Friday, February 22, 2013

It is Friday.......and I am very very happy!

Hello sweet ladies,

Yesterday was a wonderful Snow Day.........stayed all snuggled in most of the day! Sweet man did my chores! I stitched and worked on getting my new Winter Thyme Cards ready for sale! Can't wait to show you. Today I am taking them to the P.O. and getting a price so I will know what to put for postage!

It was beautiful when the sun went down. He amazes me and I notice His my sister-in-love said, they are everywhere!!!!!!! In the blessing jar!

Last night I made custard.......saw the eggs in the basket and it was a must........tasted so good on a snowy evening!

Hugs to your day.......I will miss being at home, but today is friday.......anyone notice and I will have 2 days HOME!




  1. Don't you just wish we could have all of our cyber friends over for a face-to-face? I would SO have you over, Linda!
    I made blueberry scones this morning and was longing for someone to share them with.

  2. Oh, Linda...I am so glad you had a chance to stay home! Snow days are so cosy if everyone is safe at home, and there is no need to go out in a vehicle!! We haven't have one snow day like that this whole winter so far!! It could still happen, though! :) I agree with Cindy...we should all get together! Wouldn't that be fun??

    Love to you!

  3. I thought you would get another snow day today. You must not have gotten any more snow. That custard you mentioned, YUM!!!

  4. Oh ! What a great time at home you can have now! I 'm in vacation from tonight 1 week long. But till now, no snowy day at all in the part of Brittany I live in... I dream of it.
    I'm very glad to discover your blog ! It looks lovely indeed.

  5. Hi Linda~~~Have a lovely weekend! Thank you for sharing the egg photo:0) I love the colors!
    Can't wait to see the cards.
    XOXO, Linda in Chino Valley, AZ.

  6. Linda,I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.I always enjoy your blog,very uplifting.Thanks for sharing the beautiful pic and the message.Hugs,Jen

  7. Hi Linda, ...Anxious to see your winter cards. Custard? We have not had custard in so long. Oh my mother used to make the best custard. Isn't it funny how we relate backe to what our Mom's cooked for us? I love it.


  8. Oh Linda I am so excited to hear more about your cards!


  9. My mom use to make custard too! I don't think I have had it in ages! Lovely photos!


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