Monday, February 4, 2013

My Three French Hens!

Hello sweet ladies,

Today was another gorgeous day........looks like others on fb are showing more snow....not here!!! When I let the Girls out some ran to the north garden. I have three that are like these two. They are called Partridge Plymouth Rocks. My sweet man has nicked named them the Three French Hens. They are huge!!!!!! and super great layers. The soil is so nice an moist......and the grass is so green. They were their talk and enjoying their time outside the coop!

They love going in through all the old implements getting their food. 

I could sit for hours watching them. 

If one takes off...... they all take off together to a new place.....they have to see what is new! 

Still stitching...I am enjoying myself!!!!!!! Would love to hear what you might be working on!  

Just a note before I close. There is (was) a counselor that lived in Wichita who had a heart attack as he was driving yesterday and had an accident. Anyway he, his precious wife and service dog were all killed on impact. He helped our family out years ago and has helped thousands of others who have been in hard situations. I can't imagine all the people that were still under his counsel and how they must feel right now with him being with the Lord and not here on earth. When you are in times of need and the person who has been pointing you to Jesus is gone......there must be real sadness and panic of the loss. Please would you pray for this situation? God is big enough for it..... I know that for sure. He has it covered......I just think we need to pray for the families who were under Randy's counsel. Thank you so much. 

Hugs from the farm and God bless your day,



  1. What a tragic accident!
    Lovely looking chickens, they are plump things!
    I'm attempting a little patch work project at the moment, but oh the needle is so small and thin!!
    Week of snow forcast here, I'm looking forward to seeing some crocus in the spring!!

  2. Such a tragedy. I am sure there are many affected by this loss. Nothing takes the LORD by surprise. HE has it all in HIS control.

    What big hens indeed!!!

  3. So sorry to hear of the loss of your friends. My prayers go out to the family & to the people being helped.
    Love seeing your girls having fun!
    I'm going to take a class at the local yarn shop to learn how to crochet granny squares~~~very excited about that!
    Take care, XO, Linda Petersen

  4. I hope you will let us know how he is doing. I hate hearing about tragic things happening to someone with such a heart for the people. But somehow God knows what He is doing allowing these sadnesses in our lives. Always praying!


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