Sunday, February 24, 2013

More snow! Like a lot of it!!!!

Good Morning.........sweet ladies, 

The sun was going down and came shining through my little kitchen window after we got home from working at the college on Friday......such a relief to be home. Love home!

When we turned the corner to come up the lane we noticed that someone had been at our farm.......they had cleared out our driveway and yard. All the snow and snow drifts were all removed and piled up. Talk about a blessing!!!!! It saved us so much time......we don't know who did it.....but we have asked the Lord to bless the farm family! He knows who they are!

What a fun Saturday we had yesterday......we packed up and off to the closest town where we go shopping. We got another huge order from the distributor that carries our patterns. It never makes sense to of the patterns is 18 years old......the other is is totally a God thing, we know it and we thank HIM.....a lot! We got the order on Friday and it was the second one in 2 weeks. I just have to say that I believe a lot of you have been praying for us and we are so thankful for the prayers. I also had to get some crumbles for the new little fluffs, new waterer and new heat lamp......can't wait for the babies to come!

Yesterday morning was so beautiful when I got out of bed and looked out the window. Look at the driveway......a cleared.......only for it to get another 8-14" today and tomorrow. OH MY! Snuggle time!!!!!!!

We are feeding the birdies because there is so much snow......lots of birds are right out our kitchen window eating away. Lots of little ones are on the watching them hoping around. Look at little fluffy buns.......loved this pic when I saw it. Hope you enjoy it also!

Well today is the last day to turn most of the eggs........Tuesday or Wednesday is their due date. Puddles.....little ducky will be hatching  a few days after......can't wait.......will be getting ready today for them. Pray that the electricity doesn't go off in the next few days please. Another major snow storm, rain......and a very windy one can cause lots of damage. We are bracing ourselves for the worst......because it sounds like it could be just that!

Hope all is well for you and yours.......may the Lord bless your day! 



  1. Good morning Linda! We're in Green Valley (south of Tucson, AZ) visiting John's Aunt Olga. It's been cool here, but the sun is still pretty warm. Will be enjoying our day with her and some shopping in Tubac. Have a wonderful day with the college kids. Love and hugs <3

  2. We've had very little snow in my neck of the woods this year. It is beautiful! Such lovely blessings have come your way this week...can't wait for the little fluffs. Wishing you a week full of Blessings...

  3. Hi Linda~~~Love the cardinal picture:0). Can't wait for the chicks to arrive! We are still getting snow here & there. This morning we had about a half inch through the night on the ground. I'm getting anxious to plant my hollyhock bulbs. BTW, how is your sister doing?
    XOXO, Linda Petersen

  4. Congratulations on your material sale. My prayers are with you during this terrible storm...

    Enjoy this SONday!


  5. Well two winters ago we purchased a big snow blower because of the 09 and 10 winters. Then no snow last year but we sure got to use it last week. We got 12" here in KC and they are predicting 15" on Mon and Tues. It sure was a blessing to have your drive done--the Midwest seems to have lots of those kind of people. Have a wonderful week and try to stay warm.

  6. It's a bit chilly here but there's sunshine so I needed to wear my sunglasses to and from trip to church. Made cake yesterday and it was so good....from scratch as well. It was so good. Finally a cake...been craving one since Jan. and didn't get one for my birthday a week ago....finally felt good enough to make one. Oatmeal chocolate chip cake. YUM! Stay warm.

  7. What a BLESSING indeed for an ANGEL to clear your road. PRAY your power does not go out. BLESSINGS!!!

  8. Praying your power stays on for both you and the animals! Be safe!
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Ann must be close to me, as I am between KC and St Joe. We are getting ready for storm #2 to hit tomorrow, and so it will be just me and the girls to run the farm. When the weather gets back, the husbands work puts him at a hotel next to work--they are afraid if essential personel make it home, they won't be ableto make it back.....but, we manage!

  10. Linda.. busy girl as always!! Love hearing all about it! Well, I will be watching your facebook posts to see how the weather is treating you. Seems a lot of what you get finds its way to us :) We had about 10" last round.. paths are cleared.. ready for more?! Take care out there.. blessings and hugs! -Tammy

  11. How exciting that you will have baby chicks soon! I have chickens of my own, and I am getting chick fever again after seeing all the cute little babies at the feed store.

    I just wanted to let you know I saw your Lilly and her chicks pattern on a tea towel over on Lazy J Bar C Farm's blog today and I had to have it! I don't embroider, but my grandma is great at it and agreed to make me a couple tea towels for my collection :) It is just the cutest pattern ever. Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. I love your photos. It is so joyful seeing your farm in still shots. Stay safe and warm as the weather keeps us on our toes. Watching and waiting for the next snow here. It will be close to 60 today!


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