Thursday, February 28, 2013

We have two Winners!

Hello sweet ladies,

To say I have been busy is an understatement. It was fun busy though. I got lots of orders for the new cards! Thank you to all who ordered and also who signed up for the card giveaway. The other thing that has kept me busy is taking care of the babies that are hatching everyday! It has been so fun watching all the ones that have hatched getting a little bit bigger each day. They do grow fast! 

Also today I found out who won!!!!!!!!!

We have......

I put all the names who ordered cards from me in my farm hat. I bet you want to know who won don't was 

Cathy White

she won the Egg Basket and 2 sets of the cards!!!!!

The second prize went to

Kari Goodroad

Thank you to "all" who signed up for the card party and for all the orders!!!!!!! You made my days special!

I have been so busy at the college.......kind of like make up since we were gone for 2 days. I enjoyed my time at home.....but when I got back to pizza station it was a major job catching up! 

Can't wait for the weekend. I have more orders to fill and some kits to make up! I will be busy.......but it will be good busy!

Here are my baby fluffs.......I got a lot of Americana's. They have the colored eggs. I am so glad I have them.....they are excellent layers. You can see the little one right in the middle with puffy cheeks. Really it is feathers that are sticking out. Precious! 

You can see the puffy cheeks a little bit better in this pic....the one on the left. 

Puddles the little duck egg......will be ready to come out next Wednesday. I hope he is doing okay in there. I just checked on the other chicky eggs and there is another one that is peeping and crunching...... working so hard to get out of the egg! It is a blue egg! Can't wait to see it! 

All the babies are real healthy and fat....that is thankful!

Well it is time to call it a night........praying you have sweet 
dreams! Thank you again for signing up for the party and your orders. Really was a blessing!!!!!

Love ya all a bunch, 


P.S..........remember my sweet friend Marian, Rosa and  Grandma Yoder? Well Marion who is such a dear friend......she has loved me and I her for it seems like forever. When you find someone that loves you back you have the sweetness of friendships! We have prayed together....cried together and now she is laying in a hospital bed and not doing well. They found cancer......and could only take part of it out. This is her second time of having it. They will know in 3 days what they will do next. It isn't sounding good. My heart is really low tonight, I just talked with her niece and we both feel a little overwhelmed. Please pray for Marian.....that the Lord would please heal her if that is in His plan for her. Thank you......if you have prayer needs, please let me know. I will pray for you! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baby Fluffs......and A New Winter Thyme Card Collection!!!!

Hello sweet ladies.......

So far I have 9 baby fluffs in my farmhouse........absolutely adorableness!!!!!!

Wish you were all here......I have a video up on my fb if you want to check it fun..they are a constant peep right now....then they sleep and one wakes up and off they go again!!!!!! It is another snow day......couldn't drive to work......way to drifty......sweet farm man will be busy today! Sure we will beable to be at work tomorrow.

I am so happy right now.......I have done it!!!!!! You asked for cards and I did it! I hope you like!

Welcome to Peace Creek little store I have off my blog..........a little company that is tucked in the farmhouse of Prairie Flower Farm. I am Linda the one that loves to take a camera......a pencil.....paper.....fabric....really anything crafty and come up with designs that I think might bring some joy to some else's life! All my designing during the winter is done while sitting on my couch...... the dinning room table or in my little craft room. I am so excited to show you my new card collection!!! So many have asked and now I have them for sale. If you follow my blog you know that I always have a camera with me.... at all times it is part of farm have to be ready!!!!!  Here are some pictures I have captured as I have walked about our farm. I put them into the Winter Thyme Collection. I will have more collections in the near future! A Spring Collection, My Chicky Girls Collection and some new Farm Girl Tea Towel Cards with the pattern tucked on the inside! 

Winter Thyme Card Collection

The cards sell in a multi-pack, which includes 
2 cards each of the 4 different designs 

8 / $11.00 multi-pack or
8 of the same cards / $11.00 per pack

Shipping; Handling
$2.50 /USA 
$3.00 /Canada 
$5.00 /Overseas  

4 1/4" x 5 1/2" folded card/envelope included, 
blank on the inside of the card. 

(a chicken feather in each package....a little gift from the farm)
The cards can also be framed!!!!!!!

The Winter Thyme Collection consists of..........
(notice I have watermarked the pictures here.....
won't be on yours)

Just "chicken" in!

Blessings to your Day

Winter Barn 

Keepin' Warm

Please email me with your order at 

prairie flower farm at g mail dot com

Please put "WINTER THYME CARDS" in the subject line so I know it is an order. 

I take checks, money orders or paypal
(please specify in the email how you would like to pay)

If you would like a set of cards as a "gift" sent out to a friend or family I will put a note with a message from you in the package, so let me know what you want me to say. 

I am so so excited about having "a little bit of my farm" available 
for you in my new card collection. 

Hugs from our farm and may the Lord bless your day,


Monday, February 25, 2013

My Sheepy Girls Have Names..and a blizzard on the way! !

Hello sweet ladies, 

I am home today......we have a huge blizzard that is going to be going through Kansas. It has been a wonderful morning and day!

Got up real early this morning.....listened to a Bible study.......filled my soul! It was about His love for us. How He will never leave us......what a precious thought to have a Heavenly other religion has that is full of love for his children. 

The storm started through the night and is going to keep on all day and this evening. I love the farm all covered in snow!

It is beautiful. I took pic's yesterday and this morning. Thought I would share with. This pic is out our south window. Visibility was not good when we tried to go to work this morning.....turned around and came back to the farm......we will be safe today! 

Miss Willow was so so cute yesterday.......she has been snuggling my face....... I love.......doesn't she look ready for the storm in her snow sweater? 

My new girls.......their tummies are getting bigger! Don't you just love their faces! They are getting a little bit closer to me......need to start feeding them from my hand.....that will help.

Sweet black freckle face has been named.......Olive. 

Look how fuzzy her face is.......pure adorableness! She has been named also.......
Sweet Magnolia. 

Olive is so so cute!!!!!! 

Willow's brown freckles........preciousness to this farmgirl!!!! 

Cloppin' through the much to my bike!

My sweet friend Susan from Texas bought me this is one of my fav things! I put it at the entrance to the sheep pen it makes noise every time the girls bump it or I open and close the! 

Willow and Olive want out.....I had to tell them is way to windy! They were not happy with me.

I walked back to the farmhouse.....look who was the  coop......only a few girls went out........she was one. She wouldn't come down either. Sweet farmer had to rescue her.......he put her back in the big girl coop she is our official weathervane!!

 This morning I checked on my tomato life! They are peeking through the dirt beautifully! Have to get a little bit taller and then I will transplant them into dixie cups. Sure doesn't look like spring is close when you look outside. It's okay.....the LORD always brings spring! 

Well I am going to go and get some things done today! I have so many projects that need to get finished up! It will be a fun day!!!!

Hugs and God bless your day!!!!!!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

More snow! Like a lot of it!!!!

Good Morning.........sweet ladies, 

The sun was going down and came shining through my little kitchen window after we got home from working at the college on Friday......such a relief to be home. Love home!

When we turned the corner to come up the lane we noticed that someone had been at our farm.......they had cleared out our driveway and yard. All the snow and snow drifts were all removed and piled up. Talk about a blessing!!!!! It saved us so much time......we don't know who did it.....but we have asked the Lord to bless the farm family! He knows who they are!

What a fun Saturday we had yesterday......we packed up and off to the closest town where we go shopping. We got another huge order from the distributor that carries our patterns. It never makes sense to of the patterns is 18 years old......the other is is totally a God thing, we know it and we thank HIM.....a lot! We got the order on Friday and it was the second one in 2 weeks. I just have to say that I believe a lot of you have been praying for us and we are so thankful for the prayers. I also had to get some crumbles for the new little fluffs, new waterer and new heat lamp......can't wait for the babies to come!

Yesterday morning was so beautiful when I got out of bed and looked out the window. Look at the driveway......a cleared.......only for it to get another 8-14" today and tomorrow. OH MY! Snuggle time!!!!!!!

We are feeding the birdies because there is so much snow......lots of birds are right out our kitchen window eating away. Lots of little ones are on the watching them hoping around. Look at little fluffy buns.......loved this pic when I saw it. Hope you enjoy it also!

Well today is the last day to turn most of the eggs........Tuesday or Wednesday is their due date. Puddles.....little ducky will be hatching  a few days after......can't wait.......will be getting ready today for them. Pray that the electricity doesn't go off in the next few days please. Another major snow storm, rain......and a very windy one can cause lots of damage. We are bracing ourselves for the worst......because it sounds like it could be just that!

Hope all is well for you and yours.......may the Lord bless your day! 


Friday, February 22, 2013

It is Friday.......and I am very very happy!

Hello sweet ladies,

Yesterday was a wonderful Snow Day.........stayed all snuggled in most of the day! Sweet man did my chores! I stitched and worked on getting my new Winter Thyme Cards ready for sale! Can't wait to show you. Today I am taking them to the P.O. and getting a price so I will know what to put for postage!

It was beautiful when the sun went down. He amazes me and I notice His my sister-in-love said, they are everywhere!!!!!!! In the blessing jar!

Last night I made custard.......saw the eggs in the basket and it was a must........tasted so good on a snowy evening!

Hugs to your day.......I will miss being at home, but today is friday.......anyone notice and I will have 2 days HOME!



Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day and Still More Snow to Come!

Hello sweet ladies from our snowy snowy farm.......oh my is it ever beautiful!!!!!!! The snow keeps coming down and they say there is more to come. LOVE IT! 

We tried to leave the farm this morning for work. Started down the lane and it had so many snow drifts. Got onto the road and there was tons more. We started to slide into the ditch and swerved back and forth to get back on the road......we came back home. It is nice to be home, but I feel sorry for those who are having to take our place at work. This is the first time in 3 years we have missed a day of work. The road is just to icy and slick. 

When it got light out we went to see if all the chickens were in the coop. So many times certain ones want to spend the night in the trees. Can't believe they wanted to last night........3 were sitting on a tree with the snow blowing blowing and collecting on their backs. They didn't seem to mind a bit! Silly Girls and Guys! My sweet man kept handing me them. 

Poor Missy Girl was pitiful! She had snow clusters all around her head.... iced to her feathers. She is all dried off now in the Big coop safe from the snow! Loved her "featherdo" though.... don't you? 

The little Milk House is the sweetest little place that houses the little chickens and Cochins. Love it when it is all snuggled in snow!!!!

The snow drifts are forming all over the farm and highways. The wind has been blowing  so much and some are quite high! The kids always liked to make forts inside the drifts! Probably a lot of them are making them today!!!!!! 

My garden will be ready for planting in the spring with all the much needed moisture. So thankful to the Lord for His provisions. In the Blessing Jar!!!!!!

I just went into the kitchen and saw red out of the corner of my eye!!!!!!! Knew exactly what it was. Grabbed the camera. Sweet farmer man took grain out to them this morning. It kept snowing on the grain, but the little birds knew it was there. 

Yesterday the snow was beautiful at the college. This is one of my favorite buildings. Cooper Hall, a few years back it was restored. The windows are huge and are all around the building, so when you go in there is light everywhere. 

There's a statue of Jesus kneeling before Peter and washing his feet in front of Cooper Hall. click on pic and you can see it better if you like. The snow made it even more beautiful!

Well I hope you are enjoying your day.......I am stitching and working on some things that need to get finished. I worked all morning on picking and cleaning the I am going to have some fun......on this wonderful snow day! 

Hugs to each of you!!!!!!! 


Monday, February 18, 2013

Planting My Tomato Seeds

Hello sweet had to be one of the roughest days at work......I forgot my purse with all my things I need for work at home......ugh.....that threw everything off. It made the day catch up.....all day long. Then my girls and I found out that there were going to be about 70 new people there.......that isn't fun to try to cram for. Plus when I went to put my pizza's in the pizza oven it had turned off.........panic!!!!!! I was so thankful when 2:30 came this afternoon. When I got home though......I just didn't have much in me! I was going to post about Willow coming home and I still will, but I couldn't think of putting all the pic's together. Here is pic though of when they were in the trailer when they got to the farm. Cuties!!!!!!!!

Willow is in front......she is definitely pregnant. Big girl. The one behind her with the black eyes and nose......and the one to the very back fuzzy girl are due at the end of March or first part of April! I just love them! I couldn't believe how pretty they turned out from when they were little! Willow will be due on March 10th......can't wait!!!!!!!! Hope there are two little ones!!!!!!!

Here are the girls when I went to open up their shed after I got home from work. Willow was ready to get out the door! The other two are a little afraid of me......they will calm down when I start feeding them. I can't wait until they all have their little ones hopping around their pen! It is such a fun time. I will post more pic's later.

I am starting my tomato seeds friend Gail showed me this years ago. It is easy and looks adorable.......don't ya think? I have a tutorial that you can go to here to see how I do easy! 
GO HERE! Have you ever done it this way? Are you starting your seeds yet? I will be working on mine this weekend. Getting so ready for spring........getting a huge snow storm this Wed. and Thurs......I will really want it

I posted a video to my Prairie Flower Farm facebook page of my baby duck inside the egg. You can view it here

Have to go and turn all my little fluff eggs and it is time for me to get some sleep......hope tomorrow works out better......I am sure it will. I won't forget my purse! 

Hugs and may the Lord bless you!!!!!!!!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wish You All Could Be Here!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies, 

Saturday was wonderful!!!!!!! We (my sweet man) and I worked alongside each other just like we have for 39 years. It was so nice to not have to be in the noisy kitchen at the college......we were outside where the birds were singing.....the roosters cock-a- doodling, ducks were really noisy and the guineas were squawking up a storm!!!!! Music to my ears. My sweet man found this duck egg nest. Later in the day I checked it again and there was a new duck egg and two hens......they are up to something good! Getting ready for spring. It is way to cold so I brought most of the in the house and left 3. I marked them so I would know each day what ones to take.......until it gets warm and Momma duck decides to sit! Then I will build a mock pen around her for safety. 

My farm friend at Crescent C farm called and said they were finally going to get the ewes from the other farm. That means Willow and friends are coming SONday! Sweet man and I needed to go clean her pen. We have been in a drought here in Kansas and the only thing that really grew well last year was weeds. We would pull them and bring them to her pen. It was a mess.....I love to rake and clean up so it wasn't a bother to working by my sweet man......taking peeks ever so lookin' at the was a treat day!!!!! 

Freckles was close by at the horse corral........she was having a lazy day! 

Willows shed is all raked out and clean........all I have to do is put some pretty golden straw down for her and the other two ewes.....they don't have names yet. I will take pic's and you can help give them names. The sun was going down.....we had two more fenced areas to rake. The weather was beautiful......not cold and there was noooooo wind. Now that is a treat!

God started using his paintbrush.........we noticed......we thanked Him over and over for the loveliness! He does it perfect and loves it when we acknowledge Him it is called relationship! I love having that with Him!

Sweet man lit the fire.....of all our hard work....... perfect way to end the evening. I am so so grateful for farm life. I feel like a spoiled woman sometimes!!!!! Today we will share our farm life......with our kids from the college.......they will sit around our table......we will talk about the sermon......just like we do every SONday. Then we will go outside......hoping to have a bonfire this evening for them. Sitting around a camp fire is the sky......diamond stars all around us sitting on straw bales! We will pray for each person here.......that the Lord who created the Universe will woo their hearts towards Himself......He is doing a precious job and we are witnessing it. I am seeing His path for our finally feels like I know He is in control. I never want to be outside it.......ever!!!!!

Late last night I videoed little Puddles inside the egg......he (or she) was so active. So so so precious to see.......hope you enjoy! I will put the video up later today! 

The kids will also get to see Willow be brought home. Can't wait until she is back on the farm......I have missed her! A lot! 

Hope your SONday is a restful one!!!!!! 

Know you are Him.....and me, 


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Farm Life........A Gift!

Good morning sweet ladies,

This morning I slept in until 7:30, what a wonderful thing!!!!!! Got up out of bed just in time to see the sun treat! Ran out to get this picture.......peace........and..... quiet......not one person pans falling......just the farm sounds! The roosters were making cock a doodling. Music to my I wish there was a way to just live on the farm and not have to go outside the home during the off season. I am grateful though for the provisions the Lord has given us. I have to keep my eyes on HIM at all times or I will have a pity party......for me! Smile!

Oh my has it been awhile since I have written!!!!!! Life.....pure and simple. This last week just about did me in.....well, maybe it did. It was Valentines as you know and when there is something special at the college, we do things a little extra. Extra we did. 4 flats of strawberries dipped in chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate for starters. Pizza's pizzas pizzas!!!!!! I have to pick up lots of pans, that have 15- 21oz. rounds of pizza dough after doing a ton of those every week and just making the pizzas making between 25 to 30 pizzas a day.....makes my back hurt sometimes. I thought working on the farm was work.....well the kitchen beats that! I finally hurt my back a bit and that is why I haven't written posts........only a bit on my fb. Missed ya though! Did get to go to the chiropractor and that was a spa! She had me under a heating pad with the "electrode things" (not sure what they are called) for about 15  to 20 was my "Pamper Time".....just for me. Momma's don't always get that.... right?  My back is wonderful.....think I will be treating myself to that a little more often!!!!!! 

Looky here who I had on the farm yesterday. This is my little sweet pea gift the Lord lets me see everyday at the college. She calls me Mwwiss Ninna.........and I love her....a lot! Her parents are dorm parents and they are the sweetest couple. My little sweet pea had to be watched after work yesterday......her momma asked me..... since I have told her a ton of times...... if she ever needs me! We brought her home. My daughters loveeeee children also. The family needs help every week....... so it would be a treat to have a little one on the farm. She came......and she ran "me" around the farm.....she literally held every farm cat.......little chicken......and here she is holding Emma in a head lock. Talk about a sweet time. I think we are going to make a "habit of this weekly. Will that be a blast? Yes it will!!!!!!! If I could have one of these little sweeties I would...... for my very own! I soooo miss the child rearing years.....I know......most ladies who are 60 are glad they are over......not me. LOVED every bit of being a MOMMA, but I do have precious memories of my "raising times".....and now the Lord is letting me borrow a little sweet peas like my little friend here. She comes running across the cafe into my arms every day and gives me a big hug. It is a gift.....straight from my Heavenly Father.....thankfulness.

It is good getting back with you  is going to be in the 50's and tomorrow 63. We will have the college kids out again after eat with us...think it will be a nice day to be outside! 

Today I will spend some time in the garden......getting itchy for some warmer weather and green little life growing in my garden! 

My little duck has been named is growing a lot now inside the egg. So so precious to watch Puddles wiggle around inside the egg. Amazing how fast the little one grows.

Turned the eggs this morning......I am a good Momma Hen!

Going to start my tomato seeds a little tea cup, like my farm friend.... Gail does......I will take a pic!

Hugs to your day and God bless you all!!!!!!!