Saturday, February 16, 2013

Farm Life........A Gift!

Good morning sweet ladies,

This morning I slept in until 7:30, what a wonderful thing!!!!!! Got up out of bed just in time to see the sun treat! Ran out to get this picture.......peace........and..... quiet......not one person pans falling......just the farm sounds! The roosters were making cock a doodling. Music to my I wish there was a way to just live on the farm and not have to go outside the home during the off season. I am grateful though for the provisions the Lord has given us. I have to keep my eyes on HIM at all times or I will have a pity party......for me! Smile!

Oh my has it been awhile since I have written!!!!!! Life.....pure and simple. This last week just about did me in.....well, maybe it did. It was Valentines as you know and when there is something special at the college, we do things a little extra. Extra we did. 4 flats of strawberries dipped in chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate for starters. Pizza's pizzas pizzas!!!!!! I have to pick up lots of pans, that have 15- 21oz. rounds of pizza dough after doing a ton of those every week and just making the pizzas making between 25 to 30 pizzas a day.....makes my back hurt sometimes. I thought working on the farm was work.....well the kitchen beats that! I finally hurt my back a bit and that is why I haven't written posts........only a bit on my fb. Missed ya though! Did get to go to the chiropractor and that was a spa! She had me under a heating pad with the "electrode things" (not sure what they are called) for about 15  to 20 was my "Pamper Time".....just for me. Momma's don't always get that.... right?  My back is wonderful.....think I will be treating myself to that a little more often!!!!!! 

Looky here who I had on the farm yesterday. This is my little sweet pea gift the Lord lets me see everyday at the college. She calls me Mwwiss Ninna.........and I love her....a lot! Her parents are dorm parents and they are the sweetest couple. My little sweet pea had to be watched after work yesterday......her momma asked me..... since I have told her a ton of times...... if she ever needs me! We brought her home. My daughters loveeeee children also. The family needs help every week....... so it would be a treat to have a little one on the farm. She came......and she ran "me" around the farm.....she literally held every farm cat.......little chicken......and here she is holding Emma in a head lock. Talk about a sweet time. I think we are going to make a "habit of this weekly. Will that be a blast? Yes it will!!!!!!! If I could have one of these little sweeties I would...... for my very own! I soooo miss the child rearing years.....I know......most ladies who are 60 are glad they are over......not me. LOVED every bit of being a MOMMA, but I do have precious memories of my "raising times".....and now the Lord is letting me borrow a little sweet peas like my little friend here. She comes running across the cafe into my arms every day and gives me a big hug. It is a gift.....straight from my Heavenly Father.....thankfulness.

It is good getting back with you  is going to be in the 50's and tomorrow 63. We will have the college kids out again after eat with us...think it will be a nice day to be outside! 

Today I will spend some time in the garden......getting itchy for some warmer weather and green little life growing in my garden! 

My little duck has been named is growing a lot now inside the egg. So so precious to watch Puddles wiggle around inside the egg. Amazing how fast the little one grows.

Turned the eggs this morning......I am a good Momma Hen!

Going to start my tomato seeds a little tea cup, like my farm friend.... Gail does......I will take a pic!

Hugs to your day and God bless you all!!!!!!!



  1. When your back hurts it messes your whole body up. So glad you are better. Cute pics!!!

  2. oh so nice to be out in the quiet! I drove through the country the other day. It was so pretty and loved it so much. Oh just got my birthday flowers, a couple days late, from my husband. He just brought them to me. Love them. Glad you had a sweet pea to run around on the farm. I loved it when my son call on my birthday and his little children sang Happy Birthday to me! Have a good weekend!

  3. Oh Linda..I am so glad you are home and enjoying yourself! Love that sweet little girl! (Great photo!) but I'm sure she had you I also miss the sounds of the chickens and roosters...nothing says "farm" like that sound!


  4. I was wondering how your back was, haven't checked facebook for a couple of days. Glad it feels better! I remember that machine, it really feels good! You need to go at least once a month with all the lifting you do! Isn't it great to have a little sweet pea around once in awhile! I love it when my grands come up the drive from there house, and tap tap tap on grandma and grandpa's door! Such sweet smiles they greet us with! That pic is precious with her holding the chicken, and I can't wait to see the duckling!
    hugs to your Sonday!

  5. I just dislike aches and pains and especially in my back! Take care of you! You always make me smile here with your stories.


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