went over well.......serving food......loving on Momma's and their littles.....makes for a busy life....

coming H O M E on the weekends are my sweet gifts from the Lord!! 

Love love love taking care of my chickie girls.... puttsing around the my greenhouse ready for my plants!!!! Can't wait to bring them home from the market when they are ready!!!

Some weeks back I started getting my seeds planted......learning a lot this year about transplanting. Have regular shop lights at the shop and everything is doing fantastic under them!!! The key this year was to learn about worm castings...... to buy if you are interested here  and learn about worm casting tea go here . I am not kidding this stuff is like pure gold!!!

The Roma plant on the left I had transplanted two weeks ago using worm castings in the soil. I had only so much soil to plant half of all my seedlings. I bought some more seed starting soil and had to get the seedlings transplanted....still waiting on an order for worm castings. The one on the right was when I got transplanted one week later in seed mix without worm castings. It showed me what I needed to know. I am amazed. 

Then I got to thinking what if I could make up some worm casting tea.......I researched and sure enough. So when my castings came in the mail...... I bought what I needed. Now I have done more research and if I really want to do this right I will invest in a bigger air bubbler........but I am more then satisfied on a small scale what I have accomplished so far. On my second batch....went around the farm and put some on my little bushes and trees. 

To make some tea up you will need to drill a hole in the top of 

2 cups of well composted worm castings
2 tablespoons of unsulphured molasses
5 gallon bucket filled with water.....or rain water. 
follow instructions above in link. 

I am going to show some who have asked how I start seeds.

Starting seeds is very simple. I was running out of space and cups and thought I would try using my plastic milk jugs that we go  through in our coffee shop. Turn on side so label is on the bottom. Keep lid on!!!! Starting cutting from the back top of jug "leave about a three inch space that you will not cut" in the back so it can have a flap. 

Fill  milk container half-full with seed transplanting soil. You can add some worm castings if you would like. It really is amazing stuff!!! Pat the soil down a little bit. 

Sprinkle seeds on top. Cover seeds lightly with your soil. Spray with a spray bottle filled with warm water.

IF you want to learn how I do my tomatoes 🍅 seeds go Here

I wrap anything I am starting in plastic bags and put in a warm place. I can used the top of my shop light.....I have also used the top of my refrigerator. Works great. Now wait until it grows. After the plant gets about 2" to 3"tall you can transplant into a small paper cup or I am using the milk jugs and putting space of about 1 1/2" in between seedlings. I think it will work great until I can get everything outside!! 

I have also been knitting for our new grandson (still in his Momma's womb)....still need to make him his hat. His name is Jackston and due in May close to his Momma and Daddy's wedding anniversary!!!!!!! We are so excited!!

The chickie girls are doing so well.......I am sooooo waiting for someone to start sitting and going broody!!!! Been spouting seeds for them......easy easy!!! 

I have been sprouting alfalfa, wheat, lentils and quinoa. Staggering them so every other day they get fresh sprouts!!!! It isn't hard to do ......just need a large mouth jar or containers especially for sprouting. Mesh lids or cheesecloth/a canning jar wide mouth lid ring works great too!!! Fill jar with water and let seeds soak for 8-10 hours. Rinse and allow water to drain out. Everyday two times fill jar with water and rinse....draining water out each time. Place jar on it's side in a slightly sunny spot. Watch little life happen!!!! Your girlies will love you!!! You are giving them good food and it only takes a few minutes each day!!!

Well......this is a little update on what is I am quilting and making some hen quilt patches and sheep and can't wait to get into my craft room to is a fun day......just know you are so thought of so many times!!!

Please leave a comment if you still follow. I know it is a wonder if anyone still does....and I so understand!!! 

Hugs and God bless your day!!!!!!