Thursday, February 7, 2013


Hello sweet ladies..........

If you click this picture you will be able to see the little birdies on the tree branches. I was focusing on the huge clouds and the sun peeking through when I took it. I didn't notice the birds until I downloaded the pics. It was a little extra gift.......just another one of those unseen blessings......straight from the Father. I love it when He does that for us.

Today I am focusing on praying for my children. This morning when I got up I went over to the incubator that is loaded with little fluffs in the making. I have to turn each one of the 50 eggs. I was thinking about how I was helping them just like their Momma does.  She turns her eggs 3 to 5 times as she sits every hour. I only turn them 2 times a day.......but when I open the lid.....and look in at all the little life that is being heart is full!!!!!

Hugs to your day,



  1. Hi Linda~~~Your post really touched me today~~~very sweet. XOXO,Linda Petersen

  2. Linda, always love your posts. Such a bright spot of my day. Our Father is all about the details isn't he? Last night i was letting my little dog Jemma out "one last time" and looked up at a beautful inky sky just swelling with stars. And to think that He knows them all by name.

  3. Oh what a diligent sudo mamma you are! I always have so much fun reading your posts.
    And it is so fun to get them in my email everyday. You Bless.
    Have a wonderful evening.

  4. You are a good momma to all these little lives. They are blessed to be in your care.


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